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Just because of the pure hilarity of what happened in the first (introductory) session, the players agreed that I (the DM) should keep a journal of the game.

Saga is a world of high sorcery, to the point of where it has become more advanced than Eberron. There are six kingdoms, each ruled by a dragon lord who is advised by a council of guild leaders. Most of the world is run by guilds unique to each nation, but the dragon "kings" and "queens" have the final say. There are lightning rail trains connecting numerous cities to each other, and a portal system to allow them to reach the capitals that sit upon islands that have been lifted out of the ground, leaving craters underneath, several miles deep. In this world, we focus more on prestige classes, using only generic classes as base. Also, all races age the same as humans to avoid confusion. And we have guns that fire spells.

The characters

Kalach- male Spellscale arcane spell caster, likes to tinker and is a bit flamboyant
Cooter- male Wildhunt Shifter Warrior, to sum it up, he is a hillbilly
Kobayashi- female Razorclaw shifter, looks like a j-rocker because she was fascinated by the culture of the Void kingdom (a place similar to japan)

1st session
The story begins with the students getting on the train that takes them to the school they will be attending, the university of Highcrown. All student are dressed in their uniforms: girls wear black skirts with silver linings, white dress shirts, and black vests that have silver streaks, and a curled up silver dragon on the back, a silver crown right above it. Boys have a similar uniform, but with black pants that have a silver stripe running down each leg.
Upon arriving, the students are ushered to a reception hall.

DM (me) As you cross through the large stone gates, you are ushered into a hall, that appears to have no roof. On the stage before you, you notice a number of individuals sitting on chairs. Most of them appear as older individuals, most likely teachers, but a numer of younger persons are there as well.
Suddenly, you all hear a roar in the sky (roars). As you look up, you see a large silver dragon descending towards the stage. As it comes closer, it's body begins to shift, its scales melding into a silvery robe and it's hands becoming more humanoid. It's face flattens, and horns begin changing into long, golden hair. As the now obviously female figure descends onto the stage, her wings begin to shrink, and disappear into her back.
A humble assistant slinks out of the curtain, and hands a small black rod with a silver tip to the beautiful woman. The woman speaks into the rod, and you can hear her perfectly, despite the distance between you.

Lord Moonscale: Welcome students, new and old! I hope you have had a pleasant journey coming here. I am Lord Moonscale the Silver, the principal of this institute. As we begin our year, I would not like to keep you all tied up here with long speeches, so I bid thee to follow our custodian, Thunk,as he guides you to mess your new teachers. Class registration will be taken care of later.

DM: Following the direction of the principle's indication, you all look behind you and spot a not so happy looking troll waiting at the entrance.

Thunk: you follow Thunk, we go to fist class. Thunk divide you into groups. Thunk still think Think need new Job.

The first teacher

DM: you are led down a well crafted granite hall to a room with the word "Anatomy" printed on a sign right above the door. There is no teacher inside the classroom, which appears to be set up like a presentation hall, only rows of desks.

Kobayashi: I go and sit in one of the seats.

Cooter: I lean on the wall.

Kalach: I sit on one of the desks.

DM: Some time passes, and still no teacher.

Co: I go over to Kalach and say (southern accent): "why are you sitting on the desk?

Ko: "why where you leaning on the wall?"

Co: "Point taken".

DM: ( to Cooter) a skeletal hand grips your shoulder and a voice whispers in your ear:

Dr. Tine: the real question is, "why are you not seated?"

Dm: as you turn your heads, you see a thin, wiry man with short, messy, white hair standing at the rear of the classroom. He wears the standard teacher outfit of black and silver. You can tell, not only from the stitches across his face and the wide grin he wears, that he is likely insane. His black eyes twinkle behind his round glasses. His right arm is nothing more than bones, completely lacking flesh and skin.
He strides veer behind the podium, and begns to speak in a way-too-giddy-to-be-sane voice.

Dr. Tine: Hello students (his grin widens), my name is Dr. Francis Nigel Samuel Tine, and I teach several interrestng courses:
Along with the field of necromancy, I also instruct the subjects of health and anatomy, and the art of Grafting. I hope to see many of you in my class, and look forward to our mutual learning experience.

Co: I ask "Um professor, why izzit that your arm can move without anay muscles?

