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2004-12-28, 11:00 PM
It is 713DR, the Year of the Firedrake, and what will become known as the Weeping War rages on in Cormyr, the Dalelands, and the Dragon Coast. Humans and high elves fight what appears to be a losing battle against the drow and tiefling armies of Iyachtu Xvim and his fiendish lieutenants.

Having fought and adventured in the Dragon Coast for the better part of the past two years, your party has journeyed south through the Shining Plains toward Nimpeth in the Vilhon Reach for some much needed rest and relaxation. Nimpeth, known for its peerless vineyards and soothing mineral baths, still lies several days’ journey away, however, and night is falling.

Unfortunately, the “shortcut” you took earlier today through the Wetwoods turned out to be anything but. You face an irritating choice – journey on through the night on an unfamiliar road in an unfamiliar land, or camp by the side of the road and hope to arrive in the next village along the road tomorrow in time for a late lunch. The climate of the Reach is temperate, and at this time of the year the nights are balmy, but the moon is new so Selûne will not light your way this night.

OOC: The party (as of 07/17/05) currently includes:

Fizahn, gnome mercenary adventurer/rogue
Thokk, dwarf warrior out for vengeance
Elthan Moonshade II, clone of the original Elthan
Taern Torminson, female wild elf barbarian*
Linda the White, circle mage
Graevic, scion of Ebonhammer
Ssathiya, lizardkin druid

The OOC thread is here (http://giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play_ooc;action=display;num=11064552 48).

2004-12-28, 11:22 PM

"This is as good a place as anywhere else. We might as well set up camp here."

*clears a small patch of ground, makes a circle of stones, and starts gathering together fallen sticks and leaves for a fire* (Survival check)

2004-12-29, 10:12 AM

"I agree."

*Slides off his pony and begins unpacking his tent.*

2004-12-29, 01:22 PM
"Ach, you pansies. We should keep going through the night and we are that much closer to our goal. If we must, Ill stand first guard."

*Sits down, and Takes out cookkit*

"any of you, see if you can catch any animals. Im hungry"


2004-12-29, 01:33 PM

*Stands at his towering (Yeah, right) height of 3' 3"; in front of the dwarf.*

"Who're you calling a pansy? We happen to have lots of time on our hands. Making sure we get enough rest isn't pansyish. And I'll take first watch, you can take second."

Why are all the dwarves in the world so rude?

2004-12-29, 02:03 PM
"If you saw the life of your beloved sucked dry right before your eyes, you would be too. Every minute spent resting is a minute wasted. Im not goint to waste my time. I have somethign do to, so I will take first watch"

2004-12-29, 02:49 PM

*Gazes at the horizon*

"I would have much more appreciated the comfort of a inn bed, but I supposed we do need rest."

*Unmounts his horse and puts his backpack on the ground*

"If you would prefer, dwarf, we could make this night a short one and leave early tomorrow morning, if the others agree."

*Takes the saddle and bags off his horse and starts petting him*

I don't have much left to feed you, I hope we get to a town soon.

2004-12-29, 05:03 PM
Ephiliastokles chuckled, leaning back in his cart while his horse pulled it, moving at a slow trot. "I'm not tired," he said flatly. "But I suppose I haven't been doing anything tiring all day."

He pulled back easily on the reins, indicating that his horse should stop, and the cart followed suit. His two dogs, evidently quite relieved by the stop, both immediately hopped into the wagon and layed down. Ephiliastokles chuckled at this, and layed down his ranseur beside the animals, taking a moment to pet both quickly, before taking out his bedroll and laying it out on the ground.

"So this is where we're stopping, eh?" he said, stroking his small goatee. "Could've chosen a place with nicer scenery. Oh, well, beggars can't be choosers."

At this, Ephiliastokles placed his backpack in his cart, and sat down on the bedroll. Early to bed and early to rise made a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

2004-12-29, 05:10 PM

"You were just a tad too rude, dwarf, and don't think you are the only one who has lost loved ones."

I wonder if the dwarf can get his past out of his head long enough to live in the present....

"You can take first watch then."

2004-12-29, 05:24 PM
Philodus indicates a nearby stream that can provide fresh water for the party and the group's three horses and two ponies.

The location he has chosen as a campsite is a stand of mangroves with a central depression that appears to be highly defensible. He has no trouble at all collecting enough wood and tinder to get a fire started quickly.

Philodus sets up his tent as the rest of the group unfolds their bedrolls. Thokk wonders if anyone will share their trail rations with him.

The stars shine brightly once the sun has set. All is quiet as Thokk takes the first watch...

OOC: Philodus' survival check= 27! [18 + 9]

Please work out among you who will be on watch when. Each person on watch should send me ([email protected]) a Spot check and a Listen check via the Online Dice Roller (http://www.irony.com/mailroll.html).

Please indicate if you are doing anything unexpected, like sleeping in your armor or casting any spells. Also, Ephiliastokles, let me know what your two dogs will be doing.

2004-12-29, 05:24 PM

"What has happened has happened. Ill wake you at midnight."

2004-12-29, 05:43 PM

*As he eats a trail ration around the fire*

"We could cut this night short and leave early in the morning. We are closing on the next town and we can take more time to rest there."

*Drinks some water from his recently filled water skin*

2004-12-29, 05:48 PM
"Max, Bruno," Ephiliastokles called, adding a whistle. "You help the watchmen watch. Sorry, boys, but it's either you or me, and I'll let you guys catch some extra winks in the back of the wagon tomorrow if you behave."

The dogs both yawned, then reluctantly hopped out of the wagon. Ephiliastokles layed himself down on the bedroll, within easy reach of his wagon if he needed to get up and ride away at some point in the night. The two animals stayed nervous, yet alert, at their master's side.

As long as they keep lookout, I guess they can stay here.

2004-12-29, 07:06 PM

"I'll take the third watch, I guess. 'Night, all."

*crawls into tent*

(After a few minutes, a careful listener can hear soft snoring and occasional muttered words coming from the enclosure.)

2004-12-29, 10:31 PM

"Very well, second watch it is, good luck watching sir dwarf."

*Fizahn crawls into his tent and you can hear grumbling about size differences between the tents.*

2004-12-30, 12:47 AM

*Takes his bedroll off his backpack and unrolls it near the fire.*

"If you see or hear anything, wake me up Sir Thokk."

*Takes his crossbow, quiver and shortspear and puts them beside his bedroll. He then takes off his cloak and puts it on his weapons.*

"If anyone cannot take their whatch for any reason, I'll replace them. Let's hope we don't get any unwanted visitors tonight, I would much appreciate the sleep."

*He then quickly falls into a slumber*

OOC: My daggers are with my backpack, witch is with my saddle, and saddalebags in a pile not far from my horse. The horse in question is tied to a tree. I'm still wearing my bracers. My quiver contains 10 bolts, there rest are in the backpack. The crossbow is not loaded.

2004-12-30, 12:53 AM
The night passes uneventfully, as have most of the past nights here in the Shining Plains.

Thokk, having had nothing to eat tonight, is grouchier than usual when he awakens Fizahn. He reports having neither seen nor heard anything unusual.

Fizahn settles into position, noting that Philodus has chosen an excellent location for tonight's camp. Hours pass uneventfully. Fizahn's eyelids start to droop, and he is just wondering whether it is too early to awaken Philodus or not, when he hears a faint crackle in the dark.

Fizahn almost convinces himself that it was just his imagination, but now that he is more awake, he realizes that the horses and ponies are restless, snorting and stamping their hooves. Casting a glance back towards Ephiliastokles' wagon, Fizahn sees that both dogs are on their feet, facing towards the horses and sniffing the air, their ears erect.

OOC: Please identify who you are when you submit an online roll.

Thokk's (?) Spot check: 15
Thokk's (?) Listen check: 1 (stomach grumbling too loudly?)
Fizahn's Spot check: 9
Fizahn's Listen check: 20 (!)

2004-12-30, 09:29 AM

*Fizahn draws his rapier and goes to wake the others. He then grabs his everburning torch from his backpack and strains his eyes into the darkness.*

OOC: Fizahn's kinda paranoid, so he slept in his armor because it's light and doesn't get you any penalties. He buckled his rapier on after Thokk woke him.

2004-12-30, 10:38 AM

"Rubling Stomach"

OOC: Might be a good idea to wake us soon as you are the only character awake right now

2004-12-30, 12:12 PM
The songs of birds are carried along on a soft breeze. It's a beautiful morning, and dew still sparkles on the undergrowth surrounding the forest path. The leaves have just just unfolded on the trees above, forming a living mosaic that filters the light of the sun into a green glow.

Now the sudden wind carries a chill, and clouds race to cover the sky. Branches shake and twist, seeming to form strange and terrible patterns as they move. 'Can you see them?' the wind whispers. 'Can you see the hidden signs?" Thunder shudders through the air, and countless small bodies fall from above: dead birds.

*Philodus stirs fitfully in his sleep*

2004-12-30, 12:13 PM
Fizahn is moving to wake his companions when Ephiliastokles' dogs growl and start barking frantically at the horses. His friends begin to stir.

Fizahn peers into the darkness, holding up his torch. At the edge of the illumination, he can see the horses and his ponies shifting anxiously, the whites of their eyes showing. There is no obvious reason for their skittishness.

Suddenly, there is an audible "crunch" as one of the ponies is slammed to the ground in a spray of dirt and blood. Thokk's warhorse rears up, screaming, its front hooves flailing. Elthan's horse also rears up on its hind legs, dancing away from the fallen pony. Ephiliastokles' horse and Fizahn's other pony break their traces and run off into the night.

The sleeping members of the party are jolted awake by the unearthly cries of the panicked horses, the barking of the dogs, and Fizahn's shouting.

OOC: In this surprise round, only Fizahn can act. All characters are now awake however. Everyone please submit initiative rolls for the next round, and let me know what actions you would like to take.

[Fizahn's Spot check opposed by a Hide check of 19]

Fizahn is in the center of the camp, about 60 feet from the horses, which were tied to trees at the edge of the grove, away from the road. (The campfire has more or less died down by this time.)

His everlasting torch illuminates 20' clearly and 40' dimly, but as a gnome, he can see better in low light than humans can. He can see the commotion 60' away, but can not make out what is attacking the animals.

He has one standard action in the surprise round. The other party members are as close to the horses as he is, but they are surprised/flatfooted this round.

2004-12-30, 12:55 PM

*Fizahn strains his eyes into the darkness around the commotion and points his rapier in that direction, obviously waiting for the monster*

OOC: I ready an attack if the monster charges and comes within my striking distance.

2004-12-30, 11:31 PM
Initiative for Round 1

Thokk: 25 (20 + 5)
Philodus: 19 (18 + 1)
unknown creature: 17
Elthan: 16 (15 + 1)
Fizahn: 13 (10 + 3)
Ephiliastokles: 6 (4 + 2)

Warily, Fizahn levels his rapier, but before he can shout out any words of caution, he sees that Thokk has launched himself out of his bedroll, snatched up his bastard sword and shield, and is already (some might say rashly) sprinting towards the horses.

Awakened by all of the noise, Philodus is groggy (and not just a little bit freaked out by his nightmare), but he has the presence of mind to immediately grab his bullseye lantern. With merely a word, he summons a point of brilliant light inside the lantern. Poking his head and arms outside his tent, he focuses the beam of light from his lantern toward the commotion. There is a moment during which Thokk's small, but rapidly pumping, legs are highlighted in the beam, then it falls on the horses. The two war horses, still tied to some trees, are frantically trying to get away from a dark fog that threatens to surround them. Even the powerful beam of light from Philodus' lantern doesn't seem to be able to penetrate the mist.

Meanwhile, Elthan whips his cloak off of his weapons, which he had left lying on the ground next to his bedroll, and smoothly but rapidly loads his crossbow and stands. He searches in vain for a target.

Seeing Thokk begin his reckless charge, Fizahn shakes his head then charges forward as well, hoping to flank whatever creature has attacked (and possibly killed) his pony.

Ephiliastokles, despite the barking of his two dogs right next to him, seems slow to shake off the cobwebs of sleep. The dogs take up defensive positions between him and the horses, but do not charge forward.

OOC: Round 1

Thokk stands and moves 20 ft toward the horses. Philodus casts light. His lantern focuses the illumination into a 60 ft cone (and dimly illuminates a 120 ft cone). Neither it nor Thokk's darkvision, however, can penetrate the darkness in the midst of the horses. Elthan stands and loads his crossbow. Fizahn attempts to flank whatever attacked his pony, moving 40 ft. (He is still 20 ft from the darkness.)

Ephiliastokles hasn't checked in yet. After his action, we can start round 2.

2004-12-31, 03:46 PM
Ephiliastokles stands up slowly, hearing several loud noises.

"Now what's all this," he says, yawning and slowly walking over to his cart, just in case he needs to make an escape.

It is obvious that he has not noticed the disappearance of his horse.

2005-01-02, 12:06 AM
Without any hesitation, Thokk plunges headlong into the leading edge of the mist. He is suddenly cloaked in darkness, but his form can be barely discerned as he slashes wildly about with his bastard sword.

Philodus clambers out of his tent, still focusing his lantern beam on the dark fog. His lips move, and the air in front of him seems to shimmer for an instant.

Elthan picks up his short spear in his left hand and carefully steps toward the darkness, his crossbow held extended in his right hand, ready to fire. He looks puzzled. "What manner of dark magic is this?" he wonders aloud.

Fizahn follows Thokk into the mist, his rapier held at the ready.

OOC: Round 2 begins.

Thokk moves 40 ft, just entering the darkness, and tries to locate the unknown creature by sound. He has no specific target, but makes an attack roll anyway: [16 = 9 + 3 BAB + 2 STR + 1 weapon focus + 1 masterwork]. In the darkness, his movement is halved, and he cannot charge. Any attack he makes in the darkness will have a 20% miss chance due to concealment.

Philodus stands (I assume?) and casts shield, surrounding himself with an invisible aura of telekinetic force (+4 AC).

Elthan, moves 30 ft, as described. He makes a Spellcraft check: [11 = 2 + 9] to try to identify the origin of the darkness. He is unsuccessful.

Fizahn follows Thokk into the darkness, planning to flank the creature if Thokk finds it.

Awaiting Ephiliastokles' actions...

2005-01-03, 12:21 AM
Seeing now that his horse is missing, Ephiliastokles curses under his breath. He leans forward to pick up his ranseur, then peeks around the corner of his wagon at the dark mist, thinking that discretion should be the better part of valor until he can figure out what in Kelemvor's name is going on.

His dogs continue barking and growling, hackles raised, eyeing the mist uneasily. They pace back and forth, but move no closer to the mist. Ephiliastokles sees this hesitation as a bad sign.

Thokk, meanwhile, edges forward deeper into the mist, which is thick with the putrid odor of rotten fish. The deeper he goes, the darker it gets. Being blinded by darkness is a new experience for the dwarf. He strains his ears for any indication of the whereabouts of any creature or creatures lurking in the mist. He readies his bastard sword, slowly turning in circles so as not to be ambushed from behind.

Philodus runs forward with long strides to the edge of the darkness. He transfers the lantern to his left hand and draws a dagger, planning to cut loose the frantic warhorses. Even at this distance from the mist (a couple feet) the lantern beam hardly penetrates the darkness.

OOC: End round 2. Begin round 3.

Ephiliastokles (NPC) picks up his weapon and takes cover behind his wagon. Thokk readies an attack and moves 10 ft deeper into the darkness. He is competely blind and thus will incur the relevant penalties if he engages in combat. Philodus runs 60 ft to the horses at the edge of the darkness. He can draw his dagger as a free action in between this round and the next.

2005-01-03, 03:36 AM

Let's have a peek through this darkness.

*Elthan approches the darkness. Facing it, he then drops his spear and starts chanting what is incomprehensible words to most. At the same time he makes movements with his newly freed left hand.*

OOC: After having walked 10 ft, Elthan faces the darkness. He then drops his shortspear to cast detect magic. Its area is a 60ft long cone.

2005-01-03, 10:38 AM
"Ach, come lads, lets destory this wee beastie. And someone try to get rid of this cursed darkness"

2005-01-03, 11:43 AM
Thokk calls out from within the darkness. He sounds frustrated.

