View Full Version : [PF] Question for anyone who has played the Curse of the Crimon Throne adventure path

2010-09-06, 08:26 PM
i will be DMing for the first time soon as since i have no experience with DMing and very little experience even playing i decided to jsut use a premade adventure path. problem is that the party only has 3 people plus a possible DMPC depending on what the answer is to this question

how difficult is the adventure path?

no one in the group has played any D&D before and none of them are very optimised from what i have seen (street performer bard, fey bloodline sorceror and an oath of the shield cavelier fighting with a lance and huge reach) so is the adventure path very difficult as to warrent me following along with a zen archer monk DMPC to give them some muscle in the ranged category?

(game is pathfinder)