Dr. Tine: Oh, that is because it is a skeletal graft that was attached by magic. You see, I once got attacked by this three-headed dog, and it bit my arm off. (everyone backs up a little as dr. Tine's smile gets a little wider) I managed to kill that beast, and dissecting it was interesting, but by the time I got my arm out, it was partially digested. Si, I decided to just strip the flesh off and graft it back on. Comes in handy sometimes, especially when I accidentally drop something into a tub of acid.
But, I can't keep you all forever, so I do hope to see you all again soon. Ta-ta!

DM: You all leave the room, many more quickly than they entered.

The Second teacher

DM: As you exit the room, you notice a sign with an arrow on it pointing down the hall. There are several other arrows on the ground.

Co: I follow them

Ku: Me too

Ko: Ditto.

DM: The arrows lead you to another room, but this time it is not empty. Beside a podeum stands a decently tall figure garbed in black and silver. Four tentacles hang down from his head, as if someone had stuck an octopuss to his face.

Co: "Oh my god, It's a Mindflayer!"

Dr. O: (in an erudite voice) Ah, that's rare. How did you know what I was?

Co: "Um,...Hillblilly knowledge?" (everyone looks at him strangely) "Please don't eat my brain."

Dr. O: Don't worry, I don't eat brains of my students. Oh, where are my manners? Let my introduce myself: my name is Dr. Octaganapuss, and I (notices chatter in the back of the classroom). Scilence when I speak! BLARGH! (mind-blasts the class)

Co, Ku, & Ko: "Argh, my head!"

Dr. O: Now that I have everyone's attention, I was saying that I teach not only the mastery of mental powers, but also the art of strengthening your willpower and the power of manipulations. (tentacle slurping sound). I do hope to see at least some of you in class, and I do look forward to teaching. But I cannot hold you here forever, so you had best be on your way. Till next we meet.

Co: I run like hell out of that class.

The third teacher

DM: As you hastily leave the room, you see more arrows on the ground. They lead you down a flight of stairs to what seems like a stone dungeon. There is a large iron door leadding into the next room. The inside of this space looks more like a torture chamber than a classroom, as numerous strange devices crowd the edges of the walls. Near the end of the room is a desk, whereupon lies a woman in a very sexy pose. She wears a slim, black dress with silver lace that only reacher down to her upper thighes and exposed her cleavage behind several tied strings. The whiteness of her waist-length hair that is tucked behind her pointed ears is amplyfied by her black skin as she stares at you with her pupilless violet eyes.

Co: Holy s***!

Ku: Nice! Is that a drow?

Ko: I want that dress.

Mrs. C: (in a sexy voice) Hello students. I am Charlotta Silkweb, the teacher who will be responsible for the subjects of Persuasiaon Tactics, Subduction, Seduction, and Politics.

Ko: nice combination.

Mrs. C: I will also be responcible for detention. I will be lloking forward to seeing you, my whips are just dieing to be used again.

Group: :smalleek:

Mrs. C: for those who are especially naughty, I will have to use the iron maiden.

Co: "Has anyne died during this?"

Mrs. C: Well, (thinks) maybe one or two a semester. Nothing serious. also, the iron maiden is hard to clean, so I prefer to use thumbscrews.

Ko: "What are thumbscrews?"

DM: Charlotte reaches down into a draws in her desk and pulls out a pair (shows picture to group).

Mrs. C: Oh, and my detentions will be served with everyone wearing latex. But don't worry, you may enjoy it. Till me meet again soon.

DM: a number of people hurry out of the class, using their hands to cover their tender parts.

The Archery master

DM: following yet more arrows on the floor, you are led to what seems to pe an archery range. A thin man, wearing a green outfit with the school insignia pinned to his shirt, is leaning up agains a wall on which rest bows, chrossbows, long metallic tubes with chrossbow-like grips, and various thrown weapons.

RH: Welcome to the archery range! My name is Master Robin Holdus, and I train those willing to learn in the art of ranged combat.

Co: "Sir, what are those funnyh barrl thangs?"

RH: Ah, let me show you.

DM: the teacher picks up one of the rods and reaches into his pocket. He clicks the rod, which you can now see has a hinge, open. He pulls out a small, metallic cylinder that glows with red energy and sticks it in.

PCs: *begin snickering at "sticks it in"*

DM: He then takes aim at one of the straw dummies at the othewr end of the field and pulls the trigger. A blast of fire shoots out of the rod and not only blasts a hole into the dummy, but also sets it on fire!

Co: (O.O) I want one of those.

RH: We call these 'Spellguns', and I look forward to training you in their use.

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