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2010-08-26, 05:29 PM
I'm sure there's been threads like this before, but who can resist talking about their CMOAs? I have only had one, as the only games I've played have been online, and most don't last long, but it's still a fond memory of mine:

As a first level commoners, a pack of wolves attacked three or four of the party members near our town's animal enclosure. One of the PC's animal companion managed to lure two or three of the wolves away, leaving three. From the middle of the pasture, I ran at the wolves, leaped the fence, and stabbed one of the wolves with my spear. Straight through the roof of it's mouth and up through it's brain. The rest of the wolves ran away in fear.

2010-08-26, 06:58 PM
This one is actually my friend's: We were playing rifts, and were trying to rescue this npc from a Coalition prison. While trying to figure out the best way to do that without being abominated (level 1 + heavily armed superarmy = not fun times), we come upon the idea of impersonating representatives of the splugorth (really nasty characters, control most of the world's economy, and aren't fun to mess with).

While we figure out how to do this, my friend has his samurai character enter the local bar, and casually say to someone "So, have you heard that the splugorth are coming?"

2010-08-26, 07:26 PM
In a game I DM'd:

When the DMPC was first introduced (it was supposed to be round robin DMing... seeing as how I was the only one of us who ever planned an adventure it didn't end up that way): They were fighting a dragon and it had picked up the knight and was killing him while strafing the others. One of the PCs suggested the DMPC's tiger familiar companion charge the dragon... that was when the fact that the dragon was flying was pointed out. Eventually I allowed it to use pounce to leap in the middle of the charge (it would have been an easy decision had I known about Leap Attack feat). It killed the dragon and saved the knight; thus becoming the party's mascot and the favorite party member (I eventually wrote it out and the players almost mutinied until I had it brought back).

Knight fought rust dragon. His armor was destroyed, and the shaman cast Delay Death (from SpC) on him and due to me not being familiar with the Diehard feat it was misapplied. He remained conscious at ~ -200 hp, and full attacking (at the minimum I shouldn't have been allowing the full attacks but I'm glad I did it was awesome). He beat the rust dragon, his organs hanging out.

Fighting BBEG an ullitharid. The whole battle was a crowning moment of awesome. First time the shaman played competently (the player stormed off because his animal companion died in the battle and got NPC'd), the warlock used a Luck point (a house rule I was using; they had 1 for the entire campaign; got one after this battle though) to supercharge his scroll of heal into one of mass heal with a reduced range and rushed into the frey to heal everyone else even though it meant he was going to get smacked down by the monsters. The knight killed the BBEG after the tiger familiar-companion used Aid Another to boost his attack roll (he would have missed by 1 otherwise). The arcane-hierophant DMPC mainly used some un-metamagiced blasting spells and some buffs on the knight and the familiar-companion.

My next campaign:
Fighting the (fake) BBEG one of the PCs used Blade of Blood while at -6 hp (Diehard again) to kill himself and get the damage boost needed to take out the boss. And hit (first time he'd landed a hit in a while; he usually missed by 1 or 2 points, claimed luck, I claimed it was poorly optimized since its attack bonus was 1 or 2 points below norm for a melee combatant of that level). He killed the boss too (would have without Blade of Blood). The bad guy then exploded and sent his already rigid body flying through the air. His weapon became magic for that one.

2010-08-26, 07:54 PM
As a DM I ran an encounter where the opponents were so annoying that a normally very calm, methodical, tactical player ended up shouting at the top of her lungs, "I FULL-ATTACK THE ****ER'S CORPSE, JUST TO BE SURE IT'S DEAD!"