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2010-09-05, 12:33 PM
This is the Story of a Dm & his players in a Homebrew setting. I am starting a new campaign Tuesday the 7 of September.
So after reading some campaign journals I decided to keep my own. This first post is to give every one the players my next one shall hold the first meeting of our campaign. So this is an ongoing campaign journal. This is a 4.e campaign & journal. Why because half my players where new to D&D it was easier to teach this.

Introducing the Party!!! {Cheers!!}

Lawful Good{The bad Kind in most cases.} L.E.A is of a sad story or at least what the player thinks is sad. She came to the city after her creator died. Gnolls killed her & I got some stuff with that to be worked in for fun. Says she's Neutral Good but the stick up her @$$ says otherwise. The defender & sadly the one who will try for leadership. She is of a unique design by Warforged standards. The design differences make it so only 3 people in the world would know how to repair her. Luckily her 2 live in Riverdale. {Thinks Chaotic Good is a Paladin that wants to go out & fight evil a little to much. I mean a little to much the character is a bad example of a Paladin & he's not even playing one. He thought L.E.A was Chaotic Neutral for having a strong dislike of Gnolls. Go look a few lines up. Done good now feel my pain.}

He is a Catboy wizard played by one of are female players. He is a scholar that has lived in Riverdale his entire life. A silly character that tries to be like are favorite failure of a wizard. {got the joke yet?} He is Neutral leaning towards Chaotic Good.

Hiding noble her father tried to marry her off. She's Chaotic Good. Playing in taverns along with training with the ways of music magic she has pent her last 8 years in Riverdale.

The Ranger {Her Name Goes Here}
After leaving her village are Elf Ranger has come to Riverdale. Her motives? Her reasons? She has a crossbow so that shows you what we got. Played by a guy & she's Chaotic Neutral.

The Avenger {His Name Goes Here}
A Shifter he has no motives. If L.E.A dies they will probably end up worshiping the same god with L.E.A's replacement ordering him around to stop evil in all its forms. The player plays for fun & has a greatly relaxed nature.

His name is Link really nothing else.

A Shardmind that recently formed looking for his place & to accomplish the goals he needs what they may be even he does not know. Chaotic Good with some awesome for flavor.

Druid {Deceased}

2010-09-07, 07:04 PM
This and all later posts will hold the Sessions of my Group.

Nothing really happened the group investigates a Mansion that Kobolds have captured. They seem to be following orders of a being of power far greater than there own.

After entering the mansion battle ensues. The Bard enters through the second floor getting jumped by a 'Dead Flesh Mass' {Homebrew Monster} the Kobolds in the room are spotted. The battle go's well for everyone except for Terra {Bard} & L.E.A {Fighter} who both become bloodied.

The battle starts with the Ranger {Forgot her name} she shots down one kobold with her repeating crossbow & damages another. Next Tom {Shardmind} goes he teleports up to the Dead Flesh Mass & stabs it with his magic armor spell. Now all are Kobolds go the one on ground level jumps up slashing into L.E.A for decent touch of damage. The Flesh Mass expels a toxic blast Criting on Terra & missing Tom. All that's left are the 3 kobold snipers 2 shot at L.E.A one hits the Final one moves then fires at Link hitting him for a 1 on a d6. Now Link gets to act he Slashes at the Kobold & misses ending his turn. Terra goes next ramming the Dead Flesh Mass into the banister & down to the first floor for a perfect 10 on its fall damage. Now are Avenger goes swapping to his Glaive he slashes & misses the Kobold that attacked L.E.A. L.E.A goes & attacks the same Kobold hitting it. Next is Rincewind the wizard he throws a Shadow Bolt & splatters one of the Snipers. The Druid goes & fails to do anything next.

Are Ranger goes into melee shooting at the Kobold it opp attacks her & then L.E.A opp attacks the Kobold. Are Kobold friend is now bloodied. Now Tom goes shooting the other minion sniper killing it. This leaves a full Health Sniper, a bloodied Kobold Knight, and a Dead Flesh Mass. Are Sniper friend moves again seeing the danger targets L.E.A hitting her for full. The Flesh Mass moves into melee with the group. Terra decides to mock the Sniper & hits {She taunted something she doesn't share a common language with:smallsmile:}. Link goes moving into range of the DFM {Guess.} this gives are Kobold Knight a opp attack & L.E.A an opp attack both of which miss. The Avenger Oaths the Kobold then crits killing it instantly. Then Rincewind goes dashing into range he fires a Shadow Bolt at the Sniper blooding it. As a immediate action it goes through a hole in the floor. {It can move its movement speed +2 when bloodied but grants combat advantage.} Now the party decides to leave the Kobold that ran for now. L.E.A held her action till now {Yeah no reason.} she strike the DFM for 7 damage. Druid goes to chase the Kobold gets hit by the DFM opp attack & is stopped dead in her tracks.

Back to the top the Ranger moves to melee using her encounter fies 2 bolts at the DFM with a +2 to hit. The DFM gets an opp attack & L.E.A gets one as well so L.E.A hits the thing then the Ranger hits killing it.