As Elthan peers into the dark mist, he can sense that a moderately strong aura of magic pervades the whole area for as deep into the mist as his magically enhanced senses can penetrate (40 ft). As he concentrates further, it seems that there might be a small creature with a faint magical aura moving about within the mist.

OOC: Thokk calls out as a free action. Elthan is 20 ft from the mist. His detect magic spell reveals both a general magic aura and a smaller, fainter aura within the mist. Next round, a successful Spellcraft check will allow Elthan to identify the auras' type/school of magic.

Fizahn's action is next, then Ephiliastokles'.

2005-01-03, 04:51 PM

"Just because something's small doesn't mean it's not powerful. I'd be careful about it dwarf, it wouldn't have attacked a camp unless it was starving or powerful."

2005-01-03, 05:30 PM
"If it is as hungry as I am right now it would have attacked a whole whompin' Village! Now someone help me take down this Beastie"

2005-01-03, 06:06 PM
Thokk and Fizahn call out to each other in the darkness. The dark fog is surprisingly extensive, forming a rough circle 80 ft in diameter.

Fizahn, trying to move as quietly as possible, can hear Thokk stumbling around, grumbling about "cowardly pansies." He keeps his distance, not wanting to become an accidental victim of Thokk's indescriminate slashing. Fizahn can barely make out the faint glow of his everylasting torch, even though it is only an arm's length away.

Ephiliastokles continues his courageous rear guard action. Clutching his ranseur, he eyes the mist uneasily, as do his dogs as they continue barking.

(End of round 3.)

Thokk knows that Fizahn is in the mist somewhere with him, but he can localize neither that sneaky gnome nor any "beasties." He swings his bastard sword in big circles, growing increasingly pissed off.

Philodus cuts free the last two horses, and they gallop off into the night, away from the unnatural mist. Nervous, Philodus calls out, "Get out of there!" and starts edging away from the mist.

Elthan, edges forward until he is standing slightly behind and off to the side of Philodus. He continues staring into the mist. It radiates evocation magic, but it seems to be fading. The small moving form radiating abjuration magic, he realizes, is Fizahn.

Fizahn continues to strain his ears, yet can still not discern any noises other than those produced by his dwarf compatriot.

Ephiliastokles shushes his dogs and peers warily behind him and off to the sides to be sure no person or creature is sneaking up on the party from the opposite direction.

(End of round 4.)

An uneasy silence descends on the whole camp, punctuated only by the occasional profanity from Thokk as he continues to wander through the dark mist...

OOC: Finishing up round 3...

Fizahn attempts to Move Silently and Listen. Ephiliastokles (NPC) continues to hold a readied attack action.

Round 4 begins...

Thokk continues to hunt for "beastie" unsuccessfully. Philodus cuts loose the horses and calls out. Elthan moves 10 ft forward and continues to Detect Magic. He is now able to determine the nature of the magic auras he had detected last round. Fizahn continues to Listen and Move Silently. Ephiliastokles (NPC) quiets his dogs and continues to guard the rear.

Round 4 completed.

2005-01-03, 06:58 PM
"ACH, YOU FETHING BETTER HAVE NOT RELEASED MY HORSE! After this creature if i do not get my horse back you are next!"

2005-01-03, 09:58 PM
Slowly, over the next few minutes, the dark fog dissolves, leaving Thokk and Fizahn standing bewildered in the brush just outside the grove of trees. Fizahn's pony is not here. There are signs of a struggle, then a bloody trail that was left as the pony was apparently dragged away. The trail leads away from the camp, roughly in the direction of the Wetwoods, the bog the party had just left behind.

Between the confusion surrounding the surprise attack and the mysterious, unnatural darkness, whatever attacked the pony seems to have made a clean getaway.

It is still a moonless night, and dawn is several hours away yet. Thanks to Philodus' bullseye lantern, and Fizahn's and Thokk's excellent low light vision, however, it takes only about an hour to retrieve the remaining horses and pony. They had in general run only a few hundred yards away and, in the absence of immediate danger, were contentedly grazing as if nothing particularly exciting had just occurred.

Thankfully, no one has been hurt (except for Fizahn's pony of course). Too wired to sleep, the party is left to wonder what kind of creature or creatures attacked them and for what reason.

OOC: The darkness dissipates. The creature(s) is (are) not here, having snuck away immediately after the surprise round.

2005-01-04, 12:13 AM

"Well, this is unfortunate. We lost a pony and have only a blood trail to show for it."

We are closing in on the village. We can still carry everything and move with a good pace without the pony... Its not like if the pony has a good chance of being found alive anyway. And we will likely be able to buy one at the next village. There is no sense going to look for the pony. We might as well continue tonight, I don't think anyone will feel safe after what happened.

"I think we should forget about the pony and move on. I don't know about you but I don't want to sleep here tonight. I suggest we go to the next village and recuperate at the inn."

Still a creature with magic powerful enough to blind us like it did, it intrigues me.

"Whatever we do, i'm not sleeping here tonight."

*He unloads his crossbow and puts the bolt in the quiver that is now tied to his left leg. He then hangs his shortspear in his back, his crossbow on the back of his belt, hidden by his cloak. He then puts on the belt with his 5 daggers across his chest. He rolls his bedroll and straps it to his backpack.*

OOC: Is my horse sleeping?

2005-01-04, 09:40 AM
All of the horses and the remaining pony are standing around, alternately dozing or grazing.

OOC: Just so we are all on the same page, my assumption was that Fizahn's ponies were Medium-sized creatures (not Large creatures like the horses). The creature snatched the smaller of the two ponies. The pony that was taken weighed about 250 to 300 lbs. By contrast, Thokk's large warhorse probably weighs about 1000 lbs.

The next village is approximately 3 hours away. If everyone agrees to break camp, you can reach the village shortly after daybreak.

2005-01-04, 02:49 PM
"I told you laddies to keep moving, and nobody listened"

*Mounts Warhorse*

"I saw we move out and get to town, fast. Ill ride point. Lets go"

2005-01-04, 03:51 PM

*He put his saddle back on his horse, with his bags and all the equipement. He then mounts his horse.*

"How are we going to compensate for the pony?"

I don't think my horse can keep his swift pace with more weight on him, but then again he wasn't moving at full pace to follow the rest of the group.

"My horse can take some more weight on his back."

2005-01-04, 04:21 PM

"Maybe I can carry a little. My pack won't take much more, but it's something.

Let's get out of here. I want to be behind solid walls before I sleep again."

2005-01-04, 06:24 PM

"The gnome could ride in the cart, i'm sure the horse will be able to pull 5 pounds more."


"He can just pack his other pony with his stuff."

OCC: We sould have a walking pattern, since it could have an effect on a battle if there is one while we ride.

2005-01-04, 07:17 PM

"Me warhorse Soul-Hammer can carry almost anything you guys have, isnt that right, Hammer?"

*Gently Scratches Horses Left ear"

"Ill ride in front, keepin an eye out. The wagon should go in the middle, with the gnome ready to take action. Someone behind the wagon watching out for trouble and we should be set. Sound good? If you dont agree with me then you are wrong. Lets go."

2005-01-04, 08:00 PM
Thokk the dwarf leads the way, atop his mighty steed, Soul-Hammer. Fizahn throws some of his gear on the back of Ephiliastokles' cart, then follows on his (remaining) riding pony. Philodus, horseless, walks briskly alongside Fizahn's pony. Ephiliastokles is next, seated with his dogs in his horse-drawn cart. Elthan brings up the rear, mounted on his light warhorse.

No one is much in the mood for small talk. Several hours pass quietly as the sun rises. It is mid-morning by the time a sign along the road welcomes you to Mimleth. An arrow pointing back the way you came reads, “Ormath 120 mi.” Another arrow points in the opposite direction, “Hlondeth 175 mi.”

This small village (pop. 150 – really more of a hamlet) is little more than a few dozen small thatched cottages lining either side of the road to Hlondeth. Fields of grain and grapes stretch away from the road north and south. Other than split wood fences separating property and livestock, there is are no barriers to entering Mimleth.

Your party proceeds to the center of the village where some larger buildings line a village green, which surrounds the common well. A blacksmith, stable, and inn/tavern are easily identifiable. A large barn apparently serves as a mill, grain storage, and (one might assume) a winery. Three smaller, non-descript buildings bear signs identifying them as shops of a fletcher (a bow and 3 arrows), an herbalist (a potion bottle), and a provisioner (a boar's head). There is no church or chapel in evidence.

The village is apparently quite used to adventurers traveling along the road to Hlondeth. The party elicits neutral nods from adult villagers and a more enthusiastic welcome from the local children and stray dogs who exchange enthusiatic barks with Ephiliastokles' guard dogs.

OOC: Ephiliastokles' cart slows the party down considerably. Travelling at only 2 mph, the group arrives in Mimleth around 9 o'clock.

2005-01-04, 08:37 PM

"Ah, now it be time for some eatin'! Lets spend some time getting everything together, im ravished."

*Goes into nearest eatery*

2005-01-04, 08:54 PM

"We need a place to put our mounts."

*Looks at a local.*

"Is the a stable where we could leave our horses..and the pony?"

2005-01-04, 09:00 PM
The peasant nods, pointing out the stable (one of the larger buildings surrounding the village green).

OOC: For simplicity, I would propose 3 gp per day per person should cover lodging at the inn, simple meals, and boarding for the horses/pony. Other expenses can be calculated separately.

2005-01-04, 09:08 PM
Although fairly tired from last night's events, Philodus isn't the least bit sleepy. Between the memory of the pony's scream and the dwindling recollection of his most recent nightmare, the thought of resting isn't particularly appealing.

2005-01-04, 09:57 PM
"Ah, just bought me 2 gallons of ale. If you dont mind, I will now drink that experience away. If anyone wants to join me, just pull up a tankard"

*Takes a deep Pull*

"Also, if anyone needs any weapons made or worked on, now would be the time. I got the tools and iron ready"

2005-01-05, 01:59 PM
Your business finished for the day, you retire to the tavern (the Black Salamander) in the evening to eat a late dinner and to relax by the fireplace.

The Black Salamander is just another tavern, not unlike a hundred taverns you've been in before on your adventures. When you first arrive, only the barkeep, polishing up some steins, is there to greet you, but once the sun sets, a dozen or so of the male villagers start to filter in.

They mostly keep to themselves, taking most of the central tables. You can't help overhearing their conversations, many of which refer to the recent mysterious disappearances of some sheep and calves from some of the outlying farms.

2005-01-05, 02:16 PM

*He walks over to the villagers.*

"I'm sorry but I couldn't help overhear. And have a question about these disappearances. Is there a trail of blood left behind or do the animals simply disappear?"

2005-01-05, 02:23 PM

*joins Elthan and the villagers*

"We were attacked last night by something that made off with one of our ponies. Do you think the same creature might have taken your livestock?"

2005-01-05, 04:28 PM
The villagers report that, although they usually found signs of a struggle and some blood left behind at the scenes, in general there was no trail leading away from the disappearances.

On the other hand, the animals snatched from the villagers were either small sheep or young calves, much smaller than Fizahn's pony was.

The attacks had begun about a month ago, and they all occurred at night, so the villagers had set up a night watch a few days ago (a rotating group of men circling the edge of the village with torches and a signal horn). Since then, there had been no abductions near the village.

The villagers are surprised to hear that a pony was taken from your camp. "Whatever it is, it's getting bolder!" observes one villager. "Or more desperate...," says another.

One villager, more inebriated than the others, mumbles about how he was out relieving himself one night when, "I saw the thing! It was a dark cloud that snatched up a lamb, right in front of my eyes!" He is roundly laughed at by the other villagers.

The leading theory among the villagers is that it's some kind of swamp beast from the Wetwoods. A few tracks had been observed at some of the attack sites. "Twice as big as my hand! Claws too!"

2005-01-05, 05:09 PM

It is the same thing that attacked us! This isn't good at all...

"Don't laugh. Whatever attacked our camp was hidden by a cloud of darkness, too. The light from my lantern barely pierced it.

I think it was magical."

2005-01-05, 07:25 PM
Taern Torminson

*Turning from her nearly empty mug of ale, Taern closely regards the group, eyes lingering over Elthan, especially.*

Perhaps these people, adventurers by the looks, know more of those animals I saw floating in that pond, in the middle of the marsh. Waterlogged, no good for eating by elves, but they might have been killed by some great beast. Maybe a bear. Or a lion. Perhaps I should ask them about it.

*clearing her throat, Taern slides off the stool, and walks up behind the small crowd of villagers. She notices Thokk, near Elhan, and stops*

He must be the leader of these adventurers. He holds himself well. Though that dwarf is the most heavily muscled. Perhaps this elf is an advisor to the dwarf leader. Who should I talk to?

*Taern looks a little confusedly between the heavily muscled Thokk, and the handsome Elthan. Finally she wends her way through the few villagers, and positions herself near Elthan. With a friendly smile, she offers her hand for a handshake*

*she speaks with a slow, easygoing manner, using short, simple words*
I'm Taern Torminson. I heard you talking about dead animals, and when I passed through... *thinks a moment* that marsh, back there, I saw some dead sheeps floating in a pond. Maybe they got killed by the same beast?

2005-01-05, 07:35 PM
"You know about this beast lassie? Whatever it was, it woke me up. Thats enough of a reason to destory it."

Does she know anything worth while?

*Draws himself up to his max height and offers out a hand*

"Me name is Thokk. Thats all you need to know. What can you tell us?"

2005-01-05, 07:52 PM
*smiles and shakes his hand, firmly*

I dont know anything about the beast, but I know that I saw some dead animals floating in a pond in the middle of that one marsh on the way here. I thought it might have been a bear or a lion or something else equally ferocious. Err... I didnt know lions and bears let out clouds of darkness, though.

2005-01-05, 08:20 PM
*Brow Furrows*

"A demonic lion or bear....perhaps"

*Slams mug down*

"Lass, thanks for your help. The rest of you, come on. We will revenge the pony, and i might get some of my own. Lets go with the villagers on their nightly rounds tonight. I want to personally catch this thing."

2005-01-05, 08:39 PM

Philodus notices the elven woman in conversation with his friends. He comes up from behind in time to hear the last of the exchange.

That's peculiar. Why would any beast leave prey floating in a pond? Even magical creatures aren't wasteful.

"Excuse me, ma'am -- did you see any signs that the dead animals had been gnawed upon? I'd think most things that could've dragged away our pony would've tried to eat it. Not many of them would've left perfectly good meat in stagnant water, either."

2005-01-05, 09:01 PM
Taern Torminson

*turns, and regards the human*

I didnt stay near there, uhh... sir. Bad luck poking at dead things, and I didnt want to risk the bear or lion or whatever coming back to chew on me, alone anyway. All I saw were some sheep floating in a pool of water. Maybe a horse, too. Maybe we should go back there and investigate. Err.. what's your name, anyway? I'm Taern.

*hold out her hand for a handshake*

2005-01-05, 09:16 PM
"Name's Philodus. Pleased to meet you, ma'am."

*He accepts the proffered hand and shakes vigorously.*

Oof! What a grip!

I'm not so sure I *want* to find out what we met... gotta satisfy curiousity, though. At least we may be able to help out the townspeople. Whatever's out there may try dragging off a person, next.

"If this creature doesn't make an appearance tonight, would you be willing to guide us to this pool? I think we'd all like to get a look at those sheep."

2005-01-05, 09:30 PM

Of course! If I can.. uhh... remember where it was. Shouldnt be too much of a problem. It was... somewhere in the middle, I think. Next to some hills.


So, who is in this band of adventurers? Philodus, Thokk..

*looks around, questioningly*

Perhaps -this- is the right group! Perhaps, finally, I'll be able to be part of an adventuring company. If I can only remember where that pool was. Oh boy, this could be tough. It was a day behind, right? No, more than that. Two, at least. Was it next to a tree or something. Gah! Curse my memory...

2005-01-05, 09:31 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

*Walks up behind the elf and regards her cooly.*

"I think we better go after the monster also."

Wonder where I can find a good price for a pony...

*Lowers his voice to a whisper.*

"But let's see if we can get promised a reward from the village first."

