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2010-09-23, 02:55 AM
Or even uncapped? Basically, I'm a level 8 Wizard and I want to find a use for the Arcanist's Gloves I bought ages ago (cause selling them for only 250 gp is somewhat heartbreaking). What are some 1st-level spells that actually benefit from having CL 10/11?

2010-09-23, 03:24 AM
Maybe look for spells with durations. Your Shield and Mage Armor can last a bit longer, or a Thunderhead spell will get a few more rounds added to it. I think the gloves were designed to be readily available to lower level casters, but then become useless later on when you get better item options, such as Gloves of the Starry Sky from the Raiment of the Four set.

2010-09-23, 03:43 AM

Burning hands/assault of stone cap at 5
magic missile and lesser orbs cap at cl9
ray of enfeeblement caps at 10?

buffs dont cap so much, mage armour is probably best for the duration.
although the CL buff also applies to spell penetration, which works on all of your offensive level 1's

Chill Touch and acidic grasp...? i dont remember a cap off the top of my head. it basicly lets you keep touching for extra rounds... pretty handy with spectral hand, as it allows you to do stuff for a whole combat

meta magic'd level ones (that arnt heightened) also count for this, as they retain their origional spell level

2010-09-23, 05:08 AM
"Intensify Spell" from the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide let you raise the cap on your damage dice for any spell by 5. Raises it one spell level.

2010-09-23, 07:10 AM
ooooh, shiny!

can anyone say "Conflagarate"?

but that reminds me - is there an equivalent in 3.5?

2010-09-23, 07:51 AM
ooooh, shiny!

can anyone say "Conflagarate"?

but that reminds me - is there an equivalent in 3.5?

There sure is. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/feats.htm#intensifySpell)

Edit: er, more like this one (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/feats.htm#enhanceSpell). I was going by the name and didn't bother reading it.

Keld Denar
2010-09-23, 09:25 AM
Ray of Enfeeblement (and Clumsiness) both cap at 1d6+5 Str (Dex) penalty at CL10. Thats kinda worth it. Lesser Orbs are 1d8/2 CLs, which cap at CL10 (5d8).

Um, Ectoplasmic Armor (Armor bonus that works vs Incorps) scales infinately, IIRC. Rather limited in its use, but when you need it, it saves your tush.

Can't think of too much else off the top of my head. Keep in mind that increased CL also increase a spells ability to penetrate SR, if that ever becomes a problem.