View Full Version : Cabin-boy! Fetch my fancy hat! (Sot7S)

2010-09-20, 07:39 PM
I recently regained my copy of Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies back from a friend and I have to say I love this game setting and system. We played a short campaign under said friend and it certainly lived straight up to it's promises of fast, exciting, cinematic swashbuckling adventure.

For instance, my character was the cabin-boy of the groups ship and faithful sidekick to Captain Rob, another PC, (this was not the characters actual name, he never went by that anymore). My character was a Crailese street urchin who was the son of Viridise immigrants. He ended up using a ball-and-chain as his weapon of choice, swinging from cranes, headbutting guards and generally being epic.

He was Lem Catfooted.

Just to show the epicness and pervasiveness of Rule of Cool in this game Captain Rob won a fight by dual-wielding somewhat unorthodox weapons.

These were a pistol and our skyship.

So what I was wondering is whether anyone else has had experience with this system, or PDQ in general, and what their opinions are. :smallbiggrin: