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2010-08-26, 03:14 PM
Here's my Blog, Cthul-Who. Currently, i've on;y posted the first chapter (and I'm writing up the second) of my CoC camapign log. Also, I'll be adding reviews, articles, etc.

Here's a Link to the site: Cthul-Who? (http://cthulwho.blogspot.com/)

And here's the Camapign Journal:

Shadowfall Campaign Journal: Fair game, Part 1 (Overview)

Shadowfall is a homebrew RPG made by me that draws elements from traditional CoC, Delta Green and traditional horror, as well as many other sources. Only one of my players has a vague idea of what cthulhu look like, and none know anything about the rest of the Mythos. (If you don't know what the Cthulhu Mythos is, allow me to direct you Here . The premise, similar to that of Delta Green, is that the characters are part of a governmental organization dedicated to fighting supernatural threats, mainly cthulhu-esque entities, although I will also use non-mythos monstrosities.

The Characters themselves are:

Agent Ghost: A stealthy character with a tragic past, Ghost witnessed his father murdering his mother and killed his father out of rage and fear. Ghost was part of the U.S army until he was abducted by aliens. he was rescued from the wreckage of a downed craft by Shadowfall agents. This player always gives me a wealth of background material to work with and I'll have an easy time integrating it into the story and slowly ripping his character's mind to shreds. In combat he prefers scoped weapons and sniper rifles.

Agent Brick: The name says it all. He is ex-marines and is a very good shot, his attacks are generally fatal. His background is still being worked on, but this character is to your average investigator as Cujo is to Lassie. Normally, I'd complain, but this is action horror, so this is perfectly suitable. He dual-weilds a Uzi and a Desert Eagle. The player is the least-suited to horror gaming, as he tends to crack jokes and not take things all that seriously.

I have but 2 players at the moment, plus myself, but you can expect 2-3 new players in the next few weeks (after Session 2-3)

The Scenario, Fair Game, is of my own creation. It involves a band of cannibals preying on hunters in a swamp in Louisiana. Led by a mad zoologist with a burning hatred for the hunters and knowledge man was not meant to know, they intend to summon Gott-Abbigubb, a lesser Mythos entity of my own creation. This requires a sacrficial ceremony that involves several acts of cannibalism.

Despite not going as I had anticipated, the scenario worked out beautifully and concluded with the investigators driving for their lives away from a huge mob of cannibals and Gott-Abbigub itself. The remaining hunters were killed along the way, leaving Agents Brick and Ghost the only survivors.

Best Moment: This scenario worked out very well, so this is a tough call. My personal favorite was when the characters escape a swarm of gigantic mosquitoes and a mob of murderous cannibals only to run into Gott-Abbigub itself. The look on the faces of my players, and their simultaneous ''Oh ****! told me that the scenario was going as I'd hoped.

Dissapointments: I had a few encounters planned along the Hunting Trails that never took place. However, I adapted bits of them into the final few scenes, so it worked out just as well.

Coming Next: An in-depth rendition of this particular scenario.

Shadowfall Campaign Journal: Fair Game (Part 2)

The Agents woke up to the sound of Shark, their Coordinator yelling at them over the intercom. ''Oi! Ladies! Today's your big day! Get down to the armory ASAP!'' spewed the intercom in a mechanical imitation of Shark's voice. Grumbling, the agents leapt out of their beds - a term too kind for those glorified chunks of rock - and walked down to the armory where their aged, but still imposing coordinator stood. ''Pick out some weapons'' , he snapped at them. ''And then head on down to the Falcon''. Ghost flicked his arm out and took hold of the nearest rifle equipped with a decent scope, not even bothering to check the model, as well as a decent pistol. After a few moments of thought, Brick picked up a Sawed-Off Shotgun, a Uzi and a Desert Eagle, grinned and walked into the hallway. He paused for a moment, his curiosity piqued. ''Shark, what's the Falcon?'' he asked. ''Oh, that. responded the man, chuckling. ''That's your private Jet.''.

The duo landed in Louisiana a few hours later. They were escorted to a small office tall woman with an Italian accent. Inside, they met the Branch Director, a chubby man with brown hair and a multitude of nasty scars. Beside him stood a lean, pensive man with a book tucked under his arm. The Director introduced them to the man before them, Agent Lore, and explained that he would be helping him over the course of the Operation. He explained that hunters were disappearing at the Moosehead Hunting Range, whereupon, he sent them to the Garage to find themselves a vehicle.

The Agents elected to drive a large, bulletproof Hummer with a secret compartment in which they stashed their weapons. Brick decided to keep his pistol and Uzi on hand - you never know who might ''need'' a few extra bullets. Ideally in the face.

After a few hours of driving, during which Ghost and Brick engaged in a good deal of banter and Lore sat uncomfortably in the back, they came across a dirt road and a sign reading ''Moosehead Hunting Lodge'' with a large picture of a moose on the front. Suddenly, a grenade was tossed from the bordeing masrhland by an unseen hand. Brick's excellent driving skill saved the vehicle from flipping, but the wheels were nevertheless totaled. The explosive was followed by three men, two armed with knives and one with no weapon at all. The men wore ragged, dirty clothes covered in mud, dirt and bloodstains as well as even less pleasing substances. They charged screaming towards the vehicle. The nearest of them ripped the door off of the car and proceeded to take a bite out of the dazed Brick's neck! Swiftly, however, Ghost pulled the Desert Eagle, the nearest available weapon, out of the wounded agent's holster and fired two shots at his fellow agent's assailant, wounding but not killing the man. At this point, the other two men ran to the vehicle as well and attempted to stab and bite Brick who. Surprisingly, he managed to avoid the blows and killed the men with his Uzi. At this point, Agent Lore kicked into action, striking one cannibal with the car door and firing a weapon of his own at the stunned cannibal. The man sluggishly struck at Lore, but the Agent was agile enough to avoid the blow. Ghost finished off the last attacker.

