View Full Version : [3.5] Ability Damage from Poison

2010-09-05, 04:20 AM
Is this not healable by merely sleeping? I always thought that temporary damage which includes some ability damage were something that could be slept off. Now a curse you can't sleep off, but wouldn't current agility damage be healable.

2010-09-05, 04:22 AM
You can sleep off poison unless it applies drain. It takes a while for poison to just "Go away," though.

2010-09-05, 04:28 AM
It depends on the source. Most poisons which deal ability damage can be healed by mundane means, as long as the poison is not in the victim's system still. Most poisons will only last one minute but there are plenty of house rules about that. If a character has been cursed or is in a cursed area which prevents mundane healing, then sleeping off poison damage would be prevented just like any other type of mundane healing. It's only possible to speculate unless you tell us exactly what effects are causing this.

If you don't know what the effect is, ask your DM what type of check would be involved in figuring it out (Kn: Arcana, Kn: Religion, or Heal most likely). The characters may have to go find an expert who can answer that for them if nobody can make the check to discover the source. After that finding out what the cure is should be relatively simple, though obtaining it may be another drawn out adventure or require the expensive services of an NPC spellcaster.