View Full Version : Variant Swashbuckler/ Cheap ways to make difficult terrain

2010-09-08, 04:50 AM
I am making a Swashbuckler using PId6's variant.

I would like to show my plan and take any suggestions and or screw up i have made on my part.

I got permission from my DM and such, so now I'm trying to make him an awesome Duelist. As in 1v1 I can nullify and/or avoid most of the damage done to me while using maneuvers for more defense and my source of damage.

Starting at level one Human. I like ,o plan my feats way ahead of time.
With flaws. Shaky and ________? Also Quick trait.

1 Combat expertise, Dodge, Improved Feint, Vital recovery, and Weapon finesse (bonus feat)
3 Melee evasion
4 Combat reflexes (bonus feat)
6 Mobility
9 Elusive target
12 Adaptive style
15-18 I am not sure what to plan for. but thinking Heroic Destiny and Fearless destiny or Weapon focus rapier and power critical. *i plan on just putting a keen on my one rapier and using a buckler or light shield*

Also on a side note is there a cheap way to make difficult terrain with items?
Do marbles and flower cut it? And if not what will? I am going to get Step of the wind stance level one, so i would like to make the most out of being better in a terrain for my throws and attack rolls.

Thanks in Advance.