2005-01-05, 11:05 PM
The villagers politely decline to fund your creature-hunt. There is really no central authority in Mimleth, and now that it seems like the creature has headed west into the Wetwood, rather than bothering the village proper, each villager sees it as "somebody else's problem." In any case, it seems unlikely that the villagers would have the resources to be able to offer a significant reward even if they had wanted to.

The villagers' conversation drifts on to other subjects. Your party retires to a corner table to complete your introductions. Fizahn, Elthan, and Ephiliastokles formally shake hands with Taern.

Philodus produces some scrap paper, and as a group you spend some time sketching out a map of the area you had travelled through recently. Taern does her best to recall exactly where she had seen the ghoulish pond. It appears that, backtracking, your party could reach the site within about 3 hours, assuming that each party member was mounted and riding light (leaving behind Ephiliastokles' cart).

The barkeep announces last call. Looking up you see that almost all of the villagers have left for the night. In the far corner from you, an old man sits alone, sipping a glass of red wine, watching your group thoughtfully...

2005-01-05, 11:53 PM
Huh. I wonder what he's so interested in. You'd think he'd never seen a gnome, a dwarf, and a half-elf walk into a bar... isn't there a joke that opens that way?

I'm so tired... should try to put this down in my journal before I turn in.

"I suggest we get a good night's sleep and go looking for this pond in the morning, when we're well-rested and the light's better. Whatever-it-is'll be less likely to stumble onto us by accident, too, and it'll be easier for us to see it. Can't imagine we can miss a giant cloud of unnatural darkness."


2005-01-05, 11:57 PM

Can't imagine we can miss a giant cloud of unnatural darkness."

*Taern laughs loudly*

Yes. If we are going to face ill omens, we should do it well rested and in full daylight.

*yawns widely*

I sure hope they'll be kind enough to take me into their little band. By Tymora, I'm tired. I'd better get some sleep if we are to fight a giant, magical lion or bear tomorrow.

I am going to bed. Goodnight, adventurers.

*Taern ascends the stairs to her room and promptly falls into a deep, silent sleep*

2005-01-06, 02:40 AM

"I think I will go for another."

*He goes to the barkeep and comes back with a tankard full.*

"Its not like we have some guard duty tonight..."

*He quickly drinks it big gulps at a time, still lost in his thoughts...*

Bear or lion.... Unlikely! But it it could still be a big and dumb creature with someone else able cast a spell such as this darkness. Or it could be magical item... Or a magical creature... I wish I knew. I guess I will know if we do find that creature.

*He is staring at a wall lost, in his thoughts until he tries to take a gulp from his empty tankard. He then gets up...*

"Well I think a bed is waiting on me. I Wouldn't want to keep it waiting too long now would I?"

*He then turns away from the table, goes up to his room and doses of in his bed."

2005-01-06, 08:14 AM
Fizahn, gnome:

*Fizahn stays for a few more drinks then heads up to his room.*

I wonder if we really should kill the monster, if it's been preying on sheep, it probably won't have much loot, and I've got a pony to replace....

2005-01-06, 10:52 AM
You awaken in the morning refreshed (except for Thokk who has a mild hangover). As you assemble in the common room, the innkeeper/barkeep hands you a letter written on fine parchment. The flowing script is elven:

Brave adventurers!

Please stop by for breakfast before you head out to slay my dragon.

Oden Homm

2005-01-06, 11:37 AM
*Rolls eyes*
"I bet. Lets go kill this thing"
*Stomach Rumbles*
"On second thought, a free breakfast sounds good. What do you guys say? Im headin over, feel free to follow"

2005-01-06, 11:49 AM


*eyes the note thoughtfully, and more than a little dubiously*

"It seems someone would like to have us for breakfast. I wonder if this has anything to do with that strange man eyeing us last night.
I don't suppose it would hurt to see what it's all about."

(to the bartender) "Excuse me, sir, but could you tell us where we might find an Oden Homm?

2005-01-06, 12:03 PM
The bartender gives you directions. You'll be heading west, back the way you came, then north toward the Orsraun foothills. On horseback, it will probably take an hour to get there, but it is in the same general direction as you were heading anyway.

OOC: Technically, only Elthan and Taern were able to read the note. I will assume, however, that they shared its contents with the rest of the party immediately.

2005-01-06, 02:19 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern strolls into the common room, and after reading the note, turns to the others*

-His- dragon? He sounds like someone pretty powerful, to me. Have any of you heard of this.. whatsisname.. Oden? If he's powerful enough to have a dragon, he probably could imprison us with a single sneeze. Or something like that.

Gee, I wish -I- had my own dragon. It'd be copper, and we would soar the skies!

*Taern daydreams for a few minutes about having a dragon, then turns to the others, listening for what they want to do*

2005-01-06, 04:10 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"Hmph. Whoever he is, he better be able to get me a new pony."

I wonder whether he's trustworthy.... If he owns a dragon he's probably a wizard.... I'm not sure I'm up for fighting a wizard.... If the monster is a dragon, it shouldn't take too long before the patrolling peasants can't frighten it anymore.... We'd better get rid of it before it gets that powerful.... Dragons usually have huge hoards of gold....

"I say we see what he has to say, and if he can't promise to keep the dragon in check, then we should get rid of it."

2005-01-06, 04:41 PM
The party mounts up, except for Philodus who insists on travelling on foot. Jogging lightly, he is able to keep up with the party without difficulty.

The sun continues to rise as you make your way back out of the village, back through the fields and vineyards. Following the innkeeper's directions, you soon leave the main road, heading north through some fields. You can see peasants working the land. In response to your queries, they point you toward the manor house, which is set back from the secondary road, down a cypress lined driveway.

The size of the manor house isn't enormous, but coupled with the size of the estate and the number of peasants working his fields, it speaks of a certain degree of wealth.

There is no one outside of the manor house to welcome you, so you knock on the heavy central door. After about a minute, the door is opened by a young woman, probably in her late teens or early twenties, with long, straight white hair, piercing blue eyes, wearing a long, white robe.

2005-01-06, 04:49 PM
Linda will look atr the strangers with a calculative eye
We aren't getting any visitors usually and these people don't look like the locals either. They are armed and have horses-adventurers most probably. Perhaps they have something to do with my master?
* What would you be needing strangers? Why would one come all the way out of the village and into this old manor at this hour of day? Is there something I can do to aid you? *

2005-01-06, 05:04 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern gracefully dismounts Jako and sizes up Linda, sporting a disarming grin*

She doesnt look like Oden. Perhaps she is one of those people who's outer appearence is tricky, like the Shaman said.

*Taern holds out her hand to shake*

I'm Taern. I go from place to place, doing whatever I can. Lately there have been animals getting stolen from the local villagers, and.. uhh... *points to Fizahn* his pony got eaten. You sent us a note, this morning, to talk about it and give us breakfast?

I hope she doesnt sic her dragon on us. I dont think I'd like being eaten by a dragon.

2005-01-06, 05:29 PM
Oh yes, the animal dissapearances. May I see the note you were sent please?

2005-01-06, 06:36 PM

*draws a small piece of parchment from his pocket and carefully unfolds it*

"This is the note."

2005-01-06, 06:53 PM
Hmm. This certainly looks like my master's handwriting. Seems my master called them here for something of his devising.
You may come in.
*she opens the door further and allows them entry*

2005-01-06, 08:30 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ok, enough talk, where be the vittles? Always talk over food, thats what my clan says...USed to say...."

*Face darkens*

2005-01-06, 10:33 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

Should I use the polite approach, or the rude, I don't trust you approach?

"I'm sure your master is a very wise and thoughtful man, but, can you tell me if there's any reason he would unleash it on his own peasants? I would also like to receive compensation for my pony..."

*Enters the main hall, or whatever it is.*

2005-01-06, 11:01 PM
Linda asks what the letter says, and Elthan translates it for her. She seems puzzled. "A dragon?" Her surprise seems genuine. Addressing Fizahn, she adds, "I have only lived here for about a year, but the Oden Homm I know is a good man. There is no way he has "unleashed" anything on anyone. I am, however, at a loss to explain the meaning of this note..."

She leads you into a large dining room. At the far end of the room is a fireplace, currently unlit. Doorways to either side of the fireplace presumably lead to a kitchen and/or pantry. There are enough chairs around the long dining room table to seat a dozen guests.

The room in general is spotless, perhaps thanks to Linda, as there do not appear to be any servants in the household. You note that the walls of this dining room (which might double as a workroom) are lined with bookshelves, sagging under the weight of countless books, scrolls, and miscellaneous mechanical devices. Though overburdened, the shelves are tidy, again suggesting Linda's hand at work.

As you enter the room, the old man from the tavern enters through one of the doors next to the fireplace at the other end of the room. His hair and beard are long, but well cared-for. He wears a simple brown robe and is carrying a tray with a large, steaming teapot. Placing it on the table, he smiles at your party.

"Welcome! Welcome! I am so glad that you accepted my invitation! I am Oden Homm. You have already met Linda, of course. Thank you, Linda, for inviting them in. Please sit, sit!"

He seems friendly and quite harmless, making the whole situation even more incongruous. He asks Linda to help him set the table, and soon a generous breakfast (apparently prepared by Oden himself) is laid in front of you.

2005-01-07, 01:40 AM

*While eating the much appreciated food his host offered...*

"So if I understand the letter you have given us, the creature that took our pony two nights ago was a dragon, more accurately, your dragon. Now I do not doubt the you did not unleash the creature, but I am curious about how it would escape. Actually, I am more interrested in where you got it, and how you managed to keep the creature. Also, your letter says you want us to slay it and not capture it back for you, it puzzles me why you do not want it anymore."

I wonder what kind of dragon it is and why he needed or wanted one...

2005-01-07, 01:42 AM
Taern Torminson

*Taern greatfully tears into the offered food, leaving conversation to the wiser*

2005-01-07, 07:37 AM
Master Oden, a Dragon? Is that why you've been going out into the woods not telling anyone where you would be going? And why would a dragon that is under your care would be attacking the village?

Perhaps master Oden's dragon is not the real problem. Perhaps something else has forced it into attacking the village? This dragon must have been here for a long time, why wlse would it attack the village now?

2005-01-07, 09:55 AM

"I presumed the phrase 'my dragon' was meant in a purely metaphoric sense, sir. Would you care to explain?"

2005-01-07, 10:57 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ach, you are going into the woods, swampy land, and the dragon creates magic darkness? How in the soul-forgers name did you get to controll a cursed black dragon?"

*Tears inot a chuck of bread*

"The question still remains, why did you summon us here? I have other pressing buisness.

*Leans Foward*

"However, you seem to have a large amount of magical power. What do you know about the lower planes and those that inhabit them?"

This might be my chance...

2005-01-07, 12:06 PM
A frown creases Oden Homm's face. His tone is still lighthearted, but his demeanor betrays his sadness.

"No, the dragon is mine, as much as a wild, magical creature can belong to anyone I suppose.

"Well, perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that the dragon (for indeed it is a dragon you are hunting) is my fault..."

He pauses for a moment, then clears his throat before continuing...

"I acquired the dragon egg 30 years ago, before many of you were born. I myself had already long retired from adventuring. (Perhaps you have heard of my exploits? No? Well, no matter.) Was I bored? Was I lonely? I can not say. I decided to incubate the egg...

"When the dragon was born it was midnight-black and as shiny as a newcut gemstone. In all my years I had seen nothing to match it. I raised it in the hills, telling no one. Who in this simple village would have understood the desire to have a dragon of one's own?"

As he says this, he looks at Taern and winks. He takes a long sip of tea before contining.

"The chromatic dragons are reputed to be evil foul creatures, but I had always believed that nurture could win out over nature. Surely, any creature, even a black dragon, raised with love and kindness could grow up to be good?

"Saying it aloud now I can hear the folly in my words, but for many years I raised that dragon as you might raise a child."

Oden Homm stares off into space for a moment, remembering. Then his face darkens...

"As he grew, he was no longer satisfied with the small game he could catch in the Orsraun foothills. I began occasionally bringing him a lamb or small pig. I tried not to notice that he seemed to delight in their suffering as he killed them.

"He became more willful over time, harder to control. Like any adolescent, I suppose, he began to chafe against my restrictions. He began to stay out late at night roaming the hills, sleeping during the day.

"I couldn't admit to myself that I was losing control. I refused to see that his draconic nature was beginning to express itself the only way it could.

"It was a month ago that he turned on me and flew away..."

Oden opens his robe slightly and reveals three long scars running along his ribcage. They have the clean look of wounds healed by magic (most of you have similar scars), but you can tell that the original slashes must have been quite deep.

"The animal disappearances began soon afterward. The enormity of what I had done became clear to me. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to undo what had been done.

"It pains me to say this, but it seems to me now that the dragon must be killed, and he must be killed right away. He will only grow more powerful and more evil over time. Sooner or later, he will kill a villager or an innocent traveller. His attack on your camp is evidence that his boldness increases."

He glances at Thokk.

"My powers are not what they once were. Even in my prime, I am not sure I could have defeated the dragon single-handedly. Therefore, your arrival in Mimleth at this time is extremely fortuitous!

"Brave adventurers, it can not be coincidence that you have arrived in Mimleth at the same time that Taern seems to have stumbled upon the dragon's lair. Tymora smiles on us, I believe."

He gives a half-hearted smile of his own, then looks down at his half-eaten breakfast.

"This is my story. I felt you needed to know it."

2005-01-07, 02:22 PM
A sad story master. But I am not sure one can blame you for doing what you did. As for killing the dragon I am not sure we have to kill it. Though certainly more difficult we could compell the dragon to do what is good. In the end it might see the wrong of its ways. Is there a spell that can help us do so?

OOC: Geas+atonement? But ofcourse my character does not know that. That is why she is asking.

2005-01-07, 02:26 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern sits in silence for some moments*

Wow. That's terrible. Poor guy. He really had his own dragon, but it turned away from him. And now we have to kill it.There's gotta be some way he can keep his poor dragon. Maybe he could use his magic to turn it back to good!

Say, uhh.. Oden, sir. Did you ever try and find a mage who could maybe turn your dragon back nice? It'd be a shame to.. uhh... y'know, destroy such an amazing creature. I dunno much about black dragons, heard they were pretty evil and all, but wouldnt it be worth a shot? I'd feel pretty terrible if a creature I had raised for thirty years got cut down... *looks up and sighs* Maybe not. Well, I'll gladly help a nice person like yourself. A real shame, though. *shakes her head, then fumbles around in a side-pouch and pulls out a six-sided cube and absentmindedly plays with it*

Well, I guess there isnt much choice, but how on earth are we going to kill a dragon? I wouldnt want to hurt the poor thing if it could be made all nice again, but it doesnt look like we have much choice.

2005-01-07, 05:18 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"Personally I think we should head out immediately from the town, double back around to it's lair and try to take it by surprise."

Dragons are crafty and you have to deal with them as carefully as possible.

"Let's remember that the dragon is as smart...

*Eyes Thokk.*

"or smarter than any of us."

2005-01-07, 06:18 PM

"I... I had thought..."

A dragon! A young dragon! I don't wanna get messed up in this, no way.

"Sir, I think you have a responsibility to deal with this problem yourself. It did originate with you, after all. This is more than we can handle by ourselves - we wanted to see if we could help the village with a minor threat, not deal with a menace."

2005-01-07, 06:23 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern looks sharply to Philodus*

He sounds like he's afraid!

I'm not scared of a juvenile dragon! I'm sure, if we must kill him, he will fall to my axe, just like every other foe. Tymora will smile upon us and grant us victory.

I cant stand someone who backs down from an honorable fight.

2005-01-07, 07:00 PM

*Frowns and strokes his goatee thoughtfully. He speaks softly, almost to himself...*

"It would be unethical to compel a good person to perform evil deeds, would it not? Would it not then be equally unethical to force an evil creature to perform good deeds against his will..."

...just so that he can be a plaything for a lonely old man?

Oden Homm

"I sense the rebuke in your words, Ephiliastokles. I do not deny that I acted selfishly and unwisely. It was wrong of me to try to make the dragon something other than what he was born to be."

