View Full Version : [3.5]Alternate use of the Retriever's eye rays

2010-09-06, 07:49 PM
I was thinking about how to make a modified retriever (those demonic spider-mantis-like golems) that could shoot two of its eye rays at the same time, but instead of simply shooting them at enemies, it would create different effects by converging them together from far apart, and when the rays collide, shenanigans happens.

Normally, a retriever has a fire, ice, lightning and petrification ray. I'm not interested in the petrification ability, but I want to keep the earth-theme of that last ray.

Now, I was thinking that the retriever would target the ground, and the player characters would make a save like in D20 Modern, when people with automatic weapons shoot full-auto, but that's not important for now.

If the fire and the earth/acid/whatever ray collides, the ground would turn into a molten and still hot slag of acid, turning the affected terrain into difficult terrain.
Making the fire and ice ray meet together, they would create a wall of steaming hot vapor dealing water and fire damage for anybody foolish to walk through it, and it would be impossible to see through for the first few rounds, and gives both sides concealment.
Ice and Lightning will make the ground slippery similar to a grease spell and electrically charged for a round.
The petrification- and ice-ray on the other hand create a wall of solid ice and rock, bursting apart after a short time and damaging anybody standing too long near it, but I'm not that happy with that idea, and looks rather lazy.

I don't know what should happen with fire plus lightning, and earth plus lightning.

Does anybody have cool ideas for these two remaining effects? How could the other terrains be changed? It should be funny, and thematically make sense, but doesn't have to be physically correct, nor be too deadly if possible.

Many thanks.