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2005-09-27, 07:51 PM

"If only you'd have told us it was the 'unknown' we'd be dealing with we might not have been so quick to hire you as our guide, but not is not the time. I'll have a word with you later." Darius says, but not with as much ferocity as he intended.

Damn poison, damn Hajih, damn Underdark..

2005-09-28, 11:26 AM
Lissa, rogue

Lissa cheers as the bridge finally falls, taking the grimlocks with it. "Woo-hoo! Take that, you..." She proceeds to cast aspersions on the drow's ancestry, personal hygeine and private habits. Seeing the rest of the group head towards the tunnel, Lissa beckons her dancing lights over and does the same. The colorful lights zip toward the gnome and hover over her head as she peers around her comrades' legs and down the tunnel, crossbow at the ready.

(OOC: I'm assuming she didn't get a chance to fire the bolt she loaded earlier. Ready action to fire if something obviously hostile shows itself.)

2005-09-28, 08:44 PM
Aeroz, Elf Swashbuckler

Aeroz straps his crossbow to his leg and draws his rapier and dagger. He stays low and approaches the rest of the group. He faces the direction that the sound is coming from, but keeps an eye on all other possible directions.

"Keep alert. There are spells that can mimic sounds, so the could come out from anywhere."

2005-09-28, 10:03 PM
Lissa, rogue

Lissa cranes her neck to look up at Aeroz, wide-eyed and innocent. "Wow, really? There are spells that mimic sounds?" She smacks her forehead. "I would never have known that! Will you teach me to pick a lock next, Mister Aeroz Sir?" The gnome giggles at the elf's glare, elbows him in the leg and winks up at him before returning her attention to her crossbow. "Ghost sound is one of three minor spells that every reasonably intelligent gnomish child learns. Don't ask me why, it's just the way things are."

2005-09-28, 10:13 PM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

Achkby ignores Aeroz's needless comment and keeps watching.

Yeah, but why would anyone bother to make it seem like there's all of that commotion down there and do something for light? I don't think that this is just a distraction...

2005-09-28, 10:27 PM
Aeroz, Elf Swashbuckler

"Hardy har smarty pants. Perhaps I was taking into consideration that maybe Darius, the half orc or our inept guide did not know, or didn't think to remember, huh?" Aeroz comments as he nudges Lissa with his knee. "Besides" Aeroz's voice drops to a low whisper "its better that they either know we are aware of it or they think that we are stupid."

2005-09-28, 11:27 PM
Lumpy Half-Orc Warrior

Lumpy watches the others argue impatiently for a bit, then scowls, stepping away from the wall towards the middle of the passage, muttering, "Screw this."

He clears his throat, bellowing down the bend, "Hey, out with ya, before I hafta come in! We ain't got all day!" Under his breath, "..or night, whatever."

His hands flex around his flail, waiting for a response of some kind, and looking about ready to charge in.

2005-09-29, 12:13 AM
Hajih, Human Ranger

You be inept too if you were the one who nearly died

"Regardless, this is the underdark, so we were bound to run into something eventually. Be mindful, I was hoping for more 'friendly' adventurers like our intrepid half-orc and resident simpleton" Hajih remarks before taking a swig from his flask.

2005-09-29, 01:29 AM
Lissa, rogue

Lissa tries to dodge the incoming knee, but with the tight quarters and Aeroz's speed, she doesn't quite manage. "Owwww...", she grumbles. "Gosh, can't you take a joke?" Despite having been kneed in the face, the gnome's hands remain steady on her crossbow.

2005-09-29, 10:22 AM
As your party cautiously moves down the passage, you hear a loud, piercing whistle echo from behind you, across the chasm. After three blasts, the whistle goes silent.

"A signal." Sedryn looks concerned. "Others will come. We have to leave this area ..."

Lumpy shouts out a challenge as you move towards the light and voices in the tunnel. When there is no response, your party moves forward, weapons ready. Sedryn carries Sheyra in his arms protectively.

Rounding the bend, you find yourselves face-to-face with another group of adventurers. Like yourselves, these adventurers appear to have recently been in combat. They look battered and bloody ... and decidedly suspicious.

OOC: To be continued in The Sea of Starry Night (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=play;action=display;num=1128003029) ...