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2010-09-04, 02:03 AM
Our party consists of the following:

Cleric level 5 (no synergy or optimization)
Marshall level 5 (no synergy or optimization)
Whisper Gnome Beguiler 5 (mild optimization)
Half-Minotaur Dwarf Fighter 5 (mild optimization)

And myself. I'm playing an almost word for word copy of the 5th level Focused conjurer build found here: http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19873034/Treantmonks_guide_to_Wizards:_Being_a_God
With a few exceptions. Our starting gold was 7K and the DM has banned entry into prestige classes until level 7.

Our DM has a tendency to throw monsters at us that are twice our CR or better. Out latest combat against a Rampager (CR12 p177 MM2) we only barely managed to survive because of some broken third party material I was using (that the DM subsequently banned) and a couple lucky critical hits from the fighter.

I tell you this because all bets are off. I want to know what tricks I can do with my character. I don't care if it's the cheesiest thing you can think of. Anything that can extend the lifespan of myself and party.

2010-09-04, 02:38 AM
Our DM has a tendency to throw monsters at us that are twice our CR or better. Out latest combat against a Rampager (CR12 p177 MM2) we only barely managed to survive because of some broken third party material I was using (that the DM subsequently banned) and a couple lucky critical hits from the fighter.

Your DM is a ****, flatly. While sending a high CR creature against a group of mild to no optimization then banning what narrowly permitted your survival is bad in and of itself, the Rampager, though not any dramatic danger to a party (Fly and Scorching Rays, but of course the remainder of your group is at risk), destroys gear. If the intent is to slaughter the party, don't use cheap tricks to bypass this, but if the intent was to play an actual campaign, throw your PHB at him.

2010-09-04, 02:47 AM
Just let the next encounter win. Either he has something planned and is attempting to railroad you, in which case the less time you "survive" the less he'll have to ban to get you to die, or he is a poor DM, to put it mildly. Either way, you'll get out faster if you just let him win the next fight.

2010-09-04, 02:54 AM
I agree with both above you. The DM style is...poor, lets go with that. Let it be a TPK, use only standard conjuration type stuff. A 5 man party of level 5s should never fight CRs 10s. WotC wasn't THAT far off on its CRs.(usually)

2010-09-04, 02:54 AM
Rampager? That's one of the MM2 oddities again; sure, its special abilities are annoying but that hasn't risen the CR of Rust Monster either. +14 primary attacks, 23 AC, +6 Will-save and no secondary attacks; it's no more than CR8 at worst. I wouldn't blame your DM for throwing one of those your way. If it was intended to be a EL 12 encounter tho, I suggest you inform your DM that you aren't supposed to be able to take on those yet and that you'd prefer playing to dying.

It's definitely eminently beatable; Slow easily has save DC giving it over 50% chance of failure; success stops it from attacking much, really. Glitterdust is in the 50% area too. It has no defenses against Ray of Enfeeblements dropping its already feeble attacks further. It basically has no AC and overall, it's just not a very scary creature. It's a sac of HP so killing it, if you lack the means to bypass the HP, might take a while. But that's about it.

But honestly, a Conjurer shouldn't need any insane tricks to get the job done. Sure, you could work on Super Orbs or getting couple of levels higher spellcasting or silly crap like that, but you've got everything you need right there.

2010-09-04, 04:33 AM
Just flee and fight boars until you reach godhood :3

2010-09-04, 05:30 AM
Have your character aquire a pipe and tobacco, wait for one of these unbalanced fights to start, have your character sit back and puff on his pipe and wait for the end

When asked why you are doing nothing reply with. "My character knows their fight is hopeless and that the god above wants them to die, and attempting to thwart that as god is a [exponent deleted]" while looking right at the DM. :P

Or just say that if the DM wants to kill you all off theres no point in really resisting it and your saving yourself the book keeping and time of rolling the dice for a forgone conclusion.

2010-09-04, 05:46 AM
Yep, let him 'win'. Either he has some afterlife adventure planned, such as being a necromancer's slaves, or one of you gets to DM. Win-Win.

2010-09-04, 10:52 AM
Cleric: At level 6 you should encourage him to enter Radiant Servant of Pelor or some similarly powerful PrC. Pick up a good Domain feat, like Travel or Earth or Animal.

Marshal: Marshal 5? Wow. That's really bad. Anywho, while walking around Motive Wisdom to buff everyone's Spot and Listen. Just before combat Motive Dex to improve everyone's Initiative. During combat Motive Strenth to improve the Cleric's, Fighter's, and Summoned creature's Trip and Bull Rush attempts (and Grapple, if your DM is nice). Take a level a Bard and then go into War Chanter, or find some similarly useful buff-bot PrC.

Beguiler: This one is pretty easy. Just cast Save or Lose spells on enemies. If enemies are immune to Mind-Affecting Effects (a big weakness for the Beguiler) find a useful magic item to use. Use Invisibility before combat to scout ahead and figure out what your enemies are doing, report back, and come up with a plan for defeating them. (Hint: The best plan is rarely, let's just Charge in).

Fighter: Show him this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7047955). Read the Stock Fighter Advice in the second post. Dungeoncrasher, Knockback, and Fear.

Summoner: I know that this is kind of an obvious point, but you should be summoning every round. Flood the zone. Have your minions focus on battlefield control (Trip, Grapple, etc) so that the other non-Marshal party members can kill things.

2010-09-04, 10:59 AM
Find ways to run away. Take the entire party with you. The DM sounds like he wants to restrict your power level, while throwing really, really large things at you. Unless your party consists of a bunch of heavy optimizers, this is a recipe for death.

In character, your chars should be scared. They are almost dying every time they get in trouble. Running far, far away is a logical response.

Alternatively, get a wand socket for any weapon you like(doesn't matter what it is, with a wizzie, you likely only hit on a 20 anyhow. Pick something that hits hard or has reach, for the threatening). Pick up some UMD. Grab a masterwork item, a skill focus feat, etc to make the DC 20 rather reliable. Stick in a wand of Wings of Cover. Enjoy telling the DM "no".

2010-09-04, 11:05 AM
I agree with FelixG. Sit down and have a smoke/beer/read a book while the DM kills you. If he ends up saying: 'You died' you just say 'Bye!'. Or you could read some guides for broken characters before every session. Or just play lvl 6 druid...