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2010-09-22, 11:30 PM
Simple question, upon reading the text of the ability again. I originally thought it only applied from 1st to 9th in terms of spell level, but it seems to be any spell with a casting time of a standard action.

So... does that mean that it can be used on, say, epic spells? As long as you have the spell slot available to cast it and the epic spell is a standard action to cast, it should be doable. And would this bypass the need for a spellcraft check? Of course, even with the spellcraft check it would be horrendously powerful (supernatural use of Fortify seed, with no chance of ever being dispelled), but without is even better.

For the purposes of this question, assume that I am capable of ducking when the DMG comes flying towards my face, and that I'm already aware of how I can win the multiverse at 21st level with the Epic Spellcasting feat.

2010-09-23, 02:44 AM
The only stumbling block would be the demand that the Dweomerkeeper needs a spellslot of the appropriate level.

Epic Spells take epic spell slots, which don't really have a level. It hinges on DM Fiat wether the sentence

Level of an Epic Spell

Epic spells are considered 10th level for the purpose of Concentration checks, spell resistance, and other determinations.

implies that Epic spell slots are considered 10th level slots or not - a very literal-interpretation minded DM might argue that while the spell is considered 10th level, it doesn't say anything about the spell slot - and as there are also regular 10th level spell slots, only those can be affected by the Dweomerkeeper ability.

2010-09-23, 02:54 AM
If you can prepare epic spells, then you can use Supernatural Spell with them provided they have the right casting time. This is only necessary if you get rules lawyered out of using it via the normal method of casting them, which shouldn't happen given its wording:

"The spell chosen must be one that is currently available to the dweomerkeeper (that is, one that she has prepared or that she knows and has a spell slot of the appropriate level available to cast), but she can decide at the moment of casting to use this ability."

There's a clarification in there, so let's condense it down:

"The spell chosen must be one that is currently available to the dweomerkeeper, but she can decide at the moment of casting to use this ability."

All that is required is that the spell is currently available for you to cast, and that it has a casting time of up to 1 standard action. Epic spells should fulfill this criteria just fine, so you should be able to use Supernatural Spell with them unhindered.

2010-09-23, 08:15 AM
Yes, this ability can be used on epic spells. No, it does not negate the need for a spellcraft check. Yes, it does remove XP costs because they are technically considered spell components. Have fun with your free 200 points of spellcraft DC.

2010-09-23, 10:03 AM
Soul this overcome backlash damage? Does that count as a component?