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2010-09-05, 04:00 PM
Okay, so this gets asked a lot, but what are the ways to reduce Arcane Spell Failure chance? I know of:

- Mithril [DMG. Varies]: 10% reduction
- Twilight [PHB II + MiC. +1 Bonus]: 10% reduction
- Feycraft/Githcraft [DMGII. 500gp/600gp, respectively]: 5% reduction
- Thistledown [RoW. 250gp]: 5% reduction
- Caster Armor [Dragon Magazine #358. 400gp Light/800gp Medium/1,000gp Heavy]: 5% reduction

Any others?

2010-09-05, 04:29 PM
Play a Cleric or other divine caster. :smallbiggrin:

Or be an arcane caster that can use light armor (like a Bard), and use mithral or other material to drop medium armors 1 weight category.

Use Still Spell.

Select spells without somatic components.

2010-09-05, 04:31 PM
Spellsword reduces it at several levels (first level is ignore up to 10%), which can be nice.

Glassteel reduces ACF by 10%.

2010-09-05, 04:33 PM
Suel Arcanamach gives periodic 5% reductions to ACF.

2010-09-05, 04:35 PM
Complete Warrior has the Spellsword PrC which reduces it by 30% over the life of the class. But you lose up to 5 levels of spellcasting so it is rarely worth it.

Pathfinder has Arcane Armor Training and Arcane Armor Mastery which reduce it by 10% each.