View Full Version : Confused about Improved Grab and moving

2010-08-30, 01:06 PM
The last three sentences in the Improved Grab entry in the MM (p. 310) says: When a creature gets a hold after an improved grab attack, it pulls the opponent into its space. This act does not provoke AoOs. It can even move (possibly carrying away the opponent), provided it can drag the opponent's weight.

SO...what does this mean exactly? Normally to Move (and at half-speed at that) while in a grapple you need to spend a standard action and win an opposed grapple check (PHB p. 156). A creature who grabbed someone with Improved Grab bypasses that and can just move around normally?

2010-08-30, 01:10 PM
Seems like it, if they can handle the extra weight. And maximum drag weight is pretty heavy in D&D.

2010-08-30, 02:12 PM
Is there a clarification somewhere, and is it still just a move action instead of a standard action?

Nevermind. Found it in the "Rules of the Game" archive on the WoTC website: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/rg/20050322a

A creature with the improved grab special attack can move without making an opposed grapple check, provided it can drag the opponent's weight. The creature's movement and the involuntary movement by anyone it drags along provokes attacks of opportunity normally.Should've searched more carefully before asking.