View Full Version : Crunch from Rokugan Campaign Setting

2010-09-05, 01:25 PM
So, I just got the RCS as a gift.
It has a few stuff. A variant Monk, the infamous Rokugan Ninja, a variant Samurai from OA that I believe is actually better (spends XP instead of gold on daisho) and a few other interesting stuff. I like the book's resident Truenamer, that uses completly different mechanics. The Courtier class is very interesting, kind of like the Noble from DCS, but more well-done, IMHO.
All in all, the book is pretty good. It has a few silly things, like the new skills, but otherwise it looks like something I would use in my games.
I kind of like Rokugan's ninja abilities. If I mix his abilities with Complete Adventurer's Ninja, would it remain within the boundaries of tier 4 or would it be around tier 3?