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2010-08-28, 04:07 PM
Cat skinning blade

This item was crafted by an Elven spellsmith for his wandering Ranger friend
It is a 10 inch long finely crafted mithral skinning knife made to help with the skinning of magical creatures. This Blade is treated as a +15 dagger for the purpose of overcoming magical hardness while skinning otherwise it is treated as a +1 dagger

The skinning blade has the following abilities while used for the skinning of a magical creature(DM's discretion)

Of a single piece-Any time a freshly killed magical creature is skinned with this knife its skin is taken as a single piece of what ever size the creature was

Fast skinning-while skinning a magical creature reduce skinning time by half

Precise cuts-cuts taken with this knife to skin a freshly dead magical creature result in extremely precise cuts taking only the skin(+10 to the check)

any skin taken with this item is treated as having some of the natural abilities (DM's discretion)of the creature it was taken from

this item is is built mostly for crafters or those who hunt alot but rarely get anything worth it from the hunt.
I just intended this as a useful tool and kinda to make something normal after that evil forge

tell me what you think

2010-08-28, 04:21 PM
I might make it also count as cold-iron and/or silver and/or byeshk(or however you spell that stuff from Eberon)... or just short-cut it all and say it counts as any material worth 1000 gp per pound or less for those purposes.

Would go very well for a necromancer who likes making my Empty Skins (see my Full List of Homebrew AKA extended signature, listed in my sig).

The utility is so narrow (it doesn't even help with harvesting anything other than the skin) that I would count it as a +2 weapon cost-wise.

The Vorpal Tribble
2010-08-28, 04:23 PM
Hey draco, those'd probably go good with my Gut spell (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29539)

2010-08-28, 04:35 PM
think il broaden this item out just wanted the base idea

Admiral Squish
2010-08-28, 04:39 PM
To quote a man I don't remember the name of:

What's the purpose of skinning it anyways? Can you sell skins? Craft (Taxidermy)?

2010-08-28, 05:10 PM
Hey draco, those'd probably go good with my Gut spell (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29539)
Yes and no... it would make perfect sense, but it would also steal a bit of the flavor from my organ undead in that many fewer PCs would actually invest the skill points into Heal, or Craft (Butcher) with that spell around... would have to think carefully. Craft (Taxidermy) would basically be reduced to getting the tanning process right. Good cross-reference though...