View Full Version : 3.5 Warbladed build help

2010-09-21, 05:45 PM
Hey all, I'm starting a new campaign with my group of friends and I was going to build a human warblade. I'm thinking I want him to be tactical and powerhouse like a melee should be :P lol. My question is since he will be AoO build half way or full, since we are using a house rule: feat buy system. I know thicket of blades is definitely WIN, so how can I get it the fastest or easiest way so its optimized? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

2010-09-21, 06:07 PM
Need to know what sources are allowed first.

If all are allowed, I'd go with warforged. Use a guisarme for tripping and reach, and your slam attack for adjacent foes.

Thicket of Blades is a Devoted Spirit (Crusader only) stance, though, so you will have to spend Martial Study to get a maneuver and then another to get Martial Stance for Thicket of Blades.

2010-09-21, 07:56 PM
Oh sorry about not clarifying before but all books are allowed. Also my concept is based on being human so yeah...lol. I haved tried a warforged crusader and it was cool, S&B lol. I know about tome of battle but just wondering if this is the best way to get my thicket of blades stance. im going the "obvious choice" spiked chain lol. I know getting thicket could be easy as warblade 6/ crusader 2 or i could use the feats martial study and stance. However, is there a faster way?

2010-09-21, 08:04 PM
Other than multiclassing to Crusader for the required Crusader IL, or taking the feats, your only other option is to pick up a PrC.

I believe that Jade Pheonix Mage and Ruby Knight Vindicator both offer access to Devoted Spirit. I think their IL will stack directly with Warblade, making qualification for Thicket of Blades a little easier.