View Full Version : D&D 3.5 Craft (weaponsmithing) Idea

2010-08-28, 08:39 PM
I had this idea - what if there was a class that specialized in taking random bits of metal on the spot of the battle and making weapons with which to attack? Sort of like a blacksmith, but much faster - normally they would take reduced time, and then so many times per day they could "lightning craft" - allowing them to seemingly throw perfect weapons together from little more than scraps - as they move across the battlefield, their hands seem to move at ridiculous speeds, and they appear in a state of complete focus. Running up to the enemy, their weapon appears almost to put itself together, up until the last instant before the enemy is struck with the still-hot blade.

Was there ever anything like this before?

2010-08-28, 09:37 PM
I've seen the idea in play, or a variant thereof (punching stones to make stone shaped shruiken, running up a gate and having clubs and staves fall to the ground under the character, etc.), but never in the form of a D&D class. I would like to see this, so go for it.

2010-08-28, 11:59 PM
Actually The Inventor from "Blackmoor: Clock and Steam" (which is 3.X) comes close to that... sounds like if you crossed that, with the Engineer class I saw on these boards, and then took what you needed from the Soulknife you might have a good start on it.