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2010-09-20, 02:46 PM
Running a 4.0 game, and my good friend (who is rarely wrong) insists that the Fighter 'attack whoever is near you that moves' thing (combat challenge?) is an opportunity attack, he can do it once per each monster's turn, and also gets both his wisdom bonus to attack and stops moving(Combat superiority).

I think that he gets one attack with combat challenge per round(as an immediate interrupt) but that his Combat Superiority only triggers if the mob draws an opportunity attack. Shifting away doesn't trigger an opportunity attack, it triggers the immediate interrupt, AND the mob would not stop in it's tracks, because the Opportunity attack didn't trigger.

Who is right?
Are we both right on different parts?

2010-09-20, 02:54 PM
You are right, he is wrong.

OAs are the only thing that gets the Wisdom bonus and Stop-moving ability. These are usually triggered by an enemy using a ranged attack while adjacent or an enemy moving through a threatened square (other things can grant these, like Polearm Gamble). These are 1/turn.

Combat Challenge attacks are NOT OAs, so no Wisdom bonus or insta-stop. These are triggered when a marked opponent tries to shift away from the fighter or makes an attack that doesn't include the fighter. Combat challenge is 1/round because it is an Immediate Interrupt.

This is, in my opinion, the most inelegant and confusing thing about the 4ed fighter and seems rather counter-intuitive, so I understand where your friend is coming from, wrong or not.

2010-09-20, 02:54 PM
Ninja'd. Haha.

I was mistaken anyway.

2010-09-20, 02:55 PM
You are.
Combat Challenge
At-Will Martial, Weapon
Immediate Interrupt Melee

Effect: Whenever an enemy marked by you is adjacent to you and shifts or makes an attack that does not include you, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy.

You now only get 1 Immediate Interrupt.

You gain a bonus to opportunity attacks equal to your Wisdom modifier. An enemy struck by your opportunity attack stops moving, if a move provoked the attack. If it still has actions remaining, it can use them to resume moving.

Combat Challenge gives you a Melee basic attack not an opportunity attack.