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2010-08-23, 11:18 AM
Milky way adventures
Milky way adventures is a sci-fi RPG I have been working on, and I have decided it is time to start posting bits and pieces of it on GITP. I look forward to hearing your opinions.

9. Medicine
11. Vehicles
15.Important Goverments
16.Example Planets
17.Sample NPCs

Update log:
August 23rd, 2010: Began posting parts.

At the moment, credit goes to me and me alone. :b Just kidding, some credit goes to dragon queen,a dwarf on this forum who is my sister. Only a little though at the moment. Credit also goes to my cousins, who assisted with the spy.

Since this is a science fiction RPG, it takes place in space, however, there are three main galaxies the game takes place in: The milky way, the most explored center of civilization, at least in the eyes of its inhabitants, Drakia, awell-developed, partially-explored, but considered a savage realm, galaxy. The third one, Nex, latin for “Death” is the most unknown galaxy, believed to by scientests to, in effect, a giant prison for the most dangerous creatures in the history of existence. Half of all ships that enter that galaxy never,ever, return. It is believed that the universe were created by powerful beings people call The Unknown Ones. It is believed that some of them were benevolent, some of them simply neglectful, and some of them just plain abusive to their creations. However, they have long been dead.


2030-First moon base is established
2050-Alien scout is confirmed orbiting the moon. Humanity attempts a radio signal. The alien scout self-desructs, some of it is salvaged, and humanity begins laser weaponary and warp expiramentation.
2060-First Warp capable ship created by humanity is launched, the EAS Adventure, Earth Alliance is created.
2065- First contact with the Derangi.
2070-First contact with various other species, Earth Alliance reaches its 10th colony.
2100-By this point the Earth Alliance, the Dernagi Imperium, the Valto Merchaniltiy, and the Vorsak Empire have formed the Alliance of United Systems.
2110- The alliance reaches over 10 members.
2140- The alliance hits its peak of 12 members
2155- The Great Alliance Schism begins, a 30 year war that shatters the alliance. The cause was a system dispute between two minor members.
2180-Coup on earth creates the New Earth Empire
2185-Great Alliance Schism ends. The New Alliance of United Systems is created, this time with only three members, the New Earth Empire, the Derangi Imperium, and the Vorsak Merchantility. Rules for joining are strictly tightened.
2190- A glitch in the Armoured Combat Machine Module 5 causes them to gain sentieance, this glitch is transformed into a virus by one of them and spreads rapidly through all robots. For now, nothing serious appears to happen.
2191-2195-The Robotics Revolution begins, 75% of all robots turn against their masters. Over 50% are killed, the rest of the rebels are sent off in spaceships to a group of as-yet-untouched systems, and dumped there.
2196-Expiramentation in cyborgs and cybernetics begin.
2200- The glory of the dawn of a new century is cut short when a mad Dernagi psychic called Sumar seizes control of the Vorsak Merchantility, the new empire is called the Glorious Universal Kingdom of Sumar.
2205-The Psychocracy is driven out of Sol and the majority of systems, New Earth Alliance is created. It is refused membership to the NAUS.
2210-The Alliance of United Democracies is created to oppose NAUS.
2211- The Great Alliance War begins between AUD and NAUS
2234- Great Alliance War ends, NAUS is defeated.
2240-A transmission comes in from the area the robots rebels were dumped at, they now call themselves a unified government, the United Socitey of Sentient Robots. They condemn everything the humans and other organics have done, but stop short of declaring war.
2258- The first Universal Wormhole is discovered.
2260-The first colony in the newly discovered galaxy is founded, it is a Vorsak colony, so the new galaxy is named Drakia, Vorsak for “New land” .
2270-Finally, a massive breakthrough in cybernetics and cyborg technolagy. The first few hundred cyborgs are created, and cybernetics begins entering military use.
2272- A Golden Age of space civilization begins....
2273-....and is quickly cut short when the first sentient being in Drakia discovered appears, and deicides to kill every single “invader”.
2290-The resulting war results in the species' complete and total eradication...or so was thought. A small group manages to hide on their homeworld's moon, underground.
2300-AUD now controls half the milky way, another quarter is controlled by various forces, the rest is uninhabited in popular opinion or unexplored.
2358-AUD officaly becomes not just an alliance, but a government.
2400-Cybernetics becomes commonly used, cyborgs make up 5% of AUD population.
2445-A group of cyborgs goes nuts in a Travoshiki military base, killing over 70 travoshiki and at least 42 members of other species. This results in greater regulation of cyborgs and increased research on the effects of cybernetics.
2446-Reports on cybernetics make the effects of cybernetic overloading clear: bezerk rage sooner or later. AUD bans the use of more cybernetics then safe. It is confirmed that the slightest mistake with a cyborg can cause termendous damage, both mental and physical. Project Epilson begins.
2450-Project Epilson is completed, all cyborgs now have a thought procceser placed into them, this allows AUD to know if a cyborg is about to go nuts. It also allows them to seize control of the cyborg as well.
2455-A lone cyborg discoveres his hidden thought procceser. The resulting controversy results in AUD making the Omega Group, the secrect department that created Project Epilson, non existant. In it's place is Special Operations, an elite group of AUD's finest.
2460-Another breakthrough in technolagy: until now, AI were very simple in relative terms. Now AI become an essential part in many parts of life, with complicated programming and coding.
2530- The 500th year aniversary of the creation of moonbase alpha is celebrated throughout AUD.. Consturction on CSS-1 begins.
2540-Now 20% of Drakia is controlled by AUD.
2544-The New Dark Age begins, numerous forces enter conflicts with AUD,pushing both military and economy to the break point, many groups leave AUD.
2560-Dark Age ends with The Battle for Satura. AUD is now a fraction of its orginal size. It now controls only 5% of Drakia
2570-Special Operations becomes an official organization, with over 1000 members.
2580-The third and currently last known Universal Wormhole to Drakia is discovered.
2590-The first Drakia species to enter AUD enters, the Mu-cha. CSS-1 is completed, a massive space station in Drakia. Construction on two more begins.
2600-The Dark Year. Kept alive for centuries by his sheer psychic powers, Sumar uses a super weapon to seize control of numerous systems, he is only stopped when all of Special Operations sacrifices themselves to destroy it. The only survivor is their central base's AI. Even then, half of those systems remain under Sumar's control. He manages to survive obviusly. The only wormhole to Nex is discovered in a desolate part of Drakia, the first ships sent in never return. He manages to survive obviusly.
2605-The first and at the moment only colony is created in Nex. Special operations begins reconstructing itself.
2610-Time the game takes place in, what will the players do in this land? Current members of AUD are the Humans, the Mu-cha, the Dernagi, and the Shai-tro.

Comments so far? Of course, all of this is fluff for now.