View Full Version : [3.5] Lasher PrC...build thoughts?

2010-09-16, 04:08 PM
I was going through Sword and Fist (my favorite 3.0 book for 3.5 use) and ran across the Lasher PrC. I ran one in 3.0, and thought it would be fun to build one again.

I'm thinking Fighter2/Rogue4 to get into it. Rogue allows me to build up my skills a little more thoroughly or I could even put a level of Rogue somewhere in the middle of the Lasher progression to grab the skills that Lasher doesn't have on the class list (like Tumble and Listen), although I could always just be a Human and take Able Learner to help mitigate that.

The role I envision is that of mobile combatant/scout. The tripping and disarming fit in with that also. Naturally, I'm thinking I'd want to focus on sneak attacking as often as possible, but what would be the most efficient way to do that? Improved Invisibility, Blinking, Feinting? Perhaps by ring?

Might Mage Slayer/Pierce Magical Concealment be worth it? Only one Lasher ability would be affected (Death Spiral) which I could live with. With the kind of threatening reach offered by the whip, though, it seems almost criminal to not take them. Besides, being able to lash wands and other items out of the hands of wizards seems fun. Maybe UMD is worth a look also.

As far as equipment, A magical (mighty?) whip for tricks and such and a mighty whip dagger as the main weapon are obvious, but what else jumps out?

Thanks for any thoughts!