Turning to Taern and Linda, he shrugs, "In any case, I have not the power to compel the dragon to be good, even had I the right to do so."

He continues, "And Philodus, you are right. This is my fault, and I can not begrudge you your caution. It is no small thing to take down a dragon. Even a small one..."

He holds his head up in the air about a foot and a half over his head, to indicate the size of the dragon.

"All I can do is ask for your help."

2005-01-07, 07:27 PM
"I be willing to do this. It woudl be for the better of the honor of my clan"

May their souls rest in peace

"But, old man, i wish for somethign in return. If we takle this dragon for you, i would like to know everything you know about the lower planes, and their inhabitants. You bookish folk know alot for your short livespans about the acured realms."

2005-01-07, 07:37 PM
Oden Homm

"Sir Thokk, that bargain would be easy to make, but sadly would be much to your disadvantage. I have lived long, yes, but have had little interest in cosmology and even less direct experience with the planes.

"For you and those that would help me, however, I would propose a different bargain. I have selected some items from my adventuring days that I believe you may find useful. They are yours to keep once the dragon has been... taken care of."

2005-01-07, 08:05 PM

"For the honor of the Mithral Guard, I shall help you."

*Looks at everyone else*


"Old man, we need help though. This dragon of yours likes to use magical darkness, that which even i cannot see through. What do you have that can cut through that, or else let our blows strike true? Also, what is its name. That might confuse it, and give us precious moments in battle."

2005-01-07, 08:17 PM
Linda the White ;D

I believe I can deal with the darkness by creating magical light to counter it unless ofcourse the effect is too powerful. I can make your blades or arrows shed light so you can carry them around and see through that darkness or you can stick an arrow in the dragon so it sheds light and it can't hide. But I still believe we should give that dragon a choice to atone for its deeds-it is not as if it has done some terrible evil yet. It might just be rebbelious because he is just an adolescent-ther might still be time to correct him. Should we not try?
*Linda turns inquisitively at master Oden*

2005-01-07, 11:42 PM

*becomes increasingly angry*

"Did you even send word to an authority before you penned your note to us? Does anyone else even know about this?

How long were you going to wait? Until entire flocks vanished? Until someone died?

How can you treat your irresponsibility so... casually?

2005-01-08, 12:06 AM
Oden Homm

When Thokk mentions the darkness, Oden Homm nods and replies, "Yes, I have seen him use the darkness when hunting, the same way a squid uses its ink... I believe that this should help." He scans his shelves, then pulls a scroll down off a top shelf and lays it on the table.

When Thokk asks the dragon's name, Oden laughs. "I chose a name for him once when he had just learned to fly, pilinn ned'wilith - 'arrow in the air' - but he didn't seem to like it, so I gave up and just called him 'dragon.' Perhaps the elvish language didn't agree with him..."


Oden places a hand on Linda's shoulder. "Young sorceress-in-training, I should have known that you would seek to put yourself in harm's way. You show great promise, yes, but you are young yet and not quite as clever as you seem to think you are.

"However, if I have learned anything from my... experience... with the dragon, it is that adolescents are stubborn and willful and will have their own way. If this band of adventurers will have you, I know that I can not stop you from going to fight the dragon.

"Let me say this however: Your proposal to reason with the dragon is as naive as your belief that your cantrips will negate the dragon's dark magic. If ever you have heeded my advice, do so now. Tread carefully and know your place."

His lecture over, Oden returns to his shelves, carefully selecting small boxes and another scroll to place on the table.


He looks levelly back into Philodus' eyes. "To whom should I have appealed? Before last night, what could I have told them? Where could I have sent them?

"Your party was planning to head unwittingly into the dragon's lair this morning with nothing but the weapons on your backs. Should I have remained silent and hoped for the best?

"Last night I judged that you and your friends had the courage and ability to help me right this wrong. If I was mistaken, then I will simply have to come up with another solution to this problem before it is too late. The responsibility is mine. I have admitted as much more than once. What else would you like me to say?"

This one I have indeed misjudged...

2005-01-08, 12:52 AM
Taern Torminson

*with a sharp look at Philodius, Taern grins at Oden*

I will take up your quest, Oden. I will join the others, if they will have me, and, if the signs are right, we will return victorious.

Fame and glory! This is my chance!

2005-01-08, 01:02 AM
Elthan, 1/2 Elf

Trying to turn a black dragon good, what a laughable concept!

"Your proposal seems more than fair. I accept the task, as it will certainly test my skills in the arcane arts. I am also interested in what you know and what you have learned about dragons."

*Takes a look at the scroll.*

"What exactly is the spell that this scroll holds?"

"Also I hope I speak for the rest of the group when I say that new adventurers are welcome in our group."

*Looks at Tearn and Linda*

2005-01-08, 03:53 AM
Oden Homm

"That is a daylight spell, master Elthan. It should have power enough to counter the dragon's darkness."

Oden arranges another scroll, 3 potions, and two small boxes on the table. Fizahn, Thokk, Taern, Linda, and Elthan observe closely. Philodus and Ephiliastokles hang back, however, scowling.

"He will fight you tooth and nail. Beware also his wings; they are more powerful than they might appear. His most potent weapon, of course, is his acid. I have seen him burn the flesh off of a small deer from 60 ft away...

"Having spent more time in the Orsraun hills than in the Wetwood, he seems to have developed a taste for red meat, the more putrid, the better. I recall many times seeing his latest catch 'ripening' in a pool or pond for days before being eaten. Thus, Taern's discovery was a critical one. His lair is no doubt close by to the pond she described.

"He will be sleeping at this time of the day. If we can catch him by surprise, we have a chance. He must not gain open ground or the sky. If he does, he will either outrun us or simply fly away, and we will have lost perhaps our only opportunity to end this before more animals or any people are hurt."

2005-01-08, 09:56 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"What else do you know of this dragons sleeping habits? When does he feed, and where might his lair be? Also, are you trained in the use of alchemy? I have seen alchemsits create many substances, such as fire that sticks to the skin and jelly that traps the individual to the ground. If this beast is going to be trying to use Darkness, I suggest we try and throw the Sticky Fire at the beast, so it will be easier to see and hopefully char off some flesh. Also, one of these sticky bags right into the beasts mouth shoudl delay the acid, correct?"

Just like the old days, strike force ready to roll out

"Finally, what are these items you place infront of us?"

2005-01-08, 03:54 PM
Elthan, Half-Human:

I wonder if I still have my scroll of fly? I don't think it would match the speed of the dragon in the air, and I don't think I could match the dragon in combat in the air...

*Looks at Oden*

"Master Oden, do you know if the dragon moves swiftly in the air?"

Still, if it tries to fly away I could get his attention this way and maybe get him to come back...

2005-01-08, 06:37 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I'm in and I will give my new companions a chance."

2005-01-08, 07:30 PM
Oden Homm

Oden Homm scratches his beard.

"Master Elthan, it is hard for me to say exactly how fast he can fly. No doubt several times faster than any of us could run. As I said, he must not gain the sky."


"Sir Thokk, your creativity matches your boldness, but I doubt that even Alchemist's Fire would be very illuminating in dragon's darkness. I do, however, have some that you may take with you. I believe I still have a Tanglefoot Bag lying around somewhere too, now that you mention it."

He turns and rummages through some wooden drawers, inset into the bookshelves, before turning back and placing two dark green glass flasks and a melon-sized round leather sphere on the table.

He then points to the items on the table, "A scroll of passwall, two potions of cure light wounds and a potion of cure serious wounds."

He then opens one of the small boxes. A small light blue crystalline tetrahedron floats into the air, suspended at roughly eye level.

Opening the other, he picks up a thin gold chain from which is suspended a single gold sphere.

"Both this ioun stone and this (slightly used) necklace of fireballs have seen me through many adventures in my younger days. Let us hope they prove as valuable now as they did then.

"Master Fizahn, I have not yet addressed the matter of your lost pony. I have no ponies of my own, but you are welcome to any of my horses, in compensation."

He looks out a window at the rising sun.

"It may take us several hours to find Taern's pond and perhaps additional time to locate the dragon's lair. I believe that we should set off soon."

OOC: The ioun stone grants a +1 Insight bonus to AC. The necklace holds one remaining 5d6 fireball.


Added for continuity: Ephiliastokles, shakes his head when he is offered the Tanglefoot Bag and the potion. "I am sorry, friends, but Philodus and I will not be accompanying you. Haven't we all put our lives on the line enough in the past? What business of ours is this old man's dragon? This is not a cause I am willing to die for."

Ephiliastokles mounts his horse and heads back to Mimleth. Philodus walks at his side. Neither look back.

2005-01-08, 11:18 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Thanks wee lad, we will return when the fell beast is gone. And we shall try to do it as humanly as possible. Is there any token that you wish for us to return with?"

2005-01-08, 11:32 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern quietly rummages through her pouches, tightens straps, and makes sure everything is where it should be, obviously ready to leave as soon as possible*

2005-01-09, 01:38 AM
Elthan, human-elf hybrid:

"What I had in mind for the question about how fast a dragon flies is the fact that I think I have a scroll of fly with my equipment. I doubt it would be faster than the dragon but then again I have never seen a dragon fly..."

It could also be used in an other way this scroll if it can't keep chase to the dragon.

2005-01-09, 08:53 AM
Fizahn, gnome:

Hmmm... It would probably be hard to ride a light horse, but I could always use it as my pack animal, and I could probably trade it for a pony and then some.

"I accept your offer of the horse. I would also like the ion stone, but I'm sure someone who doesn't wear armor has first claim to it, or we could give it to Thokk to try to make him a juggernaut."

2005-01-09, 09:32 AM
Linda the White

*Linda readies herself, packing up her stuff and not forgetting to take a small pouch then ties it to her belt*
I am ready to go when you are *she exclaims*.

2005-01-09, 11:09 AM
Thokk, Dwarf


"By Moradins beard, this just got harder"

"Ill take the potion of CSW. Lets get all this stuff together and move out. Oden, woudl it be possible for me to leave some supplies here? I dont want to be bogged down by some of my tools."

2005-01-09, 11:18 AM
Edited for continuity. Philodus' and Ephiliastokles' departure added to my previous post.


As the remaining members of the party load up and check their gear, Linda and Oden Homm disappear, only to reappear riding light horses. A peasant accompanies them on foot, leading a third horse, which is given to Fizahn.

You set off for Taern's pond. Along the way you discuss the tactics you plan to use against the dragon. You return to the main road, then head away from Mimleth, back towards your former camp. As you near the Wetwoods, you leave the main road, cutting northwest toward the Shining Plains.

It takes about 2 hours, riding briskly, to reach the general area that Taern described. It is after noon, but the sun is still high, by the time a foul stench guides you to to the exact pond Taern had encountered three days ago. As she described, it is surrounded by several low knolls.

Your party consists of Oden Homm, Linda, Thokk, Taern, Elthan, and Fizahn. You dismount to search the area, leaving the horses tied some distance away. The stench makes them (and you) uneasy. The boggy ground sucks at your boots, and you cover your faces as best you can to avoid retching from the putrid fumes rising from the "marinating" cadavers.

Oden Homm looks at the floating corpses and nods. "Yes, this is the work of the dragon. His lair must be nearby."

2005-01-09, 12:50 PM

"You had the dragon for a long time, where did he make den before he left? Would he possibly in the water itself, or more likely to be in a cave in the ground?"

2005-01-09, 12:54 PM
Master Oden, you were going to the dragon regularly, no? But then it flew away, yes? Perhaps it returned to its den?

2005-01-09, 03:17 PM
Oden Homm

"Indeed, Sir Thokk, I have heard of black dragons living in underwater lairs, but this dragon was raised in the Orsraun foothills and has always laired under rocks or in caves. I suspect that he has found some sort of similar arrangement nearby.

"Linda, do you really think I would not have thought to look for the dragon in his old cave? I am old and weakened, but not senile! I have been searching for him for a month.There has been no sign on him at his usual haunts. He definitely did not return to his former lair in the hills north of Mimleth.

"We know that these adventurers were attacked just two nights ago near here, and we are here in the Wetwood standing in front of a pond filled with some of the dragon's victims. I think that it is obvious that the dragon, true to its nature, has relocated here to this bog.

"It is mid-day. He is sleeping, holed up in his lair, for certain. The entrance to it is undoubtedly hidden or blocked. In the hills, he would always move a large stone or tree trunk to block the entrance to his cave before sleeping. I have no doubt he is doing something similar here in the Wetwood.

"Perhaps we should split up? Our time is limited, and as long as we are reasonably quiet, I am not concerned that we will wake up the dragon."

2005-01-09, 04:04 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern nods her head*

That dragon will not stand a chance against out allied might! If it is asleep, I bet we could just charge right in and cut it to pieces! Ha! This will be interesting... Damn these flies!

*Angrily, she swats at the blood-sucking marsh flies common to such areas*

Yeah. We should split up. We'll find the beast easier if we are in more groups.

*Looks over the assembled party of adventurers*

Maybe half of us should scout the hills to the east, and the other half scout to the west. If you find something, shout real loud to get the other parties attention. If the entrance is blocked, I'm sure that Thokk or me could move any boulders or trees easily. Oh, and try not to wake the dragon up, either. We want to suprise it. So... uhh... who goes which way?

What a great plan. Once all of us are next to the lair, I'll move the boulder, and all of us will charge in! It will be glorious! If only it was some sort of beast, and not a dragon, I would truely feel pride. Well, if it needs to be cut to pieces, so be it. Even if it is a dragon.

2005-01-09, 04:21 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Taern, i doubt that shouting real loud is the best of ideas. Have you ever tried tackling down one of these? They hear almost everything, and see most things also. Spliting up is a decent idea, but we need a better signal. There is plenty of wet vegitation right here. I think a better idea woudl be to start a small fire infront of the cave, and burn some wet plants. That will send up a decent amount of smoke and steam, keep quiet, and provide a base of operations before venturing in. And for the love of your beard, make the fire downwind of the cave. Sound good?"

Just like old times...

2005-01-09, 04:27 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I agree with that plan, although since the dragon is asleep we could all scout by ourselves and we should arranage a birdcall or something so that the dragon doesn't detect anything out of the ordinary."

I sure hope Oden is right about it's sleeping habits.

2005-01-09, 05:06 PM
Taern Torminson

Well... I dont think I could call like a bird, no matter how hard I tried. Uhh...so someone who -can- should come with me.

Bah. Calling like a bird. A proper war-cry would be better. But whatever the group thinks we should do...

2005-01-09, 05:29 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"What we could do is this: Travel in groups of two or three. When one person finds the Cave, light a SMALL wet fire, downwind of the dragons cave. We then all gather around, and make final preperations. Fizan, if you could sneak down first and do some scouting, to find the lay of the land, that woudl be best."

"If there are no other exits to the dragons den, perhaps we could plant some traps near the entrance of the cave, and try to smoke the dragon out. Either he would die in the smoke and flames or get shredded to pieces by traps we can create."

"If the dragons den slopes slowly downward, we can use a simple trap to keep it from comming up easily. By Taking some simple sticks, sharpening both ends, and placing them into the celling of the burrow, the dragon will end up shredding its wings apart if it tries to fly out. A similar number of these sticks on the sides, pointing into the cave, woudl make it easy to venture into the cave, but very hard to get out quickly without impaling ones self."

"Finally, we could use one of the flasks of fire to pour upon the dragon as it flies upward, by putting a beam in the way wiht the fire at the top. As the dragon moves teh beam aside, the flask breaks and dumps fire onto the dragon. I also happen to have a bag of caltrops with me, we could affix some of those to any sticks to make them even more dangerous."

2005-01-09, 05:44 PM
Linda the White

Perhaps each team should have a crossbow and we light the arrowtip and let the arrow go at the air so the other team sees the arrow and comes? Ofcourse, this would require at least one team member look at the skies for the arrow while the others are looking around. Lighting a fire is not a good idea because if the dragon can hear well as you say wouldn't he have a strong scent ability or something?
Master Oden is right. Perhaps I should stop trying to look and sound smart and actually start being smart?
*Linda looks down with a frown on her face*

2005-01-09, 05:49 PM

"Hence why, wee lassie, we light the fire downwind of the cavern. Even several hundred feet, if needed, because once we are in the general vicnity of the lair, we can find it again. Also, the smell of rotting meat should over power any steamy smoke we produce, along with the fact that the dragon covers its lair with trees and rocks. That shoudl also keep a good chuck of smell out."

