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2010-08-30, 10:54 AM
For those who don't know, Adventure Time (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure_Time) is a glorious show on Cartoon Network about a boy, his dog, and the post-apocalyptic world around them populated by exploding candy folk, lava men, a hipster vampire queen, a virgin loser king with a slight interest in bondage, and other weird folk drawn from the fever ridden dreams of a mad man (or genius). The best thing is that the creator and writers are very obvious fans of Dungeons and Dragons. Each episode contains several "Gygaxian" moments or straight send ups to D&D. This topic is my attempt at giving them stats so you too can adventure in the land of Ooo.

Because of the old school influence, the rules are based on 1E AD&D which can be easily converted to 2E. I decided not to do a 3E conversion because the vast differences in monster vs. character hit die creates a wildly varying power level. Besides, Adventure Time feels very much 1E in its wierdness than 3E and beyond.

Don't have 1E? Don't worry, there's a free retro clone available called OSRIC (http://www.knights-n-knaves.com/osric/) which has everything you need to play. If someone wants to do a 3E conversion be my guest. Finally, I'm in no way affiliated with Pendleton Ward, Cartoon Network, or anything related to the show. I'm just a huge dork and a big fan.



Finn (The Human)

Level 12 Fighter
Chaotic Good
HD: 9+18 (68hp)
Movement: 12
AC: -3
#Atk: 2/1 (Keenblade, +6 to hit, 1d8+10/1d12+10), 2/1 (Unarmed, +3 to hit, 1d6+6 damage), 1 (Sling bullet, +3 to hit, 1d4+7/1d6+7)
Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (Double Specialization), Unarmed (Double Specialization), Sling (Proficient)
Magic Resistance: 25%

Strength: 10 (19)
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 18

Vs. Rod, Staff, Wand: 9 (6)
Vs. Breath Weapon: 8 (5)
Vs. Death, Paralysis, Poison: 7 (4)
Vs. Petrification, Polymorph: 8 (5)
Vs. Spells: 10 (7)

Special Abilities
Unarmed Strike: Finn's a talented pugilist. He can attack with any part of his body dealing base 1d6 points of damage per hit against man-sized creatures. Against large-sized creatures, Finn kicks them pretty hard in the crotch dealing 2d6 points of damage per unarmed strike.

Stone Throwing: Finn's really good at tossing stones. He can hurl sling bullets as if wielding a sling.

Keenblade: Finn's golden sword functions as a Keenblade Long Sword.

Awesome Hat: Finn's hat is awesome and you better not say otherwise! While wearing his awesome hat (and he always wears it), Finn's strength is 19, his AC improves as if wearing full-plate armor (AC 1), +3 to his saving throws, and he gains magic resistance 25%.

Awesome Backpack: Functions as a handy haversack.

Jake (The Dog)
"It's fine, it's fine!"

Neutral Good
HD: 10+1 (45hp)
Movement: 12
AC: 6
#Atk: 4 legs (1d4/1d4/1d4/1d4)
Magic Resistance: 50%

Special Abilities
Weapon Immunity: Due to his morphic nature, Jake is totally immune to weapon damage.

Regeneration: Jake can regenerate lost limbs and hit points as a troll.

Immunity to fire and acid: Jake is completely immune to fire and acid damage.

Morphic Body: Jake can morph his body into any shape and size from as small as an ant to as large as the tallest tree. Each increase in size from man-sized grants Jake the strength and movement of a giant equal to his new size up to titan's strength. He can stretch his limbs to great lengths allowing him to attack any creature even if he doesn't have line of effect (if line of sight isn't provided, such as a creature hiding behind cover, Jake attacks them as if they were invisible). Jake can shift his appendages into the form of different objects such as keys effectively granting him 100% to pick locks.

Expert Musician: Jake is a proficient viola player and an expert rhymer. Jake's viola has such a soporific effect that creatures hearing it must save vs. spells or fall asleep for 1d6 hours.

Princess Bubblegum
"Princess Bubblegum, away!!!"

