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This is my first posted item tell me what you think........or not

Manual of the Miracle forge

This manual found under a fallen bridge in the ruins of the City of Forever
was first thought to have been the original forging instructions for a god slaying weapon.
Even after several centuries of careful examination by various spellcasters its true powers remain unknown.

The forging process for one of these weapons is extreme to say the least
requiring the forging expertise of 50 master spellsmiths and powered by 99
linked mages over the course of one year
the materials for the process are as follows
-333 broken tips of drained luck blades
-the stolen essence of 100 innocent beings
-the self sacrificed blood of a godmind
-the soul of a good man broken beyond repair
-forged in a desecrated druid grove under the light of full blue moon
-tempered by the main eyestalk of ten elder beholders
-and quenched by the hand of a fallen enemy in the river styx
(yes i made this hard on purpose one of these weapons should only be used by either your outrageously strong npc or after a very long very high level campaign is completed)

any of these weapons are treated as a +300 weapon with the following powers
-shocking burst,shocking,flaming burst,flaming,icy burst,frost,keen,thundering,sonic burst,ghost touch,brilliant energy,defending,dancing,soul stealing,concealing,weave cutting,extending,vorpal,final strike,dimensional anchor,of speed

soul stealing-the weapon is able to store up to 1000 souls before it consumes them erasing any and all chance of resurrection or reincarnation

concealing-the weapon creates an aura of invisibility around itself allowing it to be seen only by the wielder or can be faintly sensed with a perception check dc 185

weave cutting-the weapon can cut magical weaves (treat as counterspelling
of a 100 caster lvl when the user is targeted or as a field of divine antimagic
200x200 ft and 100ft below and above the user)this is used to cut off a god like being from the flows of divine and arcane magic

extending-the weapon may extend up to 100ft at the users mental command
and may widen up to 10ft

Final strike-by pushing all of the users life force into the weapon(reducing them to -333 hp and turning them to a very pretty dust)you can slay enemy(without save) this ability can only be used once and the user cannot be revived or reincarnated(this ability does not stack with the soul stealing ability listed earlier)

this can be any melee weapon and most of the abilitys should not be told to the wielder except under DM's discretion

if this weapon is magically appraised or something of similar effect it conceals its abilitys and implants a false suggestion on its powers into the appraisers mind(will save dc 150)this item is semi intelligent and has a slow learning process(dm's discretion on learning)


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Gee, sure is series of trollthreads in here.

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Holy **** and i thought my forge was Cheap Hahahahahahahahahahah
Cool **** bro

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Apparently The Writer of this Over Powered Item Is Both insane and smart be wary of The POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE IT

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Suspicious thread is suspicious. Like how all the posters joined either this month, sans one, who joined last month.

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