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2010-09-04, 03:58 PM
Are there any internet maps that can be updated in real time? This ment to be used for D&D where several of the players are skyping in. So they can just look at the map instead of the board on the table. Even better if it works with Fractal Mapping ( I think that is what its called).

Fax Celestis
2010-09-04, 03:59 PM
Try Maptool (http://www.rptools.net/), Gametable (http://gametable.mornproductions.com/Index), or OpenRPG (http://www.rpgobjects.com/index.php?c=orpg).

2010-09-04, 05:49 PM
Is Maptool free? The program is Fractal Mapper that my DM has, and he wants one that will work with it.

He went and bought Screen Monkey before checking with all of the players who will be skyping in. The problem is some of us use Macs without Pearl or anything else to do the switch back and forth between Mac and Windows. Is there a way that doesn't necessarily need all who use Macs to get Pearl to still be able to view the maps. The reason is our games are scheduled for Sundays, and two will be skying in tomorrow.

Fax Celestis
2010-09-04, 05:57 PM
Yeah, all three I linked are free.

2010-09-04, 06:44 PM
MapTool is free and cross-platform. It's not too hard to use, you don't have to use any of the frameworks for it to work decently.

2010-09-04, 06:55 PM
Agreeing on MapTool, it's pretty good for being free.

I've used it successfully in a few games.

2010-09-05, 05:33 PM
@Vaynor: What all did you have to do to get Maptool to work over the internet? I am have issues with the connection, and wondering what i have to mess with to get the connection working.

2010-09-05, 05:52 PM
I'm not entirely sure, I was never the one to host the game. From what I remember, someone needs to host it, and MapTool gives them information to allow other players to connect. Apart from that I'm afraid I won't be much help. Have you tried looking at the RPTools FAQ/Forums?

2010-09-05, 07:25 PM
agreed, there are a pretty comprehensive list of tutorials, simple for players and quite advanced for DMs. As far as players are concerned, it is simply a matter of finding the host-game and typing in a password to access the game. There may be some bandwidth issues, depending on the settings that the DM is running, so this could potentially cause some connection issues, drop-outs or lag.