View Full Version : Tips on Making a custom Pathfinder Elemental Caster?

Tech Boy
2010-08-22, 08:33 PM
A friend and I were viewing the "Adventure Time" Marathon today.

We noted the abilities of the Ice King.

Is it possible to make a caster of somekind that could just use the power of ice to freeze people in place, and cover floor areas with ice?

We thought that we would allow the cool spells in the beginning, but limit the types of other spells the class would get in the future levels.

Could anybody give me some tips on building this as a homebrew for pathfinder?

2010-08-23, 12:05 AM
A druid might work. Or Wizard. Focus on cold spells. Use Energy Substitution from Complete Arcane. Elemental Savant focussed on cold. The book Frostburn has some thematic spells and PrC's.

That might give you some inspiration if you decide to homebrew something.