View Full Version : Can I work this into EtCR? (My players stay out!!)

Dusk Eclipse
2010-09-02, 10:52 PM
Well since some of my players post here I am going to have to spoiler my questions

I am preparing to run the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, and I am just reading the part about Strahd's goals, since I am using EtCR as a kind of training module for myself to practice DM'ing before I throw my players into my own campaing.

Anyway my first idea was to have an encounter in Eberron, yes Eberron, before transportiing the party into Ravenloft. I was thinking on making them the couriers of a mc'guffin powerful but unknown schema through the mournalnds when they are attacked by a squad of rakshasas who believe the schema to be the key to free the lord of dust. During the battle one of the Rakasha will try to steal the schema and flee into the mournlands. Once there in desesperation to escape the pc who will most likely follow him, he will blindy activate the schema which opens a portal into Ravenloft.

There the rakasha will either die to some of Strahd's minions or escape with his life, once in Ravenloft Strahd will come to know of the schema and his goal would be to use it to tranposrt Barovia out of Ravenloft.

Think that would work?

Also this is the encounter I have planned but it seems too challenging for my players?
3 Naytian Rakshasa (ToB ones) and one MM Rakshasa?

The d20 SRD calculator put its as a CR 11.... do you have other suggestions that may be in line with my fluff about its motive? please put the answer in spoilers.

Thanks in advance