*Looks around*

"If there are no other ideas, we should move out. We dont want to waste time"

2005-01-09, 11:58 PM
You break into 3 groups: Oden Homm and Linda, Thokk and Fizahn, and Taern and Elthan.

Your three groups move cautiously outward from the pond. As you explore, you realize that the "hills" are actually a number of mounds arranged in two concentric circles. Each mound is approximately 100 feet in diameter and 20 ft high. There are 12 mounds in the inner circle, 24 in the outer circle.

The arrangement of the mounds indicate that these are not natural phenomena. The field of mounds, with the pond in the center, covers about 20 acres. The mounds are as overgrown as the rest of the Wetwood, reminding you of ancient barrows or perhaps some long-lost, long-buried monument from some kind of ancient civilization.

As you wander among the mounds in the mid-day heat and as humidity rises from the bog, you begin to sweat. There is little wind and the silence soon becomes oppressive. You speak in whispers, not wanting to inadvertently wake the dragon you believe lurks nearby. At ground level, the mounds cut off any view of the other groups, so you occasionally climb to the top of a mound to get a look around.

Soon, a thin plume of light smoke rises from atop one of the mounds to the west. Taern and Elthan have found something. When the party assembles, Taern and Elthan lead the group to a gash in the side of one of the northernmost mounds.

Apparently, one side of this mound had partially collapsed long ago, leaving a wedge-shaped divot approximately 30 feet across directly to the north. There is evidence of recent excavation as well, revealing stone buried underneath the brush and earth. It doesn't take Thokk's stonecunning to see the outline of a stone post and lintel doorway (picture Stonehenge or the symbol pi) rising out of the dirt.

An 8 foot x 5 foot muddy block of stone is fitted into the doorway, sealing it, but claw marks at the edges and scrape marks along the "frame" make it obvious that the "door" has been pried loose and replaced repeatedly.

2005-01-10, 12:15 AM
Taern Torminson

*Doubtfully, Taern looks their discovery up and down. Being careful to whisper, she turns to the other party members*

There's no way in Tymora's name I could move that without waking up the dragon. Do we wait for it to come out, or do we come back later and hope it's moved the stone? Or is there another way in, maybe. A back door?

*hopefully, she looks around the mound, trying to find something that would resemble an alternative entrance*

2005-01-10, 04:35 AM
*She looks excitedly at all of you and says*
There was that spell I once read of, passwall it is called, that opens a passage in walls or solid stone. Master Oden, do you know how to cast it?
*Linda looks at master Oden's menacing look-the look he takes when she has done or said something stupid then she realises her forgetfulness*
We have a passwall scroll with us...
*Her voice trails off and she now looks at the ground avoiding everybody's eyes but especially Oden's*
How could I possibly forget something like that? I fail master Oden's expectations by behaving like an idiot. Why don't I concentrate? Master Oden always said it is the mage's job to take decisions and take care of things and not to be distracted by anything-even her excitement about the adventure!
*She now is all red and has an angry look in her face.

2005-01-10, 04:43 AM

"If we can't find another way in and we are sure that the dragon is inside, we could use the scroll master Oden has given us to make a passage into the dragon's lair. If we find no way of entering it we could wait until it comes out and then we attack it by surprise."

2005-01-10, 09:00 AM
Fizahn, gnome:

"Great, old barrows, with luck, the dragon has looted them all and triggered any traps or killed any guardians. Wouldn't the scroll of passwall only give one person entrance to the lair?"

I doubt he's triggered any of the traps that were most likely placed in the mounds recently enough to have wounded him, but it means that he does have a hoard of treasure. I wonder if he could take control of any undead guardians.

2005-01-10, 09:24 AM
Oden Homm frowns, looking at the stone door. "This is just too obvious and inviting. I would have expected him to be more cunning. True, we could attempt the passwall, but I agree with Taern and Elthan there could be another entrance."

Taern and Elthan circle the mound carefully in one direction and Fizahn from the other. Despite the sharpness of elven (and half-elven) vision, it is the gnome who spots the small dark opening, only a few feet high and wide, obscured by underbrush, at the base of the mound almost exactly 180 degrees from the stone door.

[Search checks (DC 15): Elthan 5 (3+2), Fizahn 25 (18+7), Taern 13 (12+1)]

2005-01-10, 09:53 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ach, here is where the beasities main lair is. I suggest that we try to block the first exit as much as we can, so teh dragon cannot get out that way. Does anyone else agree with my idea of smoking out the dragon and using the sharped sticks, to shred the wings?"

*Looks Around*

"Also, the smoke should weaken the dragon, making it easier to kill once we get into combat. The fumes will sting the eyes, and harm the throat. He woudl be dizzy due to lack of oxygen, and hopefully easier to kill"

2005-01-10, 12:00 PM
Oden Homm

"I applaud your cunning, Sir Thokk, but I wonder if we have enough daylight to put your plan into action. We would need to find straight lengths of wood (difficult to do in this bog), cut them to size and sharpen their points, and somehow install them into this tiny tunnel, all before sunset (when the dragon will likely awaken) and without alerting the dragon to our presence.

"If we were to place the spikes in such a way that we could enter but the dragon could not exit, would that not also prevent us from exiting in an emergency? I for one would not like to impale myself on a spike meant for the dragon.

"I suppose that we could leave and try to manufacture some traps back in Mimleth before returning. My concern would be, however, that we have now left our tracks and scent scattered around this area. Should the dragon realize that we are on to him, he might flee again...

"I like the idea of trying to smoke the dragon out, but which exit should we cover? If we split our forces to cover both, that could possibly leave three of us facing the dragon alone before the other three could come to our aid. The dragon is still young, but he is no doubt going to prove a formidable opponent.

"In addition, it just occurs to me that there could be connections between these different barrows under the ground that we are unaware of. Not only could this foil our plans to smoke out the dragon, it also means that trying to simply seal the dragon in might be unsuccessful as well."

2005-01-10, 04:43 PM

"Hmmm... Just covering our exits and containing the dragon is proving quite a challenge... Perhaps a swift and straight forward stike could prove more effective. It would be more dangerous but in the confusion, we may be able to take down the dragon before he makes his exit."

*Looks at the newly found door.*

"Then again my plan doesn't sound that good... your choice."

*Looks at the rest of the band expecting an answer.*

2005-01-10, 07:27 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"well, i am just offering ideas. Have you ever tried to take down a black dragon before, nevermind a black one? I think a planned out idea would work better, but if its a fight we should do, then im as ready as I am going to be. I still think we should block up the Doorway we found. If possible, we might be able to heard the dragon into that area, and then kill it while it is boxed in."

2005-01-10, 07:43 PM
Taern Torminson

*crosses her arms impatiently*

Are we going to attack this dragon, or do we stand around arguing about how to do it? I agree with Elthan. We should just charge in and put an end to it's misery.

A brief, glorious battle would be best. The beast would not suffer, and our injuries would not be great. Hmph. Planning traps and tricks which may or may not work against a beast so great. Our time for battle has arived, my friends shouldnt shirk it with clever plans.

2005-01-10, 08:37 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I can't think of anything better to do with our resources, aside from sneaking past it and trying to find something useful in its hoard of magic items(I don't think that'll work), so (I can't believe I'm saying this) I think we should try a straight forward battle."

Hopefully we can confront it in tunnels instead of the main cavern so we can use our small size and agility to our advantage.

2005-01-10, 08:52 PM
Linda the White

A straightforward but carefully planned battle would be the best. For all we know the dragon could be awake now and listening to our plans. The more we wait the greater the chances of this actually happening. Towards danger but none too fast is my idea of battle. After all, the dragon wouldn't be able to quickly exit the cave if he has blocked the front entrance and the entrance we just found is not large enough for him to fly out.
*Linda will wait for the others to decide and will listen to their ideas but will urge them not to waste too much time planning*

2005-01-10, 09:03 PM
Oden Homm looks thoughtfully at the small tunnel.

"I believe the frontal attack is viable, but I am concerned that such an approach might allow the dragon to escape through the back entrance if he decides not to engage us. There is another option that might prove more successful; however it carries a slightly higher risk for one of our party members..."

He looks directly at Fizahn.

"Perhaps Master Fizahn could slip into the dragon's lair "through the back door" with the last remaining bead from my necklace of fireballs, using stealth rather than strength. The rest of the party could prepare for battle outside the "front door" awaiting his signal.

"Once Fizahn is in position he could throw the fireball, both surprising the dragon and signalling the rest of the party to charge in. With luck he would already be in a perfect flanking position."

OOC: This is the plan suggested by McMouse in the OOC thread.

2005-01-10, 09:21 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I guess we could do that, but after I throw that bead, you've all got five seconds to come to my aid."

Hopefully I can avoid death today....

2005-01-10, 09:41 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Lads, if that is what you are planning, but i dont believe that to be the best of ideas. I still say we put some heavy things in teh way of the front door, then all of us go down the side."

*Picks up sword, and swings over shoulder*

"however, if you wont take heed, let us be off"

2005-01-10, 10:06 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I think that moving heavy things in front of the door would take too much time, make too much noise, and wake the dragon."

Plus it would put a lot of strain on my back and even the mages would be better at it than me...

2005-01-10, 10:30 PM
Taern Torminson


Alright then, I believe we have a plan. As soon as we hear the explosion, we'll charge in there and kill the beast. So, when do we start?

Alright! Now they're talking my language. Explosions, and a full, frontal assault. It will be charred cinders before it even has time to draw breath.

2005-01-10, 11:30 PM

"So then lets go with that plan."

*He takes from his spell component pouch a piece of cured leather and then start making symbols in the air with his hand and chanting words. After that, some very dim light barely visible sorrounds him and quickly fades away. He then loads his crossbow.*

"I'm ready"

OOC: He cast mage armor.

2005-01-11, 10:48 AM
Oden Homm eyes the small tunnel. "Sir Thokk, I doubt that any but Master Fizahn could easily crawl through that hole. It seems that for most of us, the stone door is the only way in.

Oden reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small toad, offering it to Fizahn.

"Perhaps not the most glamorous, nor most intelligent, of familiars, but he may be of some small use in this instance. I can not see through his eyes, but if you carry him with you, I should be able to sense if something goes awry."

OOC: Please check the OOC thread (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play;action=display;num=1104083072;s tart=75#75) for play mechanics as we switch to combat rounds...

2005-01-11, 05:41 PM
Linda the lady of Darkness (yeah right)

I don't have any defencive spells available. Perhaps it is better to stay behind and use daylight immediately then use my attack magic to help you from afar?

2005-01-11, 07:45 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern opens her mouth to say something to Linda, then shrugs and unstraps her axe from her back*

So... uhh... we wait for the explosion before attacking through the stone door? Shouldnt we move it first, so we dont have to smash it down while Fizhan gets attacked?

*Not really waiting for answers, Taern strides around to the front of the mound, axe shouldered, and tosses her two bags to the side of the entrance, preparing to try and move the blocking slab.*

Ooh. This thing sure is big!

2005-01-11, 11:43 PM
The party members find that there is little more to say.

Fizahn slips into the small tunnel, the golden bead clutched in his right hand.

After Fizahn disappears, Oden Homm searches the ground for a moment, then bends over and picks up some strands of silk from a spider's web. The silk is tossed into the entrance to the tunnel with a whispered word, and the entrance to the tunnel is sealed by a dense web.

The rest of the party quietly, but briskly, moves around to the other side of the mound, where Taern is flexing her fingers, scanning the muddy block of stone for some good handholds.

Elthan moves into position behind Taern, crossbow cocked and loaded.

Oden Homm whispers to Linda that she should stay behind him. He takes two small leather discs out from a pocket. Holding one over her heart and one over his, he chants quietly - the discs disintegrate into faint sparkles, then vanish. He then touches her lightly on the forehead, tracing some kind of arcane sigil, still whispering. He traces a similar symbol on his own forehead.

He then takes the scroll of daylight from Linda and approaches Thokk. "Are you ready, Sir Thokk?" He opens the scroll and reads from it. The armored dwarf begins to glow like a diminutive celestial. Hoisting his sword and shield, Thokk moves into position in front of the door, next to Taern who is now feeling the rock, testing her grip...

OOC: Oden Homm casts web on the hidden tunnel, sealing it. He then casts both mage armor and resist energy (acid) on himself and his ward, Linda. Finally, he uses the scroll to cast daylight on Thokk.

2005-01-12, 07:39 PM
Taern's hands slip off of the muddy stone. The rest of the group is too engrossed in their pre-battle preparations to notice...

OOC: Taern's strength check: 6 (4+2).

Initiative rolls have been posted in the OOC thread, including DM rolls on behalf of Thokk and Linda.

2005-01-12, 08:43 PM
Linda the White

One of us should stay near the stone and listen for when the fireball will be dropped so we can use the passwall scroll to pass this stone quickly and enter the battle. Who has the scroll right now?

OOC: PMed actions for 2 rounds, won't be able to use the dice roller for a week for reasons included in the PM, sorry.

2005-01-13, 01:00 PM
Fizahn enters the small tunnel. Even with his small stature, he is forced to crouch to avoid scraping his head on the ceiling. The tunnel has been dug relatively recently. With his low-light vision, he can see claw marks in the wall. A strong fishy odor mingles with the smell of fresh earth. He recognizes the stink from his exposure to the dark mist.

The tunnel darkens further as Oden seals the entrance (and a potential exit) with a spell.

He moves cautiously, as silently as possible. The tunnel slopes downward slightly for the first 15 ft, then cuts back upward for the last 10 ft. The tunnel then ends.

There is a loosely fitting stone, roughly 3 ft x 3 ft x 1 ft, blocking his way. Looking back, he can not see the entrance to the tunnel directly (due to the dip and rise). There is, however, still just enough diffused light for him to see that the stone does not seal the passage, it just prevents him from moving past it without pushing it aside. There is near total darkness beyond. He can feel cool air on his face. The stench is quite strong now.

Fizahn tries to slink around the stone, without disturbing it. His head and left arm are through when he becomes stuck fast. He finds that he can move neither forward nor backward without dislodging the stone. Cursing under his breath, he is weighing his options when suddenly he sees a shaft of light pierce the darkness from 50 ft away, illuminating a large round chamber...


Just as Linda quietly asks who has the passwall scroll, she hears the scrape of stone on stone, then a loud thump as the hewn rock "door" topples forward into the earth, narrowly missing Thokk.

A dark 5 ft x 8 ft opening is revealed.

Taern's smile of satisfaction fades as an angry hiss echoes from the chamber...

OOC: Fizahn's Escape Artist check: 9 (1+8). Fizahn gets stuck as he tries to wriggle past the stone blocking the "hidden" exit. Taern's Strength check: 22 (20+2). Taern pulls down the stone "front door." The dragon wakes up.

2005-01-14, 11:17 AM
Taern Torminson

Hoooo boy... I didnt think that stone would wake the dragon....

Do we attack? Or do we wait for the...uhh... magic thingy?

*Unsure of a course of action, Taern hangs back for a few moments, waiting for either the signal to charge, or the signal to wait.*

2005-01-14, 01:05 PM
Without a moment's hesitation, Thokk plunges into the doorway roaring, "MORADIN!!!" With his armor aglow, he streaks into the barrow like a slow, squat comet.

The daylight emanating from Thokk illuminates a round 70 ft wide split level chamber. The center of the room is a shallow (only 5 ft deep) pit, 50 ft in diameter, leaving a 10 ft wide ring/ledge around the perimeter of the room. The ceiling is a low arched dome, 15 feet high at its apex.

The black dragon, roughly 12 feet long, crouches in the exact center of the room, alert and hissing. His "bed" appears to be a corroded metal disc, about 10 ft in diameter set into the center of the floor.

Thokk leaps down into the central area and crashes directly into the dragon, his bastard sword plunging deep into the beast's shoulder.

