View Full Version : Looking for Combat-Useful Soulmelds for Incarnum

2010-09-23, 10:03 PM
I'm trying to get a D&D game running that will only use Incarnum for magical effects, but the book is missing some stuff.

1) I'm not noticing a lot of direct damage dealing soulmelds.
2) Very little healing

Does anybody have any melds that I culd add to my campaign to cover these tough spots?

2010-09-23, 10:50 PM
The only soulmeld that lets you heal other people is the Lifebond Vestments. You heal people 1/hour and it hurts you to use it. Pretty bad, on its own.

Here's a soulmeld I'm making up right now which blows it out of the water.

Vigor of Life
Descriptors: None
Classes: Incarnate
Chakra: Arms or Soul
Saving Throw: None or Will for Half
Pulling on the life force filling the planet, you reinvigorate your allies.You may heal your allies with a touch, as a standard action. The total amount of hp you may heal is equal to your meldshaping ability modifier plus the essentia you have invested in this soulmeld, multiplied by your meldshaper level. Mathematically, (stat mod + essentia) x (meldshaper level). This pool refills at the beginning of each encounter. This is positive energy, so it heals warforged and other living constructs for half as usual and can damage undead.

Alternately, you may use this positive energy to damage undead, similar to how Lay on Hands works. The undead target is entitled to a will save DC 10 + essentia invested + half meldshaper level to half the damage dealt.
Chakra Bind: Arms
Since there is life energy by your buddy, why bother touching him to heal him? You may now heal allies with this soulmeld at a distance of up to 60'. This is a ranged touch attack, and is a standard action.

Chakra Bind: Soul
There's life everywhere! Share it! You may heal everyone, or just your allies, in a radius of 10' per meldshaper level. This is a standard action. Whatever amount of healing you use heals everyone you choose to target with this ability, but it only costs your healing pool once. This means you could heal 100 hp to your entire party (if they're in range) and only cost 100 hp from your healing pool. This can also be used to target undead, but still offers them a will save for half damage.

That'll do a lot more healing. It doesn't do anything about ability damage or negative levels though. At first level, it's... 3 or 4 hp of healing in combat and between combats. At fifth, it's 15 to 25 in combat and between combat. Maybe it doesn't do enough at first level... unless the whole party has it for some reason. Might need more fiddling with numbers.

The soul bind is useful, but you get that bind at 19th level. It's rather like Mass Heal 1/encounter if you choose to use it that way.