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2010-09-01, 01:33 PM
Hello playground :smallsmile:
I have a few questions to which I can't find the answers and I hope you can help me with that.

1)Is there a way to make (Sp) abilities (Su) or (Ex)?
2)Can I get more uses of (Sp), (Su) or (Ex) abilities?

Allowed are all official 3.5 books and maybe some 3.0 stuff but no homebrew or pathfinder.

Thanks for the help.

2010-09-01, 01:48 PM
If these are racial abilities then check out the Savage Species book. There is a feat Trans(something) that you might find interesting.

If these are class abilities then it depends on the specific ability. In general no Sp to Su or Ex. There are several abilities that you can get additional uses, but it is abilitiy specific and no general method that I am aware of. For example Turn/Rebuke undead is an EX abilitiy. You can take Extra Turning to get more uses of it. You can takes feats/PrC that give extra spell slots.

2010-09-01, 01:56 PM
Agreed in that I dont know of ways to turn Sp into Su or Ex.

For the extra uses, knowing specifically which abilities you're referring to would probably help.

2010-09-01, 02:03 PM
The ability is the Jade Phoenix Mages capstone Emerald Immolation
in ToB (p.115).

I know I could do it more often with the spell Body outside Body, but it would be great to get other ways to do it more often and to make it (Ex) or (Su) because there will be some dead magic zones, antimagic fields and Counterspellers.
Pretty crazy campain I'm building this character for, with gods going to die and all that high powered stuff.

Maybe I should try to make a less weave-dependant build for that campain :smallbiggrin: Any ideas?
It's going to start at level 16 with 32 point-buy.

And while I am questioning all kind of things: Is there a way to get chameleon casting over spell level 6?

Gan The Grey
2010-09-01, 02:39 PM
Supernatural Transformation feat for Savage Species me thinks...Turns spell-like ability into supernatural.

Don't know about supernatural to extraordinary.

2010-09-01, 02:44 PM
Do you have a specific abilities in mind?

If you do, we might be able to find you solutions using the Tome of Magic and/or Battle. If not, then you're just going to get a ton of random examples. There is no general mechanic for converting one type of ability into another.

2010-09-01, 02:52 PM
The ability is the Jade Phoenix Mages capstone Emerald Immolation
in ToB (p.115).

This is the one I want to have as (Su) or (Ex) and more often if possible.

I didn't even think of Savage Species. :smallredface: Thank you that you pointed it out. I will look it up tomorrow, now I need to get some sleep :smallsmile:

And the next time that I ask something, I'll be more specific :smallsmile:

2010-09-01, 03:45 PM
I am almost completely certain that there is nothing sufficiently generic to do what you want with that particular ability, with the possible exception of some obscure third party book that's unlikely to be allowed or homebrew.