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2010-09-05, 11:01 AM
So I originally planned to end it last session with the group finding earth 2.0 after the battle of Terra which they lost a battlestar among other military escort ships. The battle of Terra was a three way fight between Terrains (People/toaster who had jump capable of ships from Earth but didn't know about the final five and their resurrection and settled on Terra), the players and their fleet, and Brother Cavil's fleet. However the DM that was going to run the campaign got his orders got extended so people want me to run a session or two more until he comes back. Problem is I got nothing...

The fleet is comprised of 3 Battlestars (with the 4th destroyed at Terra), 2 cruisers (7 of which were destroyed at Terra), 1 rebel Basestar (with cylons), 91 civilian ships. Keep in mind the reason the fleet is so large is that two groups merged into one, because of drop outs from both groups. The players have already discovered New Caprica (about 3 months after the exodus and managed to find someone who got left behind) and learned about the fate of Earth from the Terrians. The players also want to build a city on Earth 2.0 and name it Atlantis. But where can go from here?

One idea is that I can have someone from BSG crew show up asking what frak they're doing because "Admiral" said to live in harmony with nature. But I don't think I can fill 6 hours with that...

Barbarian MD
2010-09-05, 01:38 PM
So, wait, they've all landed on New Earth already? And you need three more sessions?

Off the top of my head:
1) Nuke New Earth
2) Civil war over how to proceed (the cylon base star, or some of the civilian fleet, or some of the military vessels.
3) Have you established what time period it is on New Earth? You don't have to stay true to the show. They can swoop in expecting cave men and find something completely different
4) Something not caused by an intelligent force--mechanical disaster aboard a battlestar or something, explosions, rescue, etc.

I guess to provide more specific advice, I'd ask what the characters are. Are they all viper pilots, marines, a mix of characters? Let us know and we might be able to provide more specific suggestions that would be fun for all involved.

2010-09-05, 03:30 PM
One is CAG and viper pilot of the Solaria flag ship of the fleet

one became vice president (former public relation officer)

one was former commander and returned to Captain after he abandon ship to ram a cruiser into Cylon Basestar and has returned to viper pilot.

A wanna be Stardoe errrm Starbuck who's marine viper pilot and Raptor on occasions. But can't roll a die to save her life...

And last is one is a Cylon a copy of Zander that was originally assigned to the Battle Cerberus (which got destroyed in the battle of Terra) and placed as the commanding officer of the Rebel Basestar for political reasons (everyone knows he's a final five though Tory is the only know other final five). He was originally a maintenance officer after he was battlefield promoted from deck chief.

Barbarian MD
2010-09-05, 03:41 PM
Hmmm, so three pilots, a politician, and a cylon.

Perhaps a mutiny aboard the cylon basestar, with a small contingent of loyalists that the cylon could command? That would give opportunity for the pilots to fight and/or board the ship, and the politician could play a role, either diplomatically or in an executive function. The destruction of the base star and
the narrow escape of the loyalists could spice things up.

Or, if there are still concerns of enemy cylons, you could have a small force show up, and you have to destroy them before they can make contact with the larger fleet, or they could make it back, and you'd be forced to destroy all cylons (resurrection ship, virus, etc) or else reject New Earth as a safe place to land and give up technology.

Or more of a role-playing issue, logistical/political, like new elections among the fleet, or a military funeral for and replacement of a commander.

It's hard to toss something on to the end of a story that sounds like it's basically been told already. There aren't any opportunities for a twist ending that you've been working towards over the course of the campaign, so anything you pull out won't have been properly foreshadowed...

You could alternatively do a one-off with your already existing characters, like going back in time to run a side-story, but that probably wouldn't taste very good.

2010-09-05, 04:54 PM
I rather not go with another mutiny I did one already awhile back on board the BattleStar Cerberus evidence showed up that the Vice Admiral on board was a Cylon (Number 1) with sides believing it's just the Admiral who just arrived trying to seize control and other believing the evidence.

Though I can have military funeral Admiral was suffering from lung cancer maybe it kills him now, but does it sound too much like Roslin?

Though I wonder how Tyrol would react to Major Kaylin (Tory).

2010-09-05, 05:09 PM
So let's be clear: You planned on it ending, and already had the epic final battle? I presume Cavil's fleet lost. Are there anymore Cylon forces around, or was that the end of it?

Extending a campaign after its natural end point always seems problematic. The "post-script season" phenomenon can be painful. That's why BSG ended after only four seasons, after all. Because RDM really didn't want anything like that to happen!

You already did a mutiny, so... perhaps it's time to introduce a new threat. Have you been using the weirdly supernatural stuff, like Head Six/Baltar, "God", or whatever? If so... perhaps you weren't the ones who were supposed to take this planet. Perhaps someone else was, and you weren't expected to succeed. Maybe they're pissed, and wish things to return to their original "canon" plans.

In other words, time for them to warp in new enemies!

Eh, it's a stretch. Total shark-jumping moment. But it's an idea.

2010-09-05, 05:28 PM
New idea:

An assassination. One high profile enough, and with enough doubt as to who did it, to split the factions apart. It's up to the PC's to stop a war between the Terrans, Cylons and your group, or else all you've fought for will be destroyed.