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2010-09-07, 09:07 AM
Hi all, my girlfriend has decided she wants to play D&D with a group of her friends. She's never really played D&D before, but she has more experience then her friends, so she's the defacto DM. She's getting a little stressed out about the idea of running, learning, and explaining the rules.

So, simple question: Does anyone know about a 3.5 module for a completely new player group that basically explains the rules as you go?

2010-09-07, 11:25 AM
There is a free module available for download from the Wizards of the Coast web site titled The Burning Plague for 1st level characters.

While it doesn't handhold the DM through the rules of the game it is a good, simple, and short introductory adventure that is easily run.

I've found it useful for introducing new players to what a basic adventure might be like (there is a wide variety adventure types but this one is as basic as they come).

2010-09-07, 11:27 AM
Wait she hasn't played the game at all?

I mean, I started playing this summer and maybe got 5-10 sessions in, and I've been DMing lately and doing very well so I imagine the same would be possible for her.

2010-09-07, 12:20 PM
I'll look into Burning Plague, but yeah, basically, she hasn't really played D&D before, nor have her friends.

2010-09-07, 12:46 PM
There is a great thread about becoming a DM around here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76474).
Apart from that:
1. Go through some exemplary situations from D&D (combat, getting poisoned or charmed or something, searching for and disarming traps etc.) with your GF long before the session, so she can get the hang of the system.
2. A laptop with the SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/) might be handy, because it's faster to browse through then a book.
3. Good luck and have fun. :smallsmile:

2010-09-07, 02:40 PM
Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde does what you're looking for pretty well; the adventure background is long and well-detailed, and each of the combat encounters is well thought out and includes all important rules for the encounter (Like drowning, lighting, attacks of opportunity, grappling, etcetera) somewhere on the page.

It's a 1-6 adventure for four to six characters, I believe.