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2010-09-18, 10:56 AM
hi all as the title says i need help dealing with a bad guy

bad guy is a celestial more than likely level 60 - 80 something or other evil, naturally, and has unleashed a plauge on the material plane of existance and all other planes, most other planes have been destroyed, the gods are dead, faith is fractured, most people are dead, i have my own demi plane so does the party cleric, spell resistance though the roof, damage reduction also through the roof, damage reductions on allo forms of energy, and amazingly powerful weapons and still has an army.

we have tried curing the sickness but one single spell won't do, if you have the sickness and you die, true ressurection cannot bring you back, being immune to super natural diseases only grants you a fortitude save agenst it

need ideas, any will do.

but first a bit more about the party
1) kitsune Cleric / duskblade (levels unknown)
2) gestal dread necromancer /warblade
3) half dragon rouge/paladin/ grey guard / ex grey guard
4) another form of human cleric / paladin
5) a human war mage with lots of energy adimixture feats
6) a half elf dread pirate
7) another character can't remember classes
8) wizard / eldrich knight / something else

one of us has a back up character who is a wizard 5 / red wizard 10 and arch mage 5 who is a master of conjuration and illusion who has another 14 minions (mages) in his control.

any ideas will be greatly appriciated.

total party level is 20 were about to hit level 21.