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2010-09-16, 05:11 PM
Big Edit: You know what, I just realized that this has the exact same name as the Duelist's class feature from the DMG. I look stupid now... While this is a disappointing revelation (The word construct was probably stored in my mind and when I thought of the idea I applied it), I still think that this is an idea distinct from that, and ultimately represents a (somewhat) different concept. In the meantime, I'm thinking up a better name...

Okay, so I had an interesting idea about some feats. But, I will admit, I am by no means an expert homebrewer or even a very good D&D player. So, please, if you have any critiques to fix this up or make it better somehow (or tell me that I'm a absolute fool), speak up.

Now, onto this idea. It began as a means to explain the ability of any sort of character to strike an especially deadly or damaging blow (and beside critical hits), whether or not they took levels in Rogue and the skill points and abilities therein. The idea for a duel between mid-level characters to conclude with only a single blow striking true, without explaining it as hit points being abstract, also was part of my goal. It grew into an attempt to right some imbalances in a way that actually made sense. So, here it is.

Precise Strike [General, Fighter]
By taking time and precise focus, you can make a deadly attack that deals extra damage.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, BAB +2
Benefits: You may take a -2 penalties on each of your attacks, up to the attack's BAB. For each penalty you take on an attack, you may add 1d6 damage to your attack if it hits. Each attack that you apply this feat to generates an AOO from all opponents who threaten you. You may not use this feat while raging, charging, or in conjunction with Power Attack or Cleave. If you are fighting with two weapons, you may choose to apply this penalty to your off-hand attacks, but only if it is an amount equal the penalty taken on its corresponding primary attack. If you hit with a precise strike, you may apply your sudden strike damage dice to the attack up to the amount of dice granted by your precise strike attack, even if you would not normally apply sudden strike damage, but you may not apply sneak attack damage in this manner. Damage dealt by precise strike is precision based and does not apply to creatures without discernible anatomies or those that are immune to critical hits, etc...
Special: For the purpose of qualifying for feats, prestige classes, and similar options that require a minimum number of sneak attack extra damage dice, you may use precise strike damage instead of sneak attack damage, but only in substitution, and not addition.

(Essentially, you can take penalties ala Power Attack in -2 increments to deal 1d6 damage for each penalty. This looks terribly big, anyone have a better way to put it?)

In addition, Ambush feats now qualify as Fighter bonus feats.

Now, I have a few points / questions about the balance how balance

Does it make sense to have AOO triggered by precise strikes? Is this balanced at all? I felt that it made sense in terms of realism.
Should the ability to apply the penalties to off-hand attacks be a separate feat? Should one be allowed to apply penalties to off-hand attacks independently of the main hand?
Does it make sense to apply equal Sudden Strike damage when you successfully hit with with a Precise Strike? I felt that, at the cost of two feats, this helped to change Sudden Strike from Sneak Attack's gimpy cousin to simply a different mechanic. Should this ability be made yet another feat?
I felt that it makes sense for Precise Strike dice to count in the same, yet separate manner, as Sneak Attack dice. It allows any melee character to hamstring someone, knock them on the head, etc. which I feel doesn't make sense only in the hands of Rogues. Comments?

Improved Precise Strike [General, Fighter]
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Precise Strike, BAB +???
Benefits: You no longer generate attacks of opportunity when making a precise strike, and you may make a precise strike as part of a charge. In addition, for each -2 penalty you take using precise strike, you do 1d6+2 damage, instead of 1d6.
Normal: You generate attacks of opportunity when you make a precise strike, and you cannot make a precise strike while charging. You only do 1d6 damage for every precise strike penalty.

(Removes most restrictions on Precise Strikes and pumps up damage)

Raging Precision [General]
Even while raging, you can make a well-aimed attack.
Prerequisites: Rage class ability, Frantic Rage, Precise Strike, Dex 13, BAB +4
Benefits: If, when you activate your rage class ability, you apply your rage bonus to dexterity instead of strength, you may make precise strike attacks for the duration of the rage.
Normal: You cannot make a precise strike while raging

Vicious Rend [General, Fighter]
Prerequisites: Dexterity 17, Two-Weapon Rend, Improved Precise Strike, BAB +16
Benefits: If you deal rending damage and you made a Precise Strike with both of the weapons that triggered the damage, you deal extra Precise Strike damage dice equal to the greater number of Precise Strike dice dealt by either weapon.

(Dealing rending damage when making a precise strike with two weapons triggers extra damage. This is looking really convoluted and repetitive [PS 3 times, damage 3 times, dice 2 times in one sentence]; any better ways to put it?)

That's basically all I came up with for now. I'm still thinking about limiting the use of precise strike to finesse-able or one-handed weapons, but I don't think that fits in that well with the entire concept that I'm trying to develop (maybe I could just make it so you have to get another feat to do precise strikes with two-handed weapons.) I feel kind of uncomfortable with the +2 BAB prerequisite, but I don't know how to work that without people getting the feat before being able to use it (Not that such a situation would be terribly bad, but I think the books set the precedent of only being able to get feats that you can use). Any comments, playgrounders?

2010-09-28, 06:19 PM
Changed structure a little, added Vicious Rend.

2010-10-27, 09:38 PM
Added a few things, changed some stuff around. Anybody have comments on this?

2010-10-27, 09:52 PM
The Base Feat is a bit limited. With it provoking an Attack of Opportunity no many people would use it unless they had one heck of an AC.

2010-10-27, 10:06 PM
The Base Feat is a bit limited. With it provoking an Attack of Opportunity no many people would use it unless they had one heck of an AC.

You're right. I think I might change it to a flat -2 penalty to AC that ends at the beginning of your next turn if you make a precise strike (removed with the second feat). I still want it to feel like a sort of risky maneuver unless you're pretty skilled, I guess.

2010-10-27, 10:19 PM
Maybe a penalty to AC that maxes out at a predetermined number with your critical threat range increasing by an additional number?

For example if you normally critical on a 20, you can take a -2 penalty on AC that round to increase the criitcal threat range to 18-20 for all attacks that round? Maybe a companion feat for critters immune to criticals?

2010-10-28, 02:47 AM
You can get a very similar effect if you take the Deadly Defense feat from PHBII and "uncap" it so that it gives +1d6 for every -2 instead of just once. Aside from a whole lot more words and restrictions, the differences between your feat and this variant are: your feat applies to all sizes of weapons, is precision based, and triggers sudden strike. How about this?:

Precise Strike [General, Fighter]
By taking time and precise focus, you can make a deadly attack that deals extra damage.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, BAB +2
Benefits: On your action, before making attack rolls during a round, you may choose to subtract a number from all melee attack rolls up to a maximum penalty equal to your BAB in order to deal an extra 1d6 damage for every -2 you subtract. Theses bonuses and penalties last until your next action. Using this feat provokes an attack of opportunity. If you have the Sudden Strike ability and hit a target while using this feat, you may add one die of Sudden Strike damage for every +1d6 damage granted by this feat, even if your target is not flat footed.

It only takes one feat compared to the 2-3 required for a Deadly Defense combination variant, but it applies to all sizes of weapons and triggers some sudden strike, at the cost of provoking AoOs. I myself wouldn't use it with the provoking, but that seemed to be the only real difference you had going on, and is the only cost besides more feats that seemed appropriate for triggering sudden strike. The feat is still weaker than power attack in damage alone, so I really wouldn't make the feat damage precision based, even if it is "flavorful." Taking an attack penalty means you're effectively striking at a harder to hit target, that's all the precision feel you need.