Almost simultaneously, both Thokk and the dragon are engulfed in flame. *THOOOM!!!* Fizahn (no longer concerned about stealth) had pushed the stone he had been pinned under aside and, rising, had hurled the fireball directly at the dragon, inadvertently catching Thokk in its blast.

Rolling and twisting with the explosion, the black dragon skitters off to the side, leaps up onto the ledge, and places its back against the curved wall. Thokk, literally steaming, follows up his initial attack with more slashes, "Come back here ye pansy!"

Stunned and lightly charred, the dragon crouches defensively and a thick black mist forms around him. Spreading quickly, like blood in water, the billowing clouds of darkness fill more than half of the room. Only Thokk's glowing armor prevents the entire chamber from being plunged into complete darkness. As it is, the dragon's form becomes obscured by shadow.

Elthan steps into the chamber cautiously. Taking a few steps off to the side, along the ledge, he takes aim and fires at the dragon with his crossbow. His aim is true, even through the shadowy darkness, but the bolt ricochets off of the dragon's armored hide.

Taern hesitates at first, confused, but after the detonation of the fireball, she too charges into the room, a war chant rising in her throat. Taking in the situation at a glance, she veers left, brushes past Elthan, and runs toward the dragon along the curved outer ring.

Oden Homm and Linda cautiously make their way into the room last. Oden completes a last protective spell, whereas Linda, heart pounding, fires twin blasts of arcane energy toward the dragon. She can barely see the dragon in the shadows, but her sorcery finds its mark. One magic missile hits the dragon square in the chest, causing him to cry out in rage and pain.

OOC: Please submit round 2 actions, including "pre rolls" for attacks and damage.

2005-01-14, 10:31 PM
Taern Torminson

That thing is huge! For honor!

*Taern digs in her heels, and with her axe held firmly in both hands, sprints towards the beast, yelling in Elvish*

For honor! For glory!
Tymora shine upon us, as our weapons flash in the sunlight!
Our foes will fall before our swinging blades!
Run in terror, foe, for the Strongroot clan has come!
Your blood will paint the ground!
Your corpse will feed the trees!
Luck is on our side!
For honor! For glory!
To battle!

*Taern lets out a roar unusually loud and deep for one of her statue as she sprints towards the dragon, eyes greener than usual*

2005-01-15, 10:14 AM

"Lass, enough singing, more fighting!"

*Looks toward Fizan*

"And wee one, watch where you throw that thing!"

2005-01-15, 12:02 PM
Taern's chanting echoes throughout the chamber. Only Elthan and Oden Homm understand her words, but all who hear Taern's voice feel their blood rise.


Thokk charges toward the ledge, grabs its edge, and tries to pull himself up. Weighed down with his armor, shield, and sword, however, he is unable to get any purchase on the smooth, damp stone. "AARGGH!!!" he cries out in frustration.

Meanwhile, Fizahn has been patting down his pockets. Where is the Alchemist's Fire? He can't find the flasks. Did he forget to take them? "Blast!" Instead he loads his light crossbow, raises it and fires at the dragon. The bolt glances off of the dragon's back harmlessly. "Blast!"

The dragon fixes his gaze on Oden (his old "master") and Linda (who has just seared him with arcane fire). His jaws open and he sprays them with black ichor from 50 ft away. Neither is able to dodge out of the way in time. Linda is badly burned on her left arm and shoulder, her white robes now stained a sickly gray-green. If not for Oden's protective spells, the damage could have been much worse. Oden himself however has not fared quite as well. Angry burns cover most of his body, and he can barely stand supporting himself against the stone doorframe.

The dragon then launches himself off the ledge, over Thokk's head, gliding/scrambling to the opposite side of the pit. Thokk tries to slash the dragon in mid-air, but his blade slides off of the dragon's belly plates without getting a good bite.

Elthan has reloaded his crossbow and tracks the dragon's movement across the room. But seeing that the dragon is more vulnerable to magic than crossbow bolts, he lowers his crossbow and sends two magic missiles of his own instead. One seems to only crease the dragon, but one strikes solidly, and the dragon reels.

Taern skids to a stop where the dragon was a moment ago. They face each other from opposite ends of the chamber. The dragon almost seems to be laughing at her.

Linda turns to her mentor. Murmuring words of comfort, she tries to seal his open wounds as best she can. Oden gasps, "The dragon must not escape!"

OOC: Please submit round 3 actions.

2005-01-16, 03:18 AM

"Linda use magic missles, it seems to be able to penetrate its scaly hide much easier than weapons!"

2005-01-16, 10:48 AM

"Speak for yourself! Dwarfen steel is biting into the beasties hide just fine! Also, whoever has the tanglefoot bag should throw it soon!"

*Looks up at the dragon as he charges it*

"Pilinn ned'wilith, arrow in the wind, or whatever your name is, Get ready to die!"

2005-01-16, 10:50 AM
Thokk launches himself across the pit. As he crosses back over the metal disc, his boots ring hollowly. He is too focused on his attack to dwell on this, however. The force of his attack knocks the dragon backward, and Thokk's bastard sword slashes deeply into the dragon's exposed flank. Thokk grins in satisfaction.

Fizahn shoots another crossbow bolt, but it goes wide, shattering against the stone wall. "Blast!"

The dragon is furious. His jaws clamp down on Thokk's shield arm. You can hear a metallic crinkling as a vambrace starts to buckle, but it holds. The dragon's claws tear at Thokk, and one actually rips away part of his cuirass, raking Thokk's ribs. The dragon's wings beat at Thokk as well, and one clips him on his temple, lightly stunning him for a moment.

Taern sees an opening and, taking a flying leap off of the ledge, charges across the pit to fight shoulder to shoulder with Thokk. Her chant rises in volume and intensity.

Taern's axe doesn't find its mark, but as Thokk, Taern, and the dragon battle, bolt after bolt of searing white light slam into the dragon from Elthan's and Linda's fingertips. The dragon's expression changes. It no longer seems to sneer. The expression is... fear?

OOC: Round 3 ends. Time for round 4...

2005-01-17, 01:38 PM
Thokk slashes again and again at the dragon, drawing more blood.

Fizahn throws down his crossbow in disgust and charges toward the dragon, leaps off the ledge, and lands on the dragon's back. Before he can plunge his rapier into the dragon's spine, however, he is thrown off. He rolls to his feet, rapier at the ready.

The dragon, desperate, shifts to the side and blasts both Thokk and Taern with another spray of acid. Thokk takes the acid point blank in his chest. Sizzling, he screams out in agony. Taern is spared the worst of it, thanks to Thokk, but she too feels searing pain as some of the backsplash lands on her shoulder and back.

Her eyes flashing, she brings her war axe down on the dragon's skull with enough force to split an oak log in two. Her hands sting from the impact, but amazingly, the dragon continues to fight. He seems only more angry (if possible).

Elthan and Linda continue to blast the dragon from a distance with magic missiles. Linda is simultaneously yelling out in draconic, asking the dragon to surrender. The dragon ignores her. This could be because he doesn't understand draconic or because she is simultaneously blasting him with magic missiles as she asks for peace. Oden stands in the doorway, clutching an old silver dagger. He makes no offensive actions, but continues to watch the dragon closely.

Black blood drips from the dragon's hide. His movements are slower now, and more desperate. The dragon's eyes flicker to the doorway, protected only by an old man and a young girl...

OOC: Round 4 ends. See note in OOC thread regarding possibility of capturing the dragon alive.

2005-01-17, 02:33 PM
Linda the White

Linda will get ready to blast the dragon if he attempts to escape or attack but will not attack him first. She says out in common:
"We don't have to kill him, perhaps we can subdue him?" then speak to the dragon again without attacking in draconic:
"I won't attack you if you surrender. We don't have to kill you if you do"

OOC: Dunno if I can ready MM while doing free actions, can I? Oh and did you get the rolls I sent you?

2005-01-17, 02:38 PM
Taern Torminson

*blood pounding in her ears, she finally stops singing, and lets out another roar. She continues to dance around the dragon, and swing her big axe with as much force as she can muster.*

You are finished! Your luck has run out!


It will fall!

2005-01-17, 06:40 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Tis the end of the line for you, dragon."

2005-01-17, 07:57 PM
Elthan :

"We almost have it! Don't let it get away!"

2005-01-18, 01:49 PM
Thokk, covered from head to toe in ichor, staggers back from the melee, groping for a healing potion.

Fizahn steps into his place and, lunging, thrusts his rapier into the dragon's neck.

The dragon twists away and makes a break for the doorway. He dodges a mighty swing of Taern's axe, but Fizahn manages a second thrust into the dragon's back.

The dragon scrambles up and over the ledge, and is about to crash through Oden and Linda into the open bog beyond, when Elthan's final volley of magic missiles strikes home. The dragon collapses into a smoking heap at Oden's feet.

OOC: End round 5. End combat.

2005-01-18, 02:03 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Twas a good fight, and a decent foe."

*Bows Head*

Prays to Moradin

2005-01-18, 02:21 PM

*He sits down leaning on a wall.*

"I'm exhausted!!!"

*Jumps back up to his feet.*

"Is everyone alright?"

2005-01-18, 07:37 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Now that is done, what now old man? I believe we should take a token back to the townsfolk. Also, if possible, i would like to have part of the scale of the dragon. My clan used to use certain dragon scale for armour, very effective. Finally, i believe some searching of the barrows is in order. If we all spead out, search, and return with anything we find. Agreed?"

2005-01-18, 10:40 PM
Taern Torminson

*Panting heavily, Taern drops her axe, and looks at the others. Rummaging around in her pouch, she pulls out a six-sided cube, and a small feather.*

Though the dragon was evil, at one point, it was a valiant beast. I ask that we move the corpse outside so that I may honor the dead in a fitting way. It would not do to desecrate such a noble beast. Please, help me move it, so that it might go to it's resting place in a manner befitting a creature so proud.

If I have ever seen a strong fighter, this is one. It deserves an honored ceremony. I hope these others are wise enough to see that.

2005-01-18, 11:19 PM
Oden Homm kneels down and strokes the dragon's head gently. He whispers something quietly, perhaps a goodbye, perhaps words of regret.

He stands, seemingly at a loss for words. Eventually, he says simply and without irony, "Adventurers, you have my deepest gratitude."

Moving to Thokk, Taern, and Linda, in turn, he quickly tends to their burns.

OOC: Oden casts cure light wounds on Thokk, Taern, and Linda.

2005-01-19, 04:58 AM
Linda the White

"I am sorry we had to kill your dragon in the end master Oden but it seems there was no other way. As for what we do now, a good start would be to search the cave thoroughtly. The dragon raided the village several times and the countryside around it too. He might have already eaten some poor traveller or villager. We must search the cave to find what we can find-should we find any human bodies we should return them to their families for a proper burial. And I believe one of you had his pony eaten? We might not be able to recover the eaten pony but the dragon couldn't have eaten the items it was carrying. The same would apply to other abducted animals-especially those from stables or caravans"

Linda waits for the others to decide on the matter while she tends to her clothes using her magic to clean them and make some minor repairs (pestidrigitation)

2005-01-19, 09:31 AM
The party quickly splits up to check out the chamber and to recover any intact crossbow bolts (unfortunately all are broken). Thokk does find a dragon claw embedded into one of the pieces of armor the dragon had torn away. It's not the dragon's head, but it's better than nothing.

The room is as described previously. It is disappointingly empty. It occurs to you that at one time, long ago, the circular central pit might have been filled with water. The 10 ft diameter metal disc in the center of the room appears to be some sort of large seal. It appears that the dragon did not eat its victims here. There are no bones or, sadly, treasure in evidence.

After the initial survey, the party gathers to help Taern carry the dragon's body outside. Thokk grumbles under his breath about the waste.

The sun is shining brightly. It is still mid-afternoon.

2005-01-19, 10:32 AM

*Goes over to the dragon and takes a not too damaged scale and pockets it.*

"The metal disc interests me."

*Goes over to the metal disc and starts studying it.*

OOC: Knowlede arcana? spellcraft? something else?

2005-01-19, 11:06 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"If we must honor the body we must, but i doubt this dragon will be needing its scale anymore. DragonScale armor is very strong, not to mention water proof, rust-proof, and fire-resistant. Lads, you have not fought in half the fights i have, and i remember from experience, DragonScale is worth it."

*Looks to the others*

"One of you said this area seems to be an old burial area. While we are here, while the elf is 'giving thanks' or whatever, i suggest we scout the barrows for anything inside them."

*Moves to Fizan*

"Wee one, when i was running over the disk, it made a strange, reverberating sound. Ill help you search it."

2005-01-19, 11:25 AM
Taern Torminson

*Taern kneels next to the body, and carefully places the cube inside the dragon's mouth, then slowly chants a prayer in elvish*

We honor the fallen this day. Luck was on our side, yet the fallen fell with valor. May they return to their resting place with honor, and be remembered through the rest of time.

*With that, Taern carefully places the feather on the back of the dragon, and mutters the word "saceelea". The feather spins, whirls, and stretches, morphing into an enormous tree.*

OOC: Taern uses a feather token: tree. I'll leave it up to Daring_Rogue to say what the effect is on the body.

2005-01-19, 05:59 PM
In an eyeblink, there is a massive oak where the dragon once lay. The leaves of the tree shade you where you stand. Its roots plunge deep into the bog, taking the body of the dragon with it.


The group then re-enters the barrow. Elthan and Fizahn are already crouched around the metal disc, examining it closely.

The disc appears to be heavily corroded iron. It is bolted to the stone floor of the pit, but light knocking reveals that there is clearly an opening below.

There is also an inscription, barely visible under the rust, that runs in a continuous spiral from the center of the disc outward to the rim. It is in no language that any of you are familiar with.

OOC: Thokk is no longer disabled, but still retains two hits, and his armor is badly damaged. Taern, Linda, and Oden, though "healed" in game terms, still have burns that will take time to fully disappear. Please update your character sheets to reflect any equipment changes including the dragon claw and scale that Thokk and Elthan can keep.

2005-01-19, 06:22 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ach, by Moradin Beard, what have you done?"

*Waves Finger disapointly at Taern*

"Lassie, you are now buying me a new suit of Armor, me being unable to use this one, AND YOU GETTING RID OF MY FUTURE COAT!"

*Walks away, rumbling obcenities in Dwarfen*

Sacred anvil, what will the elves do next?

"Old one, come over here. We need some someone to translate."

2005-01-19, 07:59 PM

*He look at the metal disc and starts chanting a spell.*

OOC: I cast detect magic on the seal, if it reveals magical, I will concentrate for the three rounds and try to find out what school it is from.

2005-01-19, 08:47 PM
Elthan gazes intently at the disc. He senses some faint magic, but the more he studies the disc, the more convinced he becomes that the magic radiates not from the disc, but from behind the disc. A few more moments allow him to specify that the magic is some form of abjuration.

At Thokk's request, Oden Homm studies the writing on the disc, frowning. "This is no language I know or have encountered before..."

He takes some soot from a belt pouch and mixes it with some salt from another pouch. Sprinkling the grains over the metal disc he mumbles to himself as he studies the inscription for a couple of minutes...

2005-01-19, 09:39 PM

*He starts studying the metal disck closely to find a way to remove it or open it.*

2005-01-19, 10:46 PM
Taern Torminson

*Offended, Taern walks inside the barrow*

Dwarf, your words are misplaced. Would you have so readily marred the honored dead? I dont "owe" you anything. I was merely performing the proper ritual which would let the dragon rest in peace. At one point it was a nice creature, and in any case, it was an honorable foe. I know that you might have the need to pratice some... sort of savage customs, but have a care. It is almost like the drow or demons would do, to skin the corpse of an enemy. Please, be a little nicer in the future. It would make you many more friends than enemies.

*looks over at the activities over the seal*

What's that? Should I break it open?

These barbarian dwarves never cease to amaze me. Whatever will they think of next? Trying to skin the fallen corpses.. shameful.

2005-01-20, 12:00 AM

"Actually, you could help to try and find a way to open it...but if that fails, hack away."

Either way I want to know what is behind...

2005-01-20, 06:04 AM
Linda the White

Linda is interested in the seal too but used to studying first and then tinkering with anything she is less rashful to break it open.
"This seal must be here for some time and for a reason. Breaking it open before learning what it does is not so good an idea. On any account we should be careful whith what we do with everything we don't fully understand."

