View Full Version : Amethyst Foundations

2010-09-16, 06:30 PM
So, I'm curious, has anybody ever read/played this? I saw it at my local gaming store, and I had been planning to trade in a bunch of my old 3.5 books to the store for credit, and was thinking about what I wanted to get. I looked it up online, but the website kinda makes me wary, like something out of geocities. I was looking at it as a possible alternative to systems like BESM for something cyberpunky.

Anybody ever heard anything about how well the stuff is?

2010-09-16, 11:32 PM
Anything I say will appear biased. Instead, how about I just forward a link.


All the previews, blogs, reviews, podcasts, and downloads you can possibly want is there.

You can also check out our official site at www.diasexmachina.com

If there are any questions those links do not answer, feel free to ask them here.