View Full Version : Cheesy way to "reskill", potentialy PRC only character - Would this work?

2010-09-13, 01:41 PM
I think that I figured out a way to swap class levels which would basically allow to make a PRC only character.

All the character needs is a thought bottle, a friend who can cast polymorph any object and planeshift and to be neutral good.

Step 1: "Save" your experience in the bottle.
Step 2: Die.
If everything goes according to plan you will become a petitioner on the plane of Elysium. This means that you can maintain up to four class levels of your choosing and memories of your life. ("Petitioners who had character levels before they became petitioners retain up to four character levels (multiclass characters can choose levels from any classes they held in life)")
Step 3: Your buddy brings you the bottle and PAOs you into your original race.
Step 4: Use the bottle and reassign the remaining levels however you want.

Any thoughts?