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2010-09-30, 04:21 PM
I had a Gypsy class made up but I've lost the rules and I'd appreciate some brainstorming around it to get it back up to speed and to launch a P.E.A.C.H. finished version.

Gypsy is a base class with only alignment chaotic as a req.

Gypsies have both teas and herb potential and can use class abilities somewhat like Infusions from Masters of the Wild [Druid Feature].

They have a limited spell list like bards and can cast longlasting and sometimes perminent negative effects in the 6th level spell slots.

One of the main abilities of the Gypsy and probably the best reason to play the class is that it draws its power from a tarot deck, so a deck of cards or a tarot deck is required to play a gypsy.

Drawing cards can be done in 2 ways, it can either be done as "ritual" which takes a few minutes or it can be done instantly, these effects alter "fortune" which essentially is a cross between a warping of time and an instant happenstance depending on the DM's mood.

Rituals generally start out as 3 cards and can grow to around 23-26 when you hit level 20, each card represents you positively whether the card is negative or positive in nature or flip meanings, the negative effects just apply based on your alignment and your context (not that the DM can't make these things ironic or tragic)

Instant lays start off as 1 card as a standard action and can grow to 10 cards by level 20 as a full round action.

The cards themselves might cause used equipment to break, an orc might be sick, the lock on a chest might be almost rusted off, it also might allow your warriors shield to hold when an orc hits it with a club instead of shattering, or it might cause invisible effects such as the 10 wraiths circling the outside of the tower you're climbing don't see you through the window.

The card system isn't meant to have numeric values, it's meant to be a guideline for the DM to follow.

I'm considering having gypsies able to craft a version of Deck of Many Things as a wonderous item and not a relic, it would be much less powerful of course.

Can anyone else contribute?