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2010-09-11, 05:56 PM
Looking for pre-epic templates for a cult of NPC's (9-12 hopefully), that can mold flesh... Specifically not their own, but of course they might always benefit from their craft. Looking for, more than anything, the ability to build architecture out of flesh and what not. Prestige classes maybe? Can't find anything, but Lords of Madness stuff looks promising, but never read through it, only saw a few things pointing to it. Any ideas? (Willing to look through homebrew too!)

2010-09-11, 06:15 PM
The spell Stone to Flesh should be all you need. Anyone with that on their spell list can do that.

2010-09-11, 06:26 PM
Something nastier than that... More along the lines of a flesh cult. She wants some horrid imagery in there, along with innocents having been utilized in order to create the castle to boot.

2010-09-11, 06:30 PM
A skin kite (Libris Mortis) would be a fun pet for such villains.

The Vorpal Tribble
2010-09-11, 06:33 PM
They don't have any particular powers of fleshwarping, but think you might find some interesting in this race: The Glöi (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=115814)

Psionics has a few powers that is alike to messing with flesh, such as Fuse Flesh and the like, but that's about it.

2010-09-11, 06:54 PM
Hehe, I like the skin kite. Might have to homebrew something up. Also, going to have to make one after I do just that. With the flesh kite. And that monster is utterly horrifying.