Lawful Good
HD: 6 (15hp)
Movement: 12
AC: 8
#Atk: Slap (1d3)

Has HD, attack, and saves as a wizard.

Special Abilities
Supra-Genius: Princess Bubblegum dabbles in all branches of geekdom, allowing her to replicate any non-cursed magic item using any material she has on hand. She can use all scrolls, potions, rods, wands, and staves. If any replicated item has charges it comes with 1d3+1 charges and crumples into dust once all charges are spent. For scrolls, any costly spell components must be purchased and used.

Princess Bubblegum can own up to 8 replicated scrolls or potions, 4 replicated wands, 3 replicated staves, 2 replicated rods, and 1 replicated armor, weapon, or miscellaneous magic weapon at a time. Trying to replicate more magic items than her limit causes the previous item to crumble into dust.

Bubblegum DNA: Princess Bubblegum's half-human, half-candy DNA grants her immunity to spells and abilities that only target humans or demihumans.


Decorpsinator Serum: This magical potion instantly brings dead flesh back to life acting as a resurrection spell cast by a 20th level cleric.

Swan Ship: This swan shaped flying mechanism can carry up to 4 man-sized creatures, maximum 2,000lbs. It flies at a speed of 24, type III movement. It has AC 1, is made out of wood (but saves as metal), and has 80hp. When a level is pulled on its head the ship can fire two lasers from its eyes, each dealing 2d8+1 points of damage and attacking as a 9HD creature.

Lady Rainicorn
"An Nyoung"

Neutral Good
HD: 8+1 (37hp)
Movement: 12, Fly 32 Type VI
AC: 0
Magic Resistance: 90%
#Atk: See below

Special Abilities

Prismatic Ray: Once per round, Lady Rainicorn can fire a 60' ray from her horn. Roll 1d8 to determiine the ray's color.

1 (Red): 20 points of fire damage (save for half)
2 (Orange): 40 points of acid damage (save for half)
3 (Yellow): 80 points of electricity damage (save for half)
4 (Green): Poison (Kills, save vs. poison for 1d6 points of con damage)
5 (Blue): Turned to stone (save vs. petrification to negate)
6 (Indigo): Confusion (save to negate)
7 (Violet): Sent to Lumpy Space (save to negate)
8: Two rays are fired; roll twice, ignoring any "8" results.

Ride the Light: Lady Rainicorn flys by bending light rays, putting little stress on her body. She can carry up to 1,200 pounds and fly. While carrying no riders, Lady Rainicorn can fly at the speed of light. This power doesn't function in total darkness but even a cloudy, starry night provides enough light to fly.

The Duke of Nuts
"Why would you want to sack my nut castle on my second son's first birthday?!"
Lawful Good
HD: 4 (18hp)
Movement: 12
AC: 5
# Atk: 1 (Rapier, 1d6)

Special Abilities

Pudding Deficiency: Duke of Nuts can't help himself around pudding. He can automatically detect the presence of pudding in a 3 mile radius and must save vs. spells every hour or immediately seek it out and consume it. Consuming a single serving of pudding restores him to full hit points.

Marquis of Nuts
Lumpy Space Princess
Marceline, The Vampire Queen
Ice King
Magic Man
Mannish Man, the Manly Minotaur


Adventuring in the Land of Ooo


The Enchiridion
"Kissing a princess is different than kissing your grandmother or your mother... very different. A peck on the cheek is not going to cut it. Nothing but lip on lip action will suffice with a true princess. It's best to first practice on a lip monster, but proceed with caution because, as everyone knows, a lip monster can easily kiss one to death."

This mystical tome details the proper manner of courting, rescuing, and making out with princesses. When studied for a full week (56 hours within 7 days), the book bestows the following abilities.

1. +2 charisma and double reaction bonus when dealing with princesses.
2. Princess Sense. The reader is intrinsically aware of all princesses in danger within a 10 mile radius plus 10 miles per character level or HD (whichever's higher).
3. The reader knows how to properly handle princesses in all respect from dancing, dining, smooching, and other princess related activities.

More coming soon!