2005-01-20, 11:48 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Lassie, never insult my clan again or you will be shorter by a head. Friend or foe, we do not need our bodies once we die. Moradin remakes our bodies out of stone and creates life again. Also, I now need a new suit of armor. I was going to use the dragons skin to make a new suit, but you decided to go ahead and sink the dragon below the swamp. How do u suggest I get a new suit with no availbale money and my scale gone? You are getting me new armor, lass."

2005-01-20, 04:51 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I think that this is either the work of the dragon, or the work of the barrow-makers. There are most likely safeguards."

*Fizahn begins carefully examining the disc.*

OOC: Search check to find any traps.

2005-01-20, 06:37 PM

"I tried a simple detect magic spell and felt an abjuration behind the disc. I think we have to worry about what we find after we open it."

2005-01-20, 10:35 PM
Taern Torminson

*fairly piqued at Thokks threats and insults, Taern storms out of the cave, A few minutes later, she returns, leading her horse. She frustratedly unstraps a shovel from the side of the horse and thrusts it in Thokk's direction, then jabs her finger at the tree*

I am done honoring the fallen. If you wish to desecrate the bodies, so be it. You can start digging.

Dwarves! Do all they know how to do is fight, drink ale, and spew threats and insults?

2005-01-20, 10:56 PM
Oden's spell allows him to translate the spiral inscription, which apparently dates back to the earliest days of dale reckoning, over 700 years ago.

It tells the tale of an evil necromancer named Sethra who terrorized the area for many decades. Much of the spiral is dedicated to enumerating the many horrors he brought down on the Vilhon Reach as well as the stories of many failed attempts by various would-be heroes to defeat Sethra.

It was not until the Year of Dreams (10DR) that a band of adventurers, led by a rival wizard (whose wife and two of three children had been murdered by Sethra), hunted down the necromancer, eventually tracking him to this very crypt.

The four adventurers descended into the crypt, sealing the entrance behind them to prevent Sethra's escape. Witnesses outside the barrow reported hearing shouting, fighting and explosions, then an eerie silence. Sethra was never heard from again; however, the adventurers did not resurface either, and no one was able to penetrate the magic wards they had left behind. They were assumed to have died in defeating Sethra and were posthumously hailed as heroes. The entrance of the crypt was later sealed with this commemorative plaque. The inscription ends with the sentence, "Their brave, selfless deeds will never be forgotten."

Oden adds that ironically it was only a few generations later that a great plague devastated the Vilhon Reach (75DR Year of the Clinging Death). Much ancient history was forgotten, including apparently the existence of these barrows and the tale of Sethra's reign of terror...

Meanwhile, Fizahn's careful inspection of the borders of the disc have revealed that it is held into place by 8 pins that have been placed through bolts driven into the stone. It may be that the people of that long ago time were more concerned with preventing anything from exiting the tomb than preventing entrance. The pins and bolts are heavily corroded, but could likely be hammered open with a moderate effort. Fizahn finds no evidence of mechanical traps on the disc itself.

OOC: Fizahn's Search check: 19 (12 + 7).

2005-01-21, 01:42 AM


"I've had a change of mind, let's not open this tomb, lets find a way to make sure it stays closed. I know the necromancer must be dead by now, but then again, if he was so powerful, he might arranged a revenge, magic can be devastating in capable hands..."

A necromancer... He may even have found a way to stay alive...

2005-01-21, 03:04 AM
Taern Torminson

*Turning to the seal, she looks at the people gathered around it*

So... uhh... do I bust it or not?

2005-01-21, 07:47 AM
Linda the White.
Linda moves near the seal and thinks for a moment then turns to the others frowning.
"Things might not be as easy as choosing to open the seal or not. The dragon had evil in his blood but being raised by you master Oden should let him know of a good and benevolent way of life and allow him to pick good over evil. But what if his choice was forced? He was clearly drawn to this place. What if this place retains a portion of the evil it once had? What if its presence nearby turned your dragon back to evil ways even if you tried to raise him as a good creature? The mere fact that the dragon was drawn here means he was drawn by some kind of power. What if evil endured beyond the seal? Wouldn't it be our duty to open the seal and destroy the evil if we can? Such decisions should be taken after careful consideration though. And they can't be taken if the party is divided."
She turns towards the elf and the dwarf fighting.
"I am not familiar with your customs but fighting over tradition is not the right thing to do. Traditions that honor the dead that fought valiantly don't come after traditions that honor an ally who fought bravely for a task that was not his own?"
Turning to the dwarf she continues
"You are of different cultures but this should not mean that you mustn't honor eachother's customs. At least if you want to be friends. You just fought side by side and now you fight over frivolities? Is a new armor from dragonhide worth more than a good friend? And I am quite sure that such a young dragon would not have a hide thick enough to make as good armor as an adult. But it is your choice is it not? I am not in your group and I can't tell you what to do. But I can tell you what I think is wrong."
After her speech Linda goes away, letting the elf and the dwarf decide what they will do.

OOC: Was that a good enough diplomatic attempt?

2005-01-21, 03:55 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

*Grabbing the shovel from Taern*

"Thank you lassie, dont mind if i do."

*Starts walking out the door, then turns to Taern*

"I have nothing against honoring the fallen, but i do have something against wasteing possibly valuable supplies, espicially armor. If you no another place where i can get some fire resistant armor without sellin me own leg in the process, lead on. If you dont, i shall start digging."

*Walks outside to start digging*

2005-01-21, 05:43 PM

"Linda, I'm not putting in question your theory about the dragon being drawn here, put this place did not force evil upon the dragon. That dragon was born evil, and nothing could have changed that. Maybe evil still lingers behind the seal, but it took more power than all of us together to seal this evil, and if we open, we might be unleashing it upon the world. If we are going to open it, we should get more information before. I say that for now, our duty is to make sure time doesn't wear the seal out."

*Turns to Oden.*

"Master Oden, do you know of any spell that could enforce the seal, or repair the damage time did on it?"

2005-01-21, 08:50 PM
Oden Homm

"Well, Master Elthan, of course there are 'wizard locks' and also various protective glyphs that can be used to keep people or things in or out. No doubt, as you surmised, some are in effect here.

"I have not the ability to cast those spells in particular, but it seems to me that this barrow had remained fairly well hidden for many centuries without our help. I suppose that it could remain hidden for centuries more if we seal the entrance back up and tell no one about it.

"Sir Thokk, surely you realize that the dragon was far too small for even as skilled an armorsmith as you to make more than a suit of armor for a child's doll out of its hide. If all agree with Elthan, then that shovel would be put to better use covering up the two entrances we discovered here so that no one else might stumble upon this hidden crypt."

2005-01-21, 10:00 PM
Taern Torminson

*forgetting to be angry, Taern grins*

Well, that's settled then! Lets start digging right away so no-one gets hurt here!

A simple task...

2005-01-21, 10:33 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"I know there is not enough scale on the dragon to fully funish myself with a full suit of armor. I simply need what i can get, and I can get some right now, so i will. And find yer own blasted shovel!"

2005-01-21, 11:19 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I think that it's a waste of time digging up the dragon dwarf, you couldn't get a suit of armor to fit me, and the dragon's scales definately weren't as thick as an elder dragon's."

Pheh, dwarves, always stubborn and placing too much value on thick armor.

"I'm sure if we raid that crypt that we could get enough gold to get you an extraordinary suit of armor, and maybe a better sword."

Crypt raiding might not be the best idea, if it was once the place of a powerful necromancer, but the gold we could get....

2005-01-22, 12:21 AM

"I don't understand why you can't simply repair the damage on your armor Sir Thokk. If you can make a suit of armor out of dragon scale, certainly you can make the repairs needed for your armor. Anyways, I thought we could stay a day or two in town, I would like to inquire the locals about the history of the place."

"I agree with you master Oden that the chances someone else finds this place are slim, but WE stubbled upon it and were ready to bash it open in an instant. If you haden't decoded the inscription, I would have opted for the destruction of the seal. What realy bothers me is that the seal is in such an bad condition, do you know of a spell that could take the rust off, making it more secure?"

2005-01-22, 01:03 PM
Oden Homm

"Those are good points, Elthan. Unfortunately, erasing the effects of time are beyond me (would that I could erase 50 years worth of wear and tear on my own body!). In any case, it looks to me as though the rust might actually be making the pins harder to remove now than they were when they were new.

"Perhaps there would be a way to leave a message or warning, however, in case anyone else were to stumble upon this barrow?"

2005-01-22, 01:14 PM
OOC: What? Can't Oden cast epic spells with the fortify seed to undo old age yet? I thought he was supposed to be powerful :P

2005-01-22, 01:44 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"This used to be a necromacers, crypt, if i head correctly, right, laddie? In that case, he may have held a pack with denizens of the lower planes..."

I might be able to find a way in, and revenge my clan!

"OK, the dragon can rot in the marsh for all i care, off to the crypts!"

2005-01-22, 04:46 PM

*Goes over to Thokk and speaks so only he can understand.*

"I don't know why you are so interested in the planes, but perhaps it is not my buisness, but don't do anything irrational like trying to pop open the seal. Maybe it has what you are looking for, but it is more likely it has doom, yours, mine, and many more. If you are looking for information on the planes, then we should look for a large city with a great library and powerful mages."

*In response to Oden.*

"I do agree with the warning, but the warning should be inside, if someone is actully looking for this, maybe he shouldn't find it. Maybe we could cover the whole seal, making it look like there is nothing in here."

2005-01-22, 11:19 PM
Taern Torminson

I'm exhausted right now. If we are going to try and do anything about anything, I suggest we go get a good night's sleep first.

2005-01-22, 11:27 PM
Oden Homm

"It sounds as though some of you would like to open and explore the crypt, whereas others would prefer to leave it alone. Either way, however, I agree with Taern, the first thing to do would be to return to Mimleth to rest and restore ourselves. Many of us are injured, and our magic reservoirs have been depleted.

"Let us quickly make a decision on whether or not to seal this crypt (and if so how), so that we may do what needs to be done and still return to Mimleth before nightfall. For my part, I have no wish to return to this bog, but if you adventurers would like to debate the risk vs. reward of returning and opening the crypt, you should do so in a safe place, rather than this dark barrow."

2005-01-23, 08:09 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"For once I will agree with the elf, I am slightly battered right now. However lads, I think we should explore these crypts. If you panseys dont want to venture down into the lower crypt, under the seal, thats fine with me, we should just search the ones above the seal. If all these hills are barrows, some of them should have the treasures the dead were buried with."

*OOC: When the move happened, did our OOC chat get deleted? I just looked for it and i couldnt find it, and the link Rouge has is now broken*

2005-01-23, 02:11 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I don't think some rest will do any harm, so let's head back. I'm going along with the major consensus of the party on the crypt, so if the majority wants to go in, I'm in."

*Looks at the others.*

"I'm assuming that Oden wants to go back to his life and that Linda's coming with us, so if there's a tie, I'm voting for going into the crypt."

2005-01-23, 03:13 PM

"I agree with exploring the crypts above the ground, but the seal is there to keep whatever is or was in there from getting out. Whoever put that there gave themselves alot of trouble. Let's just go to town and rest for the night, we can talk about this some more later."

2005-01-23, 11:45 PM
Taern and Thokk use their combined strength to refit the stone slab into the opening of the barrow. The shovel is used to collapse the hidden rear tunnel.

Oden Homm talks the group into burying the uneaten animals (including Fizahn's pony) that were festering in the central pond. It is a ghoulish, nauseating task, but with the animals buried (and once a light breeze has dispersed the charnel house stench) there is little left here to attract attention to the area (you hope).

Your protective spells and the glow from Thokk's armor have long faded by the time all of the digging and lifting is completed. Everyone is tired, achy, and filthy.

You arrive at Oden Homm's estate by sunset. He insists that you stay overnight. After a bath, a change of clothes, and a good meal, everyone is ready to collapse into Oden's guest beds. Any discussion of crypt raiding will have to wait until the morning.

OOC: End of Chapter 2: The Black Dragon. Please check the OOC thread for a wrap up.

2005-01-24, 12:06 AM

*Gets up and meditates.*

2005-01-24, 03:55 PM
In the morning, after breakfast, Oden Homm brings out a small chest and places it on the table offering "a small token of thanks." The chest contains 500 gold pieces. Added to the ioun stone, the potions, and the remaining scroll of passwall he gave you earlier, it is a generous reward for slaying the dragon.

You are welcome to stay with him as long as you like. His library is also open to anyone who would like to use it. It contains many old texts covering Arcana, History, Local history, and Religion.

2005-01-24, 06:52 PM

"I propose we split the gold into six, one part each, and one we keep as an adventuring fund."

"Thank you very much for your hospitality master Oden, I would very much appreciate to get a look at your library. Also we thank you for your generous gift."

*Elthan goes to the library to look for texts about local history, more precisely the necromancer and his crypt.*

2005-01-24, 07:28 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ach, I myself would like to take a look at some of those tomes. Inparticualr, i want to look at some about denizens of the lower planes"

*Also heads into library*

2005-01-24, 09:08 PM

*Speaking to Thokk while searching the library.*

"If you don't mind answering of course, I would like to know why you have such an interest in the lower planes. I could help you if I stumble across book that might interest you."

2005-01-24, 11:13 PM
Taern Torminson

*Taern spends her time making sure her adventuring gear is in order, repairing dings and dents in her armor, and talking to Oden Homm.*

Oden, sir... uhh.. .mage, tell me more of your glorious days as an adventurer. I imagine there is much one such as you could teach an adventurer like me. I dont mean to press or anything, but I'd really like to hear more about you, and what you can teach me. I am also quite interested in dragons, such as the one we were forced to... put to rest.

I am sure one as wise and powerful as Oden can teach me all about everything! We'll see who is dumb once he teaches me everything. I hope he has lots of stories about dragons.

2005-01-25, 09:25 AM
Linda the White
Linda gets up from her bed with great energy and a playful attitude. Her first real adventure has done nothing to reduce her desire to prove her talents and her powers to others.
Let's see how perceptive these strangers really are. If they are clever enough I might go adventuring with them-I am quite sure master Oden won't mind.
Meditating for awhile she restabilises her control over her magical powers then closes her eyes for a few moments. She then opens them and looks herself at a mirror. Checking the pointy ears, the black hair and the slightly more muscular body elaborately, she makes sure she hasn't forgotten to alter any of the physical characteristics that could give her away. She then puts on a change of spare adventurers clothes consisting of a pair of trousers, a common linen jacket with many pockets and a worn linen cape-all left deliberately worn and dirty so as to look used. She puts on common adventurer boots and she removes the plain ring with a pentagram she usually wears. She puts on a plain leather belt with the inscription Sempter Idem - a sign to Oden that she is herself that has been used many times before so as to let her master see through her disguises without need of verbal communication.
Let's see if they will see through this. The only way they can uncover me without magic is through the ring mark I deliberately left and my blue eyes I also deliberately left-and my not speaking Sylvan. If they are clever enough to uncover me, I will ask them to join their adventures.

Looking like a female elf rogue, Linda walks down to meet the others.

OOC: Disguise self, lasts 30 minutes. Since I am not trying to be someone specific that the party has seen before, it shouldn't count as a disguise. Oden should instantly recognise me from the belt. Having done this trick countless times before him he shouldn't give me away unless there is some special reason. Linda just wants to know how clever her will-be teammates are. Taern should recognise me more easily from the others, being an elf herself.

2005-01-25, 10:26 AM
Thokk and Elthan pass the morning in the library, browsing through tome after tome, looking for more information about the necromancer Sethra or about demons in general.

They read about the rise and fall of Narfell and Raumanthar centuries before Dalereckoning. They read about the great plague that swept through Calimshan, the Vilhon Reach, and the Lake of Steam in the first century DR. They read about the wonders of the Unapproachable East. In more contemporary texts, they read about the fall of the dark god Moander, and about the rise of three tieflings, including Iyachtu Xvim the Baneson, who are even now leading an Army of Darkness against the free peoples.

