View Full Version : [D&D 3.5] Morale/etc. Bonus Compilation

2010-09-24, 05:24 PM
Is there a list somewhere of feats, class abilities and the like that grant bonuses to allies (and perhaps yourself)? If not, what are examples of some? As of right now, these are the ones that I know of. I'm trying to make an NPC commander who's a morale machine, the current plan being a level 7 character that has levels in Paladin, Marshal and Bard with my Divine Commander feat (listed in my "My Creations" section.) Yes, bards can't be Lawful, but pfft. I'm the DM.

Heroes of Battle: The Commander check, which allows you to make a roll to improve the morale rating of nearby allies.
Additionally, the Commander Aura.

Bardic music is obvious, though I've heard rumors of a couple songs that increase the effectiveness but have yet to be able to track them down.
A Paladin's Aura of Courage.
Stand Fast: Paladin ACF. Trade special mount for two 1/day abilities, gaining an additional use at 11th and 18th level. Add Cha bonus to saving throws to all allies within 20 ft. The other ability giving the same bonus vs. a bull rush, disarm, grapple, sunder, or trip attack. She cannot use this ability when she is making such an attack; it is defensive only.

Miniatures Handbook: A Marshal's auras.
Battlefield Inspiration. Requires Cha 13, allies get a +2 bonus vs. fear effects.
Distracting Attack: Requires BAB +1. Your attack gives +1 bonus on other creatures' attacks against same target.

As you can see, my list is a bit lacking. Any help in making this compilation would be very much appreciated!