View Full Version : New Campaign for New Players

2010-09-25, 04:53 PM
So, I shall soon be introducing some new players to D&D 3.5E and have decided to drop a lot of my house rules and adjustments so that it is slightly easier to get into since it's all in the book.

And I'm realising one thing... Going back to Core is painful. :smallfrown:

Also, a lot of the rules and fluff that I'm used to is gone. Undead are automatically Evil again. Clerics can wear Full-Plate for some reason. Gnomes exist!

So help me Nerull if a player chooses a Gnome I may have to murder his character... I'll try not to but no promises :smallbiggrin:

And for the first time in my 6 or so years with the game, I'll be starting the campaign in a tavern with the players being invited to talk to the mysterious cloaked man in the corner. Never done it and I've always wanted to~ Perfect chance. :smalltongue: