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2010-09-14, 08:14 PM
Hi everyone!

In my current campaing we're trying to introduce affiliations as per the PHB2. We've statted out one for a mages guild in a large city and I'm trying to stat out another for a pirate/privateer band my PC is starting with some help from Leadership. I also would like to make an affiliation for another large citys thieves guild, since we've had some dealings with them in the past and it seems cool to include some of the opportunities that alliances between affiliationscan bring.

The thieves are allied with the privateers, and the privateers are allied with the mages guild, sort of.

Possible enemies so far could be a pirate band for the privateers and a cabal of demon summoners for the mages guild.

If anyone have some input on positive/negative affiliation score modifiers and benefits/duties it would be greatly appreciated, especially concerning the privateers since i plan to introduce them somewhat in the next play session.