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2010-08-31, 09:38 AM
So I'm currently playing a Beguiller in a Pathfinder Eberron Campaign (Currently lvl 1)

The campaign is mostly Urban set in Sharn so I am playing up the Enchantment angle of the class (Spell focus Ench, Unsetteling Enchantment)

Anyway, I am thinking of splashing Sorc 1 for the Infernal Bloodline and a few extra spells. (I'm thinking Instant Search and Locksmith)

The Bloodline arcana is what caught my eye tho. +2 to the DC of any spell from the CHARM sub-school.

Sounds great for a Beguiller right? well actually no. I can't seem to find more then 4 or 5 spells total that are from the charm school on the sorc/wiz list.

Am I missing something? Is this juat a bad Idea? (for the record, it is a Low CO game, tier 3-4 on average)

2010-08-31, 10:01 AM
I think there are a few more in the Advanced Player's Guide. Normally however yes there are very few charm spells.

2010-08-31, 04:58 PM
Thanks, I'll take a look when it arrives

It's worth pointing out that 3.5 spells are ok too.