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2010-09-03, 09:58 AM
Ok. I'm a little embarased to admit this, but I can't seem to find the LA rules for Pathfinder. I know they are not the same as for 3.5

Can someone point me to the right page #?

Thanks in advance.

2010-09-03, 10:00 AM
From my understanding, Pathfinder doesn't have LA. I could be wrong, though.

2010-09-03, 10:12 AM
There is a system, I have seen people talking about it, I just dont remember what the hell it is.

2010-09-03, 10:15 AM
I think its in the pathfinder MM.

2010-09-03, 10:15 AM
I generally go by CR=LA for most of pathfinder. Do you have a specific example we can discuss?

2010-09-03, 10:16 AM
To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing in the core book or the Bestiary. It might appear in another book that I haven't looked at yet. But at GenCon, in one session James Jacobs said they knew it was something that they had to do eventually, because people want it. That would lead me to believe it's not actually out yet -- at least, not in any of their products. It's entirely possible a 3rd party publisher or a fan came up with something.

2010-09-03, 10:18 AM
Well I am planning ahead.

At 7th level I am thinking of getting a Imp as a Improved Famillier.

However I could take Leadership and perhaps get my Imp but this way he could get class levels. (this is an Urban Non-OP group)

2010-09-03, 10:19 AM
I'd heard Pathfinder used CR=ECL.

If you want something a little more in-depth there's the Races of War rules (http://dungeons.wikia.com/wiki/Races_of_War_%283.5e_Sourcebook%29/Playing_Unusual_Races#Powerful_Races), which are similar and quite popular.

2010-09-03, 10:21 AM
Check page 313 of the Pathfinder Bestiary; there is a section labeled "Appendix 4: Monsters as PCs". Alternatively, If you do not possess a copy of the book, there is a verbatim copy of the section here (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/rules-for-monsters/monsters-as-pcs)

2010-09-03, 01:26 PM
I prefer the official SRD here: Monsters as PCs (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/monsters/monstersAsPCs.html).

2010-09-03, 03:38 PM
Thank you for the links.

So at 7th lvl when i can get leadership I could get a Imp with 3 class levels (ECL 5)

2010-09-03, 03:58 PM
Thank you fot the links.

So at 7th lvl when i can get leadership I could get a Imp with 3 class levels (ECL 5)


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