Retrieving their weapons from the trunk of the car, the trio failed to hear footsteps coming from behind them. At the last instant, Brick spun round and fired at the person sprinting towards him, severely wounding him, but not before he slashed at the exposed back of Agent Ghost. Luckily, the man was weakened by the bullet that had struck him and his strike was weak. The quick reflexes of Agent Lore managed to prevent the man from striking again. ''Th-thanks, mumbled Ghost. You saved my life''. Ghost's savior shrugged. ''I did what needed to be done'', to which Ghost responded ''You're not so bad, y'know''. Then all three men grinned. And then they remembered where they were. And then they walked, quietly and fearfully in the night.

Shadowfall Campaign Journal: Fair Game Part 3

After an uneventful walk lasting roughly twenty minutes, Lore, Brick and Ghost arrived at a shabby lodge. The lights were all out, and only the sound of crickets was heard in the deep of night. Putting his best foot forward, Ghost knocked at the door and was greeted by the barrel of a Shotgun, in the hands of a chubby man. ''The heck are you?'' barked the man through the door. After a few moments of conversation, the man swung the door open and welcomed them in, locking the door behind him as soon as the last of the trio had entered the building. The hunter explained that himself and four others were the last people left at the lodge and that they were too scared to hunt and too scared to leave. Meanwhile, their food supplies were dwindling.

The three Agents interviewed everyone and the lodge, that being:

Jack Nestor - Hunter
Melany Nestor - Jack's Wife
Howard Black - Owner and Hunter
Simon Herding - Zoologist and Animal Rights Activist
Frank Walters - Hunter

They conducted interviews for the next few hours and learnt that...

- The was a large increase in mosquito population in the last four months.
- Frank Walters had been with one of the hunters when he went missing, but he didn't see much of anything.
- People apart from the hunters had sometimes been seen running through the woods.
-The hunters had very, very little food remaining.
- Simon Herding considered hunting to be barbaric.
- The was a Native American reserve, as well as a few game trails and a second hunting lodge nearby.

The Agents elected to head for the Native Indian reserve. Trudging through the swamplands, they finally reached the small town... which was filled with corpses. Everywhere, bitemarks and stings covered the corpses, and a horrible buzzing sound could be heard, accompanied. Brick stood silently, observing the macabre spectacle. Lore turned his head, looking away into the swamp. Ghost, as for him, was horrified but what he saw and promptly vomited. ''You okay, man?'' asked Lore to his disgusted ally. Before Ghost could manage a response, however, screams were heard coming from a nearby store.

As they stepped in, they saw a humongous, man-sized mosquito draining the blood of a dying man whilst he was held in place and bitten at by a cannibal. Brick was the first to act. He fired off at the oversized insect, but failing to kill it. The bug, noticing the prescene of enemies, flew at Ghost and began to drain his blood. Acting fast, ghost wrenched the creature off his back and smashed it onto the ground, stomping on it and putting an end to it's murderous existence. The cannibal, rendered furious by the death of the bloodsucker, leapt at it's killer. Lore shot at the cannibal and missed, allowing him to take a chunk out of his chosen victim, Ghost, before it was dispatched by Brick. The dying man standing before them muttered ''Ch-ch-church'' before passing from this life into the next.

''That hurt.'' complained Ghost as they left the building.

''Get over yourself'' replied Brick.

And then they entered the church.

The church was much like the outside of the town -littered with corpses - but the Agents were used to it by now. They quickly searched the ground floor, finding no information of use. The same same was tue for the top one.

They chuckled nervously at Brick's ghost noises as they headed down the stairs into the basement. Within, a dead priest clutched an open book whilst leaning over some form of altar. Picking it up and reading the pages they were at, they read about Gott-Abbigub, an avatar of pestilence and disease. Two pages, those detailing how to summon and dismmis him, however, were nowhere to be found. Lore took the book with him - Know they enemy, he reasoned - and they left the church.

As they walked out, they noticed that the corpses were convulsing, as though something was trying to break loose. As they watched, a multitude of the mosquitoes broke loose from their hosts, forming into a swarm -

''RUN FOR IT'' screamed Ghost as they dashed back into the church and barricaded the door. After a few moments of rest, they heard a noise, coming from the doorway. ''Thump-Thump'' ''Thump-Thump'' ''Thump-Thump''. They sprinted into the basement, knowing the door would soon break.

''Well boys, it's been nice knowing you'' muttered Ghost.

'' You guys aren't bad, y'know'' stated Brick.

''I've got some Scotch, anyone want any?''

As the doomed men drank, one leaned back on the altar. A click resounded, and the altar sank into the ground, revealing a long, dark pathway. A flashlight clicked on. And three men ran like women down a long dark path. Not far away, a door broke down.

Lord Loss
2010-08-27, 06:37 AM
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