Tom, Rincewind, The Ranger, & Link search the place coming up with a Silver Dagger for each along with 10gp to split.

The Party now follows the Kobold into the room it entered. There is a large hole with many ropes going into it. The party climbs down & gets jumped by Kobolds at the Bottom shooting up sadly the Druid went ahead {1 round ahead at full speed without running so 8} she hits the floor dead from max fall damage all ready unconscious from the bolts. Everyone else knows that there their at least.

Battle goes quickly with Burst attack & crits killing the Kobolds in 2 rounds I say the room is covered in a thin red paste in areas that Kobolds were. The session ended here.

-Awesome/Silly Stuff-
-The DFM jumps out grappling onto L.E.A well she hangs from the rope.
Tom "I burn the rope." [Max fall damage for the DFM min for L.E.A]

-Rincewind I use 'Arcane Whirlwind' 4 targets 4 crits.
"Ok they are all dead you happy?"
Rincewind's Player "Yes."

-Terra. "I can clinb through th window right?"
Me "Yup."
"Ok I got at 15 do I succed?"
Me "Yes you climb into the left side window."
Terra's player "I want the right side."
Me "Ok. Opp-on entering the house sitting before the bard is a writhing mass of flesh which reaches out biting her. 18vs Ac, Max damage.

2010-10-20, 04:48 PM
This post contains session 2&3
Sorry took so long. Power crashed twice well working so I had to start over.
Anyways I'm finally posting this today & this Tuesday will be session 4.
So anyone that read this sorry about this but to the show!

Session 2

Lets introduce the new members!
Are druid has not come back she was in hospital for session 3 but is out now & may be returning for 4.

A Swordsage Eladrin joined us she was being tortured by the kobolds.

Another ranger joins the party he plays a female ranger who is a twin blade fighter.

The party ventures into the next room & finds the kobolds prepared with 2 victims {The new party members} as shields. They quickly break the Eladrin & Ranger free who then wipe out the Kobolds.

They venture into the final room encountering the kobold boss. An animated homebrew creature called a Great Dark Blade. He whips out his encounter ability & bloodies half the party.

They then each use action points & daily powers to kill him sadly they did not know what awaits when he becomes bloodied. Every ranged hit after that causes burst 1 attack from the boss every melee attack a burst 2 attack. It is an auto hit that deals d4+2. This lets him drop half the party but they still make it through. Well everyone except the wizard is healing up the bard messes with the armor.
Questions are asked such as can it be given to the warforged.
They crack the body open finding some +1 longsword {3 to be precise.} along with 270gp in pearls.
Sadly the session ends with the party being pulled into the Fade only temporally.

All in all this session boasted much more roleplaying & the party did well learning that the boss had something to do with the Fade & Feywild. To put it simply they know something is up because Dark Blades where all but destroyed or removed to keep people safe from the dangers they possessed.

With the new members information to check out about the fey wars

Session 3
The party finds themselves in an unfavorable position having noticed the towers in the room pulsing with energy a skill challenge we go! The party sadly fails ending up in the Fade separated rather then together. Searching for each other they met different people.
These bonuses where through a combination of the characters doing good role-playing & random result based on who they talked to, to see how well they understood.
-The Two Blade Ranger greets a demon accidently making a deal with it gaining a prof3 1d12 brutal 2 claw arm.
-The Bard encounters a group of people named Misery, Vanity, & Pride. Normal humans who teach her some finer manners to life in the fade. Gaining +2 knowledge to parts of the Fade & diplomacy.
-The Wizard encountered Vanity by herself gaining a +4 bonus to bluff & diplomacy in certain situations.
-Link encountered Pride who taught him some sword moves which let him add his Dex mod to his attack & damage roll with melee weapons along with his strength mod.
-Misery encounters the Warforged unable to truly act in this world gives him a body to use in the Fade. {Warforged can enter the fade but are stuck in place as immovable statues. So Misery gave the warforged well in the Fade an old Paladins body.}
-Everyone else failed to met with anyone powerful or skillful enough to teach them anything.

After this the party makes it back together but encounter an old friend. The Dark Blade who has collected some creatures of the fade. He splits them in 2 causing one body to become twin separate entities. {Important for later note. He split the individual creating connected bodies so this encounter was actually meant to be really easy, but seem hard.} They defeat this enemy victory freeing them from the Fade.

Outside to greet the party is a group of the Maker's church. The party has been out for 10hours so they sent another group in. Members of the Maker's church. One member is really important he is a Warforged Monk that met the parties fighter Warforged before the campaign. They had an altercation so the monk informed her that should this happen again he will end her. Upon seeing her again he openly states that it now makes sense why they where like the way they were found. He says if help be needed the Maker is willing to provide & also he can get upgrades for the none squishes. This means the Shardmind & Warforged {The Warforged made using a different system that cannot integrate there work, why he calls her inferior is partially based on this.}.
After all the knowledge they gained including the fact that the Maker's church is trying to hide things the party decide to head to the library for knowledge on this subject. Not any library the grand history library.
Session end here party embarking out for new knowledge at the library.