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Andion Isurand
2010-09-24, 02:16 AM
Since the updated graft rules in Magic of Eberron and Races of the Dragon, I've been wondering if feats would justify an increase on these new limitations, and what kind of prerequisites they should carry, if any. I've also been wondering what other people might have done concerning grafts. These feats are just initial forays on the subject... and indeed they feel kind of vanilla at the moment.

Benefit: You may have a total of eight grafts applied to your body, and these grafts may be of two different kinds.
Normal: An individual can have a total of five grafts on his body, and all grafts must be of the same kind.

Prerequisities: Graft Affinity
Benefit: You may have a total of ten grafts applied to your body, and these grafts may be of up to three different kinds. In addition, reduce by half the hit point cost of any graft applied to your body.
Normal: An individual can have a total of five grafts on his body, and all grafts must be of the same kind.

I'm also wondering what kind of price/sacrifice someone would give an elemental graft (air) that effectively replaces tissue in the lungs, granting a person the Breathlessness quality.

2010-09-24, 07:44 AM
I wouldn't say they're a bad idea, but I wouldn't use them. The new graft rules, placing harsh limits on grafts and requiring you to permanently sacrifice hp and/or ability scores, make grafts suck. They might be worth it for a specific build, but with the increased gp cost and hp/ability cost and a feat cost just to branch out, it's too expensive. Why would take a feat that let's me spend more money on fewer effects while penalizing me even more? Bland graft feats I'd like to see would completely do away with the stat costs and type restrictions. Body slots are okay since they're mostly common sense anyway, but right now you're stuck taking a specific set of abilities determined by the person that wrote up the grafts, which is never particularly synergistic or good.

But aside from griping about the penalties, feats for grafts can be way cooler than normal feats. Any kind of cool ability you might imagine for a monster could become a feat with a graft requirement, and since they're already paying with their other stats there should be more room for awesome. I'm reminded of the Devil Brand feats in FCII: they're super powered feats that are obviously supposed to make devils more interesting opponents instead of actually being normal feats, but if you jump through hoops (playing a devil or begging the DM and swearing allegiance to the hells) you can get them yourself and actually get something cool with your feat slots.

Andion Isurand
2010-09-24, 06:09 PM
How many of you out there simply ignore the latest graft rules or alter them in some significant way?

2010-09-24, 06:43 PM
I'm sorry for asking, but where exactly are these "graft rules"?

I like the idea of ten grafts it sort of reminds me of the character Adam (http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Adam)

Andion Isurand
2010-09-24, 07:17 PM
The graft rules appear in Magic of Eberron and Races of the Dragon... in these books, an individual is limited to five grafts of a single variety... and there is a sacrifice component (HP or penalties) for obtaining these grafts.

Before these books, characters were limited only by what they could afford to have applied to their bodies, so long as the same body part wasn't being altered twice.

2010-09-24, 07:35 PM
How about some aditional grafts to go with these feats?