View Full Version : Heap The Insult

2010-09-07, 04:02 AM
It has happened on occasion. In some types of games more than others it seems prevalent. But sometimes civility degenerates under the heat of emotion at a gaming table. Sometimes the temper flares in new players who do not understand the system well. There are nearly countless reasons for it, but when it happens, it stiffens the room.

Yes, I am talking about when the player personally insults the GameMaster ( DungeonMaster / Story-Teller ).

It could be anything from, "You play a stupid game," to, "You suck, man!"

Has anyone else dealt with this? If so, what happened? What did you do? Looking back, what actions do you think would have been better, or best, for the situation?

2010-09-07, 04:12 AM
Once one of my players started insulting two other players. One of the two even kicked the initiator. I said: 'Goodbye, you are no longer welcome it this group.' No shouting, no drama, just bye. The guy that kicked him got a yellow card, but he hasn't done anything since. I played three more campaigns with him and had no similar problems (the kicker, not the kicked).

2010-09-07, 07:26 AM
I happened to be the offender, once.
Nothing dramatic, I was just not willing to let myself railroaded and the DM was horrible, and kept things up to the point I was imprisoned for not following the rails. So I simply said: "this is stupid, I'm not coming back." So I did.