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2010-09-02, 03:31 PM
Calling the double entendres now. :smalltongue:

Third Leg of the Yatagarasu [Minor Artifact]

Utsuho Reiuji, an owner of the Third Leg, Talons, and Heart of Yatagarasu

The Third Leg of the Yatagarasu is a large metallic remnant of a lost warmachine. Over time, it has been modified to function much like a Construct graft, or Warforged component. It is made of Mithral and other light, composite metals, providing for only slightly limited mobility, and the crystal on the end is tapped directly to the lower planes, granting non-warlock users powers not unlike fiendish-borne powers of the class... and even greater power to warlocks who don it.

Location: The Third Leg may only be used when attached to the arm of a Warforged (acting as an attached component) or by removing the intended arm of any other creature (with arms) and grafting it on (a process which requires the Construct Grafter feat) and deals 1 constitution damage. This damage cannot be healed until the Third Leg is removed.
Benefit: A non-warlock user gains the ability to use eldritch blasts as if a Warlock of half their level. Their caster level for the purposes of overcoming spell resistance with this blast is equal to their character level.

Warlocks gain greater benefit from the Third Leg, dealing an extra 2 die of damage plus 2 extra damage for every die (so, a 15th level Warlock deals 9d6+18 damage with their Eldritch Blast). They also gain a +8 bonus to checks to overcome spell resistance with their Eldritch Blasts. Finally, if they spend a full round to "charge", they deal half-again as much damage with their eldritch blast. If they charge for 2 rounds, they deal maximum damage for their blast. Finally, if they charge for 3 rounds, they deal both maximum and one-half as much damage.
Aura: Strong Evocation [evil], Caster Level 20th.

Talons of the Yatagarasu [Minor Artifact]
These metallic remnants of the Yatagarasu have been fashioned into boots, more easily fit on a humanoid's body as compared to the Third Leg. When donned, the user's right ankle is encased in crystal, and their left leg is orbited by small orbs of energy. In the hands of a non-warlock, they function as a pair of boots of speed.
Warlocks who don the Talons of the Yatagarasu gain enhanced speed, acting as if permanently hasted (the effect can be dispelled as a normal magic item, but it returns in 1d3 rounds) and gain the ability to use the Fell Flight invocation, if they didn't possess it already.
Aura: Strong Transmutation [evil], Caster Level 20th.

Heart of the Yatagarasu [Major Artifact]
The large gem which was once the core of the Yatagarasu has, over time, been turned into a pendant. It grants its wearer a +6 Enhancement bonus to Charisma.
Warlocks who don the Heart of the Yatagarasu gain Fast Healing 1 for as long as they wear it. In addition, creatures killed by their Eldritch Blasts are turned into nothing but fine dust (as disintegrate), and the Warlock gains a +2 bonus to any of their physical attributes (their choice) and a number of temporary hit points equal to double the creature's HD. These effects last for 1 hour, and the attribute bonuses stack for multiple creatures.
Aura: Strong Evocation [evil], Caster Level 20th.

Origins (Planescape)
The Third Leg, Talons, and Heart of the Yatagarasu were once part of a greater whole, a warmachine built by the Yugoloths to attempt to coax profit out of either the Demons or Devils in their endless war. The Yatagarasu, taking the form of a massive metallic raven, harnessed pure energy from the abyss and nine hells, turning it into destructive power. When both the Demons and Devils constantly attempted to outbid eachother, tempers snapped, and they both chose to take it by force. Elite Teams of both Devils and Demons were sent, and fought with eachother and the Yugoloths over supremacy of the Yatagarasu. In the battle, the destructive powers of the machine were accidentally triggered, destroying the interlopers, as well as the Yugoloths who created it and the warmachine itself. Over time, fragments of the Yatagarasu were found, being adapted to the use of Warlocks who deigned to control its destructive, dark powers.
The Third Leg was a tail feather, and the Talons are tiny fragments of the machine's massive claws. The Heart was the very core of the machine.

Origins (Eberron)
The Yatagarasu was a warmachine used in the Age of Demons to oppress and subjugate the dragons; it was destroyed as the age turned... however, eventually, the Giants of Xen'drik discovered the fragments of the machine, and attempted to rebuild it before their inevitable destruction by Argonessen. The Third Leg, Talons, and Heart are undoubtedly somewhere in the forgotten continent...

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Very interesting, though I wonder about the choice of physical ability boosts from the Heart, as I'm not sure if there's some reason why you wouldn't get a boost to all 3 physical stats each time you managed dusted something. Unless you mean that it only grants a +2 to one physical stat, in which case the sentence pertaining to that is kinda ambiguous and unclear. May want to rewrite that.

Also, where's the picture from? It's based off of something, though what, I have no clue.

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