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2010-09-25, 08:38 PM
Here's a fun build I had in mind, and I wanted to see if you guys could make him cooler or just tell me what you think.

Silverbrow Human (or Human with Dragontouched feat if I want the skill points instead)

Spell-Thief 4/Swordsage 4+

1: undecided
3: Intuitive Attack (BoED)
6: Draconic Aura (Energy) (DM)
9: Adaptive Style
12: Blade Meditation
15, 18: undecided

He's simply a Desert Wind Swordsage. The Schtick is simple enough: in addition to some nice Wisdom SADness, most (if not all) Desert Wind Strikes have the [Fire] descriptor. Dragon Magic's Energy aura has you choose an energy type and adds an amount to the save DCs of effects with that descriptor.

By level 20, he'll have +4 to desert wind DCs from the aura, in addition to more from stat than most melee can get away with.

Yes, I know, fire damage gets resisted like no other. I was hoping to alleviate this somewhat with Spell-Thief 3's Steal Energy Resistance 10 ability (paired with Distracting Ember). I continued to 4 for the extra IL so that Swordsage 1 could yield level 2 maneuvers, but Steal Spell 2 and natural Spell-Thief casting are nice perks.

So... where do I go from here? I'd like to take Swordsage to 10, but it's far from necessary. Some more Spell-thief would be cool, but even better if I were to get the green light for making up a hybrid feat for the 2.

What more can I do with a Wisdom-based, mobile flame warrior?

Sources acceptable: all. Flaws allowed: sure

2010-09-25, 10:49 PM
My titles must just suck.