View Full Version : Need help working out some NPCs

2010-09-14, 02:56 AM
Ok I should start this out by saying that the game will be a 3.5 campaign.

Ok first up is Naamah: A *male* wizard, Naamah is a flamboyantly gay drag queen. Naamah uses his magic to convince everyone that he is a she. A self-absorbed and materialistic individual Naamah is going to be used as a sort of villain-esqu character. Genuinely would like nothing more then to see the heroes dead, Naamah and the heroes have found uses for each other on occasion.

I can't figure out what alignment this would fall under- personally I'd label him as evil but on the law/chaos scale? Also I can't decide between two routes for this character:
Should Naamah be an enchanter who mindrapes/compels/messes with peoples memories to have perceived him as a woman? A charismatic and beautiful manipulator capable of blunt force mental domination when necessary? (Think Graendal from Wheel of Time if you've read that)
Or should Naamah be an Illusionist, changing the perceptions of those around them so they never know what is real? Either way I know the character will have a lot of both spell types I just cant figure out what to focus him in.

The other is an unnamed character- An Aasimar Black Flame Zealot. This character is going to be Lawful Neutral and play the role of an assassin sent after one of the characters (A chaotic good Tiefling Malconvoker). The tiefling in the campaign is basically a 'demonologist for good', something that the worshipers of the campaign's lawful good diety find to be an abomination that must be stopped. This all seems a little trite to me though and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to spice up the Aasimar's back story a bit? And while this is usually the easy part for me I'm drawing a blank. What type of personality would this character have? any particular quirks?