View Full Version : How about some good 3.5 campaigns?

2010-09-08, 06:20 AM
I always DM-ed sandbox campaigns and would like to try something published, starting in low lvl-s (Starting somewhere between 1st and 6th lvl).
of any lenght.

Good suggestions much welcome.

2010-09-08, 06:27 AM
Burning Plague is low-level and free to download at WotC, last time I checked.

2010-09-08, 06:32 AM
Is that not a One-Shot thing? I am looking for a good campaign reccomendation.

2010-09-08, 06:33 AM
If Paizo is allowed, the Savage Tide adventure path, and Age of Worms adventure path, in Dungeon, both start at 1st level and go all the way to epic. The magazines may be tricky to get though- but can be downloaded (at a cost).

The Shackled City is also available from Paizo in book format.

2010-09-08, 08:06 AM
I'm in the middle of Shattered Gates of Slaughterguarde and have been enjoying it so far. It takes PCs from level 1 up through 6. :smallsmile:

It comes with a setting that you can drop into most worlds if you like or that you can expand into a setting of your own devising or just play as a self contained area.

2010-09-08, 10:21 AM
Have a look at the Freeport trilogy (Death/Terror/Madness in Freeport). It's nice if you like city-based adventures with quite a bit of mystery and intrigue (and combat also). Takes you from level 1 to 6ish and there are sequels for higher levels.

2010-09-08, 10:43 AM
Any relation to the 7th Sea Freeport?

Red Hand of Doom is good. It technically starts at 6th level, but this can be heavily fudged. I started my party at level 4.

2010-09-09, 11:56 AM
Ghostwalk is a complete campaign setting where death is a temporary inconvenience and ghosts are viable PCs. It came out right at the end of 3.0 and died the death, but came back with a ghostly web supplement for 3.5

There are seven short scenarios for levels 1-12, but plenty of material to help come up with more.

2010-09-09, 12:41 PM
Any relation to the 7th Sea Freeport?
I know almost nothing about 7th sea, but I'd say know. The Freeport I'm talking about was published by Green Ronin. It's a really cool (ex-)pirate city and I can also recommend their Pirate's Guide to Freeport.

2010-09-09, 04:44 PM
How bout the return to the temple of elemental evil?
The campaign might be a bit long, but it is a pretty good campaign, designed to take you from 4-14 level.

2010-09-09, 04:50 PM
The Red Hand of Doom. As somebody else said, it lvl 6 but can be started earlier. My group is playing through it right now and it's great. I do short, simple campaign journals on my blog about it each week, you can check it out here (http://www.fightingtofublog.wordpress.com) if you want.

2010-09-10, 12:40 AM
Tomb of Horrors.

2010-09-10, 09:24 AM
Tomb of Horrors.

I wouldn't consider that long enough to be a campaign...though I suppose you could tack on the return to ToH stuff.

Good module, though.

2010-09-10, 10:11 AM
Here is what my flow of campaigns was.

When we started, some odd year and a half ago, we started at level 3.

The first campaign I used was "The Forge of Fury". It's faily straight forward, a dungeon romp for people to get their kicks out of destroying many enemies. The roper down there is a bit of an overkill, so you can maybe exclude that one out of the campaign. The last boss is a hatchling black dragon which is a good test for your party, but not too great that they shouldn't be able to defeat it.

After that, the party was level 4, and on a good way to level 5. The next campaign was "The speaker in Dreams". Again, fairly straight forward, but unlike the previous one, this one took place within a town. No really impossible encounters, fairly enjoyable story and a good villain who is pretty tough, but not unbeatable.

The party was level 6 by this time. Nobody died, they played fairly well, and good times were had. Cue one of the most popular campaigns, that being the Red Hand of Doom. Much fun was had, it lasted for quite some time, and this is the campaign where we probably had the most fun. Lasted until level 10. A few died here, but they were ressurected, be it by divine providence, by the staff of life(you get it in Vraath Keep I think), or by some other means.

Next was Shadowdale, Scouring of the Land. This one took us to the Forgotten Realms(the previous ones were all Eberron). The party got transported there, via entering a tavern which served as a crossroads(there is actually a place for this, described in, I believer FR:Campaign setting), so everything was new, nobody heard of them here and they had no real "fame" to their name. The Campaign was fun, though a spike in difficulty was apparent. First party member that was with us from the begining was lost here, enter new character. This one led them to level 13.

And now we're on the continuation of that story in Anauroch: Empire of shade, which should get them to level 16. After that, it's a bit tough to find adventures. I found one more, from a D20 site or something that should get them to level 20, and after that, if we'll still play, it will be time to start over somewhere different because campaigns after level 20 are basically non existant, at least for 3.5.

2010-09-10, 10:44 AM
IIRC, somebody on here converted Night Below to 3.x. I imagine it's over in the homebrew forum.