They are just getting bored when Thokk stumbles upon an old reference to Sethra in one of the ancient histories of the Vilhon Reach. There is little detail in the account, just a recounting of his many evil deeds (including many already detailed on the iron plaque). Thokk is especially intrigued by speculation that Sethra might have been half-demon (though this might have been pure fantasy generated by his terrible reputation). The text also describes the fantastic Fire Opal carried by Sethra and rumored to be a source or focus of his great power.


Meanwhile, Taern and Oden Homm pass their time resting and talking. Oden is happy to relive his glory days, telling of his youth in Silverymoon and his early adventures in the Undermountain. In his later adventuring years, he and his friends wandered far and wide, encountering many fantastic creatures and winning much gold. It was after two of his close friends were killed fighting a marilith, however, that Oden Homm decided to take his gold and retire to the backwater regions of the temperate Vilhon Reach, where he planned to spend his old age reading about history and continuing to dabble in/research the Old Magic.


When the group gathers in the dining room for an early tea, they are joined by an ebony haired elf adventurer.

OOC: Each character should make two rollls: a Will save (DC14) to realize glamer is an illusion, and a Spot check (vs. Disguise check: 19) to see through the disguise. Make the rolls on your own and roleplay the results appropriately.

2005-01-25, 12:32 PM

"So what have you been up to....."

Who is she?

"Hi, I don't think we've met. I'm Elthan."

*Shakes her hand.*

"Master Oden, you didn't tell us you were expecting a guest, except us of course."

2005-01-25, 02:08 PM
The "guest" walks at the table slowly greeting you all. She does not speak but walks straight to Oden and wispers something to his ear then sits down next to him

2005-01-25, 02:34 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

*Stands Up*

"Ach, hello lassie, but, who are you?"

*Looks to Oden*

"Is this one of your serving girls?"

2005-01-25, 04:59 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"A serving girl? Eating with the master? Do you not know proper dining ettiquite dwarf? The servants prepare the food and make sure everything goes splendidly. Usually they do not eat till after the meal is done, because they are busy all through the meal. Servants with other jobs would have gotten up and eaten earlier, then gone around their daily routine. A servant only eats with her master when he has guests over only if he wants to show her off, and he usually only shows her off to business associates."

Are all dwarves ignorant barbarians?

2005-01-25, 06:12 PM
Oden Homm

"Hmm... well, let me introduce my old friend... umm... Deirdre. I have to say that I am as surprised as anyone else to see her this morning!

"So, Deirdre, to what do we owe this unexpected visit?"

2005-01-25, 06:49 PM
"Deirdre" frowns momentarily at Oden as if something worries her then speaks to the party:
"I have recently been away to see my family in the forest of Tethyr. The trip was too quiet for my liking I am afraid."
She smiles at Oden then goes on
"I have always been fond of challenges in life-what most people call adventuring. So I returned here to see if there is anything for me to do-an adventure to join. I heard of animal disappearances in the village and the surrounding countryside so I came here to ask what is going on-you used to be informed about most things that transpire here master Oden"
She then turns to the "strangers".
"I am quite sure I haven't seen you when I was here a year ago. And a most interesting group you have. Are you adventurers? Has master Oden hired you to check on the disappearing animals? If yes, I would very much like to join you"

2005-01-25, 10:22 PM
Taern Torminson

*frowns and squints*

Uhh... Deirdre... are you all right? You look all shimmery and a little like the other one that was with us. The apprentice... *clears her throat* So, how are the forests of Tethyr, at this time? I trust they havnt burned down?

2005-01-25, 10:37 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"Where is Linda? Have you met her before? I thought she was joining our party and we've got important details to discuss..."

I wonder how old this elf is...

"Ever heard anything about Sethra, Deidre?"

2005-01-26, 02:16 AM

"Yes, could you tell us where Linda is, master Oden, if she wants to join us, we need to talk about what are next move is."

OOC: Bluff vs Sense Motive? (since she will obviously lie) ;)

2005-01-26, 10:03 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Hey, wee lad, I dont be knowing what the proper ettiquette is, being that my old clan never kept servents, everyone had their own job to do, and everyone did it!"

Barbarians, having other people do work for you.

Are all Gnomes such ignorant barbarians?

2005-01-26, 12:39 PM
"Deirdre" smiles at Taern's noticing something of the illusion then turns to the others, esp Fizzahn:
"Yes, I did see Linda, master Oden's apprentice, this morning. She will be joining us in a while. Tell me though, why did you get the impression she is coming with you?"

OOC: Dunno if it should be a bluff attempt-I DID see myself in the mirror this morning, the illusion should be dispersing in a few minutes so I will be joining them and Linda does want to know why and if they would want her with them. See? No lie said.

2005-01-26, 02:12 PM
Oden Homm

"That's a good question Master Elthan. I am not sure what Linda is up to at the moment. I hope we'll find out soon..."

*Takes another sip of his tea.*

2005-01-26, 10:00 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I had thought that she made it apparent from her actions and eagerness that she really wanted to go adventuring, and we're obviously the only group of adventurers passing through here right now..."

Some other adventurers are going to come busting in the door just to prove me wrong...

2005-01-26, 11:45 PM
Oden Homm's toad (last seen slipping into Fizahn's gear back before the battle with the dragon) hops up onto the table. Oden feeds him a cookie.

OOC: Once Linda's "test" is over, I'll need some kind of consensus over what the group would like to do next.

A couple options to consider: (1) return to the barrows in the Wetwood to do some more exploration, (2) head on to the vineyards of Nimpeth, your original destination, or (3) look for more information in the closest metropolis - Hlondeth, the City of Serpents (farther east along the main road).

If you decide to replenish any supplies in the nearby village of Mimleth, let me know what you buy and please update your character sheet accordingly.

2005-01-27, 11:30 AM

"I guess maybe I just assumed she wanted to come with us, though I'm pretty sure she asked, maybe it was just for the dragon. Anyway, if she is not here with us for dinner discussing what we will do next, I guess it shows that she is not interested in joining our group. Its a shame, she would have made a great addition to our ranks..."

OCC: The Bluff vs Sense Motive check I was talking about was about the answer Oden was going to give me but it was true and it did not tell me where Linda was. It really was a kick ass evasion of the question.

2005-01-27, 06:03 PM
"Deirdre's" look changes to reflect her enthusiasm.
"So, you think she would be a great addition in the party? Very well then, your wish is granted.
"Deirdre's" form vibrates and thinners significantly, her long ears changing to human ones and her skin and hair change to Linda's normal.

2005-01-27, 09:51 PM
*chokes on a bit of bread*

You look just like her! How did you know that's what she looked like?!

2005-01-27, 10:09 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

*Shakes head at Taern*

"By Moradins Beard lassie, are you that daft?"

*Turns to Linda*

"And to you lassie, thats a sneaky piece of magecraft. If you are going to be adventuring with us, Dont do that to me again. I dont like fake stuff, it gives me the willies."


OOC: Very nice touch McMouse

2005-01-27, 11:02 PM

"Thokk, can't you see farther than yourself, that can very valuable while adventuring! Linda it's even truer now than before, you would make a great addition to the group. You had me fooled!"

*Turns to Taern and says in elvish:*

"Just to make sure you understand, it was Linda all along."

2005-01-27, 11:03 PM
Taern Torminson

*gives a big grin*

Ooohhh! Very sneaky! Heh, quite a joke.

2005-01-28, 07:46 AM
"Well, it was no joke. For one, I wanted to display another one of my abilities. Secondly, I wanted to see if you wanted me or not-there are some things people don't say directly to someone but may reveal to a stranger. Excuse me for the ruse, but I wanted to see if you really wanted me aboard. Finally, I wanted to see if you would be able to uncover me-you didn't. That means I haven't lost my touch"
"With that out of the way, I would like to ask you to take me with you in your adventures-you seem to be a decent enough group. For now, I don't want a share of the dragon kill gold-I would not take a reward for killing a creature raised by master Oden-even if it turned to evil in the end. The only thing that remains to be decided is where we should go after we leave master Oden's hospitality. You must have had a target on your own but now we uncovered this crypt and at least one of you wants to go there while the others are undecided. The way I see it, leaving the crypt hidden is a mistake. I bet anything something is down there. The seals may be holding it for now but they won't do so forever. If anything survived for 400 years then it can survive long enough for the seals to fade then come out and kill many innocents. I suggest we inform the proper authorities to either send a team there and cleanse the catacombs or keep guard for anything unusual. I don't think we are strong enough to overcome the evil there for now. Therefore, we should pursue some other short-term goal so as to gain power and wealth and when we are strong enough return there and cleanse the catacombs ourselves. What do you think?"

2005-01-28, 11:12 AM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ethlan, I just dont like images that are there but not there. They just bother me, ok laddie? Now leave it alone."

"I say we head down and destory whatever is down under that seal. We journy thought the barrows first, and then go under the seal."

2005-01-28, 03:24 PM
Oden Homm spends the afternoon mending Thokk's armor for him.

Thokk meanwhile works on setting the black dragon claw into the pommel of his bastard sword.

OOC: Oden uses repeated mending spells. Thokk takes 10 on his Craft (Weaponsmith) check: 18 (10 + 8).

2005-01-28, 07:44 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

"If we just explore the barrows first, we can gain some quick gold to help us survive while we gain power. I think that master Oden should keep a secret watch on the seal, because if the locals know, word could get out, and some foolish adventurers less-powerful than we are now could open it up, get their foolish selves killed, and unleash a scourge upon the world that could last thousands of years."

Many adventurers are foolish and think only of the gold, and not of survival rates and consequences.

"I will go into the crypt if everyone else is going in, but I think that it would be in our best interests to leave it alone till later in life."

2005-01-29, 02:51 PM

"I agree with Fizahn, we don't know what's under there and I don't think the seal is just a decoration. We should try to get more information about what happened before opening it. We don't want to unleash whatever could be under there upon the world. There might not be anything but I did sense some magic under the seal. As for the rest of the barrows, I think it is our duty to search them and take whatever goods we find in them."


"After that we could head to a large town close by, there might be a library from where we could farther study the subject."

2005-01-29, 07:51 PM
It is late in the day by the time you have decided to return to the barrows, and so you spend another night as Oden Homm's guest. Thokk's armor and sword are repaired/modified and polished. All of the party's burns and lacerations from the battle with the dragon seem to have healed nicely with the assistance of your magic spells.

Freshly rested, the party heads back out to the Wetwoods bog to investigate the barrows further the next morning. Oden Homm waves goodbye and wishes you good luck.

The way back to the pond is now familiar and seems not to take as long as it did just a few days ago. Gone is the foul stench that once led you to the location. Instead, you are guided by the sight of a tall oak tree that you spot from a distance as you approach the forgotten field of barrows.

The sky is cloudy today, but it does not look like it is going to rain.

2005-01-29, 08:08 PM
Thokk, Dwarf

"Ah, looks to be a good day to be in those caves. Being underground is always better then being in this wide open sky."

2005-01-29, 10:54 PM
"Well, those caves might not be as empty as they now seem. For one, outlaws might have made hideouts of them. Or even wild creatures such as wolves or bears. It is still quite early so we should start exploring however, I don't think we should split this time. Can anyone of you heal wounds like I can? If not, splitting is a ad idea. It might take us more time to search the barrows that way but it will be safer.

2005-01-30, 10:16 AM
Fizahn, gnome:

"I'm the advanced scout, just point me in the direction we're going and I'll make sure there's nothing too dangerous there."

I doubt we'll be able to take anyone by surprise with Thokk and his armor, but hopefully I can scout ahead and find any ambushes. Maybe whatever is in there is too stupid to create an ambush...

2005-01-30, 10:41 AM
Dismounting, you tie your horses to some gnarled trees and enter the field of barrows on foot from the south.

There are almost two score mounds to explore, spread out over about 20 acres, but you had checked out many of them before, so you limit your search to the unexplored barrows (mostly to the south and east). Still, none seem to have any obvious openings.

You wander between the overgrown mounds (each one about 100 ft in diameter and 20 ft high), occasionally climbing up and over their low peaks, finding little but swampy grasses and scraggly shrubs. Occasionally you startle a small lizard or water snake, otherwise all is quiet.


It is getting close to midday when everyone decides to take a break for a light lunch. Fizahn climbs up to the top of a mound to look around as he munches on some jerky.

He is surprised to find that the party is not alone among the barrows. A man on horseback looks levelly back at Fizahn from the shade of Taern's oak tree (a couple hundred yards away to the north). The man is sturdily-built and goateed with shoulder length dark brown hair. A dark green cloak only partially covers shiny, black leather armor. A large, round wooden shield is slung on his back.

2005-01-30, 05:16 PM
Graevic - Human

The human, quickly alert to Fizahn's arrival, slips quickly down from his horse. Eyeing Fizahn cautiously, he shifts, ever so slightly, into a defensive stance, though, his hand never moves towards the thin-hilted scimitar at his hip.

*A low, rumbling growl seems to emenate from behind the tree.*

The man, still cautiously watching Fizahn, crouches low to the ground, reaches behind the tree, and pulls back a medium sized, black and grey badger. He pulls the badger close to his face, still eyeing Fizahn, and appears to whisper something to the badger. He then sets the badger down, which scampers off into the surrounding bog, grunting with each bounding stride.

The human, eyes finally searching the area behind Fizahn, raises his arms slightly from his sides, elbows bent, and palms up. Slowly, cautiously, he approaches Fizahn.

Well met, traveller. If you intend me no harm, I bring none to you. While his eyes tend to linger on Fizahn, he still seems wary, and cautious.

2005-01-30, 06:28 PM
Fizahn, gnome:

*Fizahn eyes the stranger warily.*

"No harm is intended if you have a logical reason for your presence here."

*Fizahn says loudly enough that he's sure his party can hear him.*

2005-01-30, 07:43 PM
Graevic - Human

*The human visibly relaxes somewhat, his grim visage adopting a more friendly look.*

I had come to this area after learning that a dragon had taken up residence in these old warrens. While it was young, it could have been quite damaging to this area and the surrounding villages. I returned after an initial examination of the area to find that not only was the dragon was gone, but a large and old tree had grown from the ground outside the dragon's lair in only a few days. No only is it's apparent age and speed of growth interesting, but it also seems to radiate a strong aura of magic.

*The human's casual stance stiffens slightly at a noise from the underbrush. He relaxes and smirks slightly as the badger comes bounding out of the brush, grunting along with his stride. The badger stops next to the human, sniffing the air in the direction of Fizahn. the human crouches down and scratches the badger under the chin*

The human says, It is ok, Aholoh, I don't think they mean to harm us, as he scratches the badger. As I have given you my reasoning, perhaps you could enlighten me to why you and sees the remainder of the party beyond Fizahn, your friends have come to this place?

2005-01-31, 05:03 PM
Elthan and Taern stand to greet the stranger.

"I am Elthan Moonshade. Well met, friend."

Taern likewise introduces herself.

Elthan quickly outlines how the party had tracked the dragon to the forgotten barrows and surprised it in its lair. He also relates how the dragon was buried beneath Taern's feather token. (Taern smiles at this.) He omits any mention of Oden Homm.

Elthan's eyes narrow suddenly as he looks over Graevic's shoulder.

"I see, however, that you are not travelling alone..."

Following his gaze, you see two reptilian humanoids standing at the edge of a copse just outside the field of barrows. They are several hundred yards away and appear to be watching you with interest.

2005-01-31, 05:51 PM
Graevic - Human

Pleased to meet you all. My name is Graevic, and this pointing to the badger is Aholoh. I am pleased to know that the dragon is no longer a danger to the surrounding lands. It is good that you have removed it's taint from the area so that the healing might begin. At Elthan's comment, Graevic turns, instantly on guard, though, making no outward sign of attacking. Seeing the reptilian humanoids, he loudly whispers, They are not my travelling companions.

* Graevic takes several slow, cautious steps towards the reptilian men and begins speaking in a smooth, flowing language *

[OOC: Graevic speaks in Slyvan: "Greetings to you, strangers."]

2005-01-31, 06:59 PM

"If they are not your companions, then we should be wary of them."

*Speaks in draconic:*

"Hello there!"

*Waits for a response.*

OCC: If they do not respond before they get closer, I will speak to them again, so don't make them suddenly two feet from us ;).