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2010-09-13, 03:23 PM
So, I've got a birthday coming up in just under a month, and I've no idea what to ask my family for. Sure, sure, video games and DVDs and blah blah blah, but what crucial accessories do you good people use for RPGs that you couldn't live without? It could be a particular set of dice, a great book, etc. but please try to follow two guidelines in your suggestions

Readily available Stateside (sure, online ordering is also available, but these people aren't really online shoppers)
Under $30...I don't want to break their banks.

So, any ideas what I should ask for?

2010-09-13, 03:38 PM
I orderd myself a full set of dice from http://www.chessex.com/. By full set I mean the standard box of 7 dice, then added on to make a total of 20d4, 20d6, 20d8, and 20d10. They are all the same color texture w/bag. Works great when I want to roll a fistfull of dice for that 18d6 cone of cold. They are unique so nobody else at the table takes them from me. You can order these online or custom order from any dnd shop.

If your a 4th ed player then provide them a selection of dnd books. 3.5 is pretty much on-line only.

You into miniatures? If so miniatures and/or a table sized 1" vinyl grid.

A real dagger ($20-80) or longsword ($100-$400)?

A caricature of you being one of your favorite PCs? (I want one of these with my head on my Glaivelock PC).

Attend any renaissance fairs? How about period clothing for some "dress up".

2010-09-13, 03:42 PM
Good idea! Mine is in two weeks! Keep the ideas coming.

2010-09-13, 03:50 PM
A game mat and wet-erase markers.

Dice. A gamer never has enough dice.

Minis. See above.

Terrain kits. The only thing better than gaming on a well detailed 2d map is gaming on a well detailed 3d map.

Kill-counter. Ratchet up the score at the table with every victory, while gloating over your triumph.

Real life weapons. Too many to list. Many of these will clear $30, though. I'm partial to bows, and own a few. My favorite is the black one off woodbows.com

Foam weapons. Give your local foam fighting organization a try.

Snacks. It's a rare roleplaying session that doesn't involve copious quantities of caffiene and unhealthy snacks. If you want to do this with style, check out the mana/health potion drinks. Even if it tastes terrible, you can reuse the bottle with whatever you like, and the awesomeness cannot be denied.

Paints and such. For yer minis.

Munchkin. Because it's awesome.

Bag o' zombies. Available in almost any game shop, due to the popularity of the zombie game series. Why do I need a hundred zombies, you ask? Why WOULDNT you need a hundred zombies?

2010-09-13, 04:10 PM
No you should get the more randomized dice!

Tell each person to give you a set of 7 